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Easy Sudoku for 22/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, everyone!
22/Jan/09 12:00 AM
Helloo everyone
22/Jan/09 12:01 AM
Good Maen, Sudokuland!
22/Jan/09 12:01 AM
missed by that.... much Morning Shiela
22/Jan/09 12:02 AM
Hello Jill not often I get to be here at this time.
22/Jan/09 12:03 AM
Good morning, Shiela, Amelia and Jill!

22/Jan/09 12:06 AM
Glad you could hop in Amelia. How's that new baby Shiela?
22/Jan/09 12:06 AM
Ahhh just for Jim lol
22/Jan/09 12:07 AM
Baby is doing great! Hope to see him tonight!
22/Jan/09 12:08 AM
2:32 Good evening all.
22/Jan/09 12:10 AM
Morning Shosho I've just remembered that I haven't visited your page to see the new hairdo will do so now.
22/Jan/09 12:10 AM
If that cat had a black tip on his nose, he'd look just like my "Tuxedo"! Yep! His nose leather is black, even if the rest of his furry nose is white!
22/Jan/09 12:11 AM
New hairdo has a photo???? Be right back!
22/Jan/09 12:12 AM
Good morning all! Chilly this morning, 3F! I don't think all of our snow will be melting soon!
22/Jan/09 12:13 AM
Ah ha! I found you! (Imagine Ilsa Fisher's line from Wedding Crashers - very creepy) For those at all interested - I'm now at 1400 words with around 500 to go which means that I have to start culling. Not. My. Favourite. Job. So, I'm giving it to my dear sister who, in her More...
22/Jan/09 12:16 AM
Shosho... you need a photo of your NEW hairdo! Amazing photo of your OLD hair, though! Nice to see photos of Eve, too!
22/Jan/09 12:19 AM
I think we will be keeping our snow for awhile too, Stella. We have about 12 inches on the ground. Our only hope this week is a sunny 32 F thursday. But more snow coming on Friday.
22/Jan/09 12:21 AM
Sorry Shiela I've looked and looked can't find it maybe Shosho is a bit light headed these days and hasn't got round to putting it on there yet Hmmmm
22/Jan/09 12:21 AM
Time for me to go and try to sleep goodnight all
22/Jan/09 12:24 AM
How did the day get this far without me knowing
22/Jan/09 12:27 AM
Who gets/got 22?
22/Jan/09 12:27 AM
I seem to have missed most of today by stacking logs for the fire which were delivered by a tip up truck onto the drive when we were out
22/Jan/09 12:27 AM
22/Jan/09 12:28 AM
Wow didn't lose my sense of timing though, but maybe everyone is watching the tennis
22/Jan/09 12:28 AM
Welllll.... Good Pounce, GMo!!!
22/Jan/09 12:28 AM
Stacking logs, GMo?
You must be getting a GOOD work out!
(Guess I'd better go work out, too! See ya!)
22/Jan/09 12:31 AM
I am repeating the URL that I received from my son. He is doing this for his 40th birthday but I think that the more people that know about this charity the better. So much can be done with so little and bring a smile to a childs face.
Pleas e take a look.
22/Jan/09 12:33 AM
Good Maen to everyone! Good morning to Mini-Me-Ow!
22/Jan/09 12:34 AM
well, a new day a new start - off to teach some water classes this morning, last week a snow storm and no one showed up but me, today, I should have a big class -- enjoy your day, -- I finally have the house to myself -- what a treat.
22/Jan/09 12:36 AM
I am off to mommy and me soccer class. Good Day to all!
22/Jan/09 12:45 AM
Good Maen all and Mini-me-ow...so cute!
Would love to stay and blab but am off for a hike in the woods with my friend and her dogs.
Catch ya'll tomorrow morning!
22/Jan/09 12:58 AM
Dang it's been a while since I have been here. See what happens when they block sites at work?

Not that I get any more work done!

Hope everyone's New Year is going in the direction you hoped!
22/Jan/09 1:10 AM
Good morning to all. I just got some pictures posted of our trip to Antarctica. You are invited over to my page to have a look.
22/Jan/09 1:10 AM
Hello, everyone! Mini-Me-Ow looks so much like Chuckers, the darling cat who enchanted us for 19 years! There's a picture of him posing with one of his raccoon buddies - about halfway down in my photo gallery.
22/Jan/09 1:12 AM
Linda, those photos are absolutely fabulosa. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Hubby has now added this destination to his 'bucket list'
22/Jan/09 1:19 AM
Linda - I loved your pictures of Antarctica! Lucky you!
22/Jan/09 1:20 AM
Wonderful photos of Antarctica, Linda!
Seven continents, huh? (Wow!)
22/Jan/09 1:31 AM
Must add it to my 'bucket list' as well! Maybe if I went there when it was winter here it wouldn't be so bad....
22/Jan/09 1:34 AM
2:12 Antarctica pix? purrr-fect ...
22/Jan/09 2:27 AM
I like the seal in the water and the penguin with chick, and I see Linda so, so much closer to the polo sud than to the polo norte. way "cool"
22/Jan/09 2:32 AM
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