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Easy Sudoku for 21/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello World!!
21/Jan/12 12:04 AM
Hello Jack!
21/Jan/12 12:06 AM
Whoops! Sorry, my name is Anne, not World.
21/Jan/12 12:07 AM
1:59 Goodnight All!
21/Jan/12 12:07 AM
Hi Anne, nice to "see" you.
21/Jan/12 12:08 AM
although I'm Anne and not All, I'll still wish you a Good Night, Jack.
21/Jan/12 12:12 AM
everyone! Jack, Anne...
WILL need this morning.
It's 0°F right now! Brrrrrr!
Snow this afternoon.
21/Jan/12 12:13 AM
21/Jan/12 12:14 AM
No 'Tough' puzzle today???
21/Jan/12 12:20 AM
Hello, Jack, Anne, Shiela and Maria!
21/Jan/12 12:36 AM
Busy day today. Tennis from 9 to 11. Packing and watching the Australian Open when I get home from tennis. Nap from about 3 to 7. Dinner. Stay up all night watching the Australian Open. Leave at 3:30 am to pick up my friend Brenda to drive to the Jacksonville airport to catch our flight to Denver for our ski getaway. And there's plenty of snow at Steamboat!!! YAY!
21/Jan/12 12:39 AM
Two of my sisters and their girlfriends were there yesterday Jane :)
21/Jan/12 12:54 AM
BTW YAY for your trip ♥
21/Jan/12 12:55 AM
Interesting picture today. Far enough away from the sea lions to make it difficult to instantly recognize what they are, so you have to study the picture.
21/Jan/12 1:12 AM
Good morning
21/Jan/12 1:17 AM
trying to go to the tough page ... but too tough tonight for me .... even to get to the tough page.... keep bouncing back to Easy
21/Jan/12 1:19 AM
Good Morning!
21/Jan/12 1:56 AM
yeah, no tough for me either!
21/Jan/12 1:57 AM

I am toughless today, also.
AND, my horoscope still says that my bones will feel that the future is a lot brighter than the past. I'm getting a tad tired of listening to my inner voice for days on end. It's boring.
21/Jan/12 2:14 AM
I am off to an eye doctor's appointment. Must fly! Bye!
21/Jan/12 2:16 AM
Dropping in late this morning.
21/Jan/12 2:26 AM
Might I???? Howdy Keith!
21/Jan/12 2:26 AM
Good morning people of the world.
21/Jan/12 2:28 AM
International Fetish Day
National Buttercrunch Day
21/Jan/12 2:29 AM
Kathy - don't forget to tell the doc you are blind as a bat! (although bats are not blind, actually)
Good Maen Jack, Anne, Shiela (no snow here, just rain), Maria, Jane (enjoy your trip!), Gail, Heidi, Dorthea, fi, Lee and Deltz!...and all those to follow!
21/Jan/12 2:30 AM
Hello there Karen
21/Jan/12 2:30 AM
Those guys looks so relaxed...enjoying the sun and hot sand.
21/Jan/12 2:33 AM
For years, like 3, I have asked, called and drove by this small town library and it is never open when I can stop. Whenever I have asked about the library hours, most are shocked that the town has a library. I have read all the notices in the window, never has there been a note of telling what time More...
21/Jan/12 2:36 AM
Another "good morning" from Texas. No snow here - very mild for late January.
Jane - have a FABULOUS trip!!
21/Jan/12 2:37 AM
Here is an odd statement.
It is the middle of January and it is going to be a clothes optional day.

I see many, many bugs this summer.
21/Jan/12 2:38 AM
Karen - way to be persistent! Make your girls readers - it is a habit that is becoming much to rare in this generation now becoming adults.
21/Jan/12 2:39 AM
Oh, Jamie, we became prouder parents this week, if that is possible.
Thing I read her first book. It was so cool and she just gleams with joy and wants to read it over and over. Which is good, because we cannot return it till she can read it with ease.
21/Jan/12 2:42 AM
Oops, sorry.

Mommy Tale.
21/Jan/12 2:43 AM
21/Jan/12 2:52 AM
No fetishes here... unless it's for buttercrunch.
21/Jan/12 2:53 AM
Have fun Jane... and take pictures.
21/Jan/12 2:54 AM
Uh, did Karen leave?
21/Jan/12 2:54 AM
If so, I may have a chance...
21/Jan/12 2:55 AM
To take another...
21/Jan/12 2:55 AM
Do you really think I went far?
21/Jan/12 2:55 AM
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