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Easy Sudoku for 21/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good maeN all,

Tis late indeed. I’m on holidays – back to work next week but haven’t been near computers much the past few weeks.

Hope that 2009 is shaping up well for everybody
21/Jan/09 12:03 AM
A new day, a new era!
President Obama!
21/Jan/09 12:04 AM
Good Morning. Beautiful cold morning here in Michigan.
21/Jan/09 12:05 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland! I am expecting a lovely day. Jack is at work and the 2 girls are already at school. I just need to get my son to preschool and I will have 2 hours to myself!!! Whee!
21/Jan/09 12:05 AM
Good morning all!
16th Bryana!

President Obama!
21/Jan/09 12:06 AM
Quick hello - I'm working a double shift that is relatively non-busy, so should be able to come back later. We have the TV on for the inauguration coverage - would love to be there. Have a great day, USA.
21/Jan/09 12:09 AM
But first I need to banish the pjs to their spot under the pillow. Good Day to All!
21/Jan/09 12:09 AM
BBBRRRRRR - Good Morning everyone!

What a beautiful baby!!!!!
21/Jan/09 12:10 AM
Hi everyone. Been a long time since I've been here on this page. Will try and keep up with you all.
21/Jan/09 12:12 AM
Good morning, FII, Shiela, Nancy, Jill, CP, and Debby!

21/Jan/09 12:12 AM
President Obama.
21/Jan/09 12:13 AM
Good morning to you Becky!
21/Jan/09 12:13 AM
and President Bush
21/Jan/09 12:19 AM

Just a quick peek, and the easy...

Easy, easy. 1 thru 9
21/Jan/09 12:35 AM
to all

to president Obama.
21/Jan/09 12:46 AM
1:41 to you all from Beijing. Thanks for all you kind comments while I was traveling back to the USA.
21/Jan/09 12:53 AM
I'm bundled up and off to see the swearing in of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America. A truly historic and wonderful day.
21/Jan/09 1:21 AM
2:03 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

"I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!"
21/Jan/09 1:24 AM
Good morning Worldly people--a one layer day this morning and then the clothes are optional this afternoon.

Hubby home today. The girl has returned with a bad stomach, inwhich she keeps showing us what is in it. Looks like a coodle/snuggle day.
21/Jan/09 1:35 AM
Good Maen COLD morning
21/Jan/09 1:38 AM
Karen it spelled cuddle
21/Jan/09 1:39 AM
Well done
21/Jan/09 1:39 AM
Hi, world!
21/Jan/09 1:40 AM
Thanks John--it was a long night and I noticed after your post.
21/Jan/09 1:41 AM
Almost had excellent timing Jane!
21/Jan/09 1:42 AM
Congratulations, John - missed it by that much!!
21/Jan/09 1:42 AM
Hi again! Son is at preschool, I am supposed to be cleaning house, but I have good news to share...First, the Cardiologist said my echo from last week was normal. She said I didn't need to go back unless my BP flips out again. Second, Lori Smith, the woman I mentioned last week, continues to make More...
21/Jan/09 1:43 AM
I had just signed on and thought I'd be able to sneak in at 22, but I was wrong!!! Congratulations to John!
21/Jan/09 1:43 AM
Wonderful news, Jill!
21/Jan/09 1:44 AM
Lee, please take us all with you at least in spirit. I would be curious to hear of your experience when you return. Karen, given girlie's condition clothes-optional does ease up the laundry output for the day. We were there two weeks ago, you have my sympathies sister.
21/Jan/09 1:47 AM
Jill - thanks for the update...prayers are powerful.
21/Jan/09 1:47 AM
Wish I were going with you, too, Lee - enjoy the festivities and stay warm!
Andre - what a treat to see your TFTD - thanks!
21/Jan/09 1:48 AM
Jiminoregonnowbackinbejing- I assume you had save travels and a good visit home. We will pray that your next visit comes quickly and lasts much longer.
21/Jan/09 1:48 AM
Coverage continues - Obamas leaving church.
So many people there on the Mall!!!
21/Jan/09 1:49 AM
Sunny and cold here, and definitely cuddling weather, John. Lee, enjoy the festivities! I'll see if I recognize you on television.
God Bless the new president and his family as they journey forward to revive, restore and unify. Peace, prosperity and hope for everyone, and may he not dismiss his trading partners to the north!
21/Jan/09 1:49 AM
What are you going to do if that happens, Cathy? Throw snowballs at us?
21/Jan/09 1:56 AM
Aha - Judy's up and mischieving!!!!
21/Jan/09 2:14 AM
I'm armed and ready, Judy! I make a really mean snowball ... and with the catapult we're building in the garage, one of the projectiles may reach San Diego!
21/Jan/09 2:14 AM
Jill that is wonderful news about yourself and Lori.

No cuddles and snuggles for me today, Daddy is going to take my little girl, who was up and not feeling well for most of the night to a live stock show. Of course, looking at the girl you would never know she had a rough night.
21/Jan/09 2:18 AM
Aah ... the Cathys are ganging up on me! Is that a word, CP? Do you use it for potatoes in the summer, Cathy?
21/Jan/09 2:19 AM
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