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Easy Sudoku for 21/August/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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21/Aug/11 12:00 AM
Good morning, Hal!
21/Aug/11 12:02 AM
Hmmmm...where is everyone?
21/Aug/11 12:03 AM
Good morning people of the world.
21/Aug/11 12:04 AM
Daffodil Day
National Radio Day
21/Aug/11 12:04 AM
Good to see you, Karen. I was getting worried. It's five after the hour and only 4 posts.
21/Aug/11 12:05 AM
Hello, everyone!
Another fine, sunny, mosquito infested day.
21/Aug/11 12:05 AM
I see the regulars are here. G'day, Jane and Karen.
21/Aug/11 12:05 AM
Daffodil Day in August??? Strange! Really strange!
21/Aug/11 12:06 AM
And Shiela.
21/Aug/11 12:06 AM
Well, our August is the equivalent of February down under. Maybe it's Daffodil day in Australia.
21/Aug/11 12:07 AM
Of course, EVERYday is Daffy-dil day here in Sudokuland.
21/Aug/11 12:08 AM
to all, We had a nice rain and so the watering will wait one more day. Garden is nearly harvested and the few items left can wait another two days! My rule! So, G'day to all. We have another day of hot (90's) and humid weather... same for the coming week. But, we have had rain More...
21/Aug/11 12:23 AM
and, if I can get in a CP I will be doing well.
21/Aug/11 12:24 AM
just three to go.
21/Aug/11 12:25 AM
Could be possible to hit the 22 if I keep on
21/Aug/11 12:25 AM
but then I never had much to say. I think I shall attempt the puzzel
21/Aug/11 12:26 AM

Bit slow this morning, whats happening?
21/Aug/11 12:29 AM

Scared y'all off?
21/Aug/11 12:31 AM

I've scored.
21/Aug/11 12:31 AM
Good Morning.
21/Aug/11 12:33 AM
Where is Keith? Scotland?
21/Aug/11 12:34 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. A Ferris wheel for chickens.
21/Aug/11 12:35 AM
The picture today is so beautiful. I want to go there. Beautiful! So, I completed the puzzel, checked ot see who got 22. The site said I had to sign in now. Tried but the connection was lost. Rebooted, came back to the site and still had to sign in.. okay. Here I am back again. this is why I am not heard from very often.
21/Aug/11 12:39 AM

A gorgeous garden! Thanks, Wendy.

We had rain, rain and more rain last night. We seem to be getting that every night, actually. Are you on the East Coast, GmaJackie?
21/Aug/11 12:43 AM
I am off to a yard sale and then the local "mall" which is a thrift shop. I wonder if Karen has a thrift shop in her little town? One finds wonderful items there. Sometimes. Okay, not often. Does anyone on the site collect "made in occupied Japan" items. If so contact me. I may have something you would like.
21/Aug/11 12:43 AM
Kathy, I live in Middle Tennessee near the Cumberland/ Tennessee Rivers. Land between the Lakes area.
21/Aug/11 12:45 AM
A wonderful under developed area for campers, fishermen, hunters and boaters. Come to Dover, Tennessee. Also the home of Fort Donelson. Civil War battle site where the south bagan to lose the war.
21/Aug/11 12:47 AM
My son lives in Oklahoma where they are really having a drought.
21/Aug/11 12:48 AM
Oh, why not? the yard sale will wait.
21/Aug/11 12:49 AM
Ah, you're a state away from me. I lived in the Memphis area for several years when I was a kid.

Wasn't Keith going to visit Rayray? I think he said they were going to rent a car in England.
21/Aug/11 12:51 AM
Beautiful morning in SE Michigan. Now Bob and I are off to the world's biggest car cruise. Have a great day everyone.
21/Aug/11 12:54 AM
Why postpone your dreams when you can reach for them today?
21/Aug/11 12:54 AM
I had to sign in again.?? third time! Perhaps you will come visit Tennessee sometime. I didn't know Keith was going ot England. I would love to meet Rayray. Just think of all that man has experienced and his ability to convey his knowledge. I am always in awe!
21/Aug/11 12:56 AM
"to England. I didn't have to sign in again. Must be off, all the good stuff will be gone at the thrift shop. May pick up some fruit from the sidewalk vendors. It will be much better than the Piggly Wiggly or SaveaLot.
21/Aug/11 12:59 AM
as we slowly make our way to page two..I will give a little help from a friend. Karen, you are so good at this, You go girl.
21/Aug/11 1:02 AM
Keith and Lynne will be treated to dinner at Rayray's on September 3 (or was it the 4th?) I am green with envy!!!
21/Aug/11 1:03 AM
Well, I didn't get 22 today, but maybe I can get a TOPP...
21/Aug/11 1:04 AM
21/Aug/11 1:04 AM
21/Aug/11 1:04 AM
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