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Easy Sudoku for 21/December/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
21/Dec/17 12:00 AM
Happy topside birthday, Dottie. You have wishes posted yesterday too.
21/Dec/17 12:02 AM
1:34 A fast one tonight. Good night one and all!
21/Dec/17 12:45 AM
Everybody!! Especially Plum and Anne. Hopefully more as the day goes on!
21/Dec/17 2:33 AM
Morning. May your life be filled with rocky road Christmas trees.
21/Dec/17 3:22 AM
21/Dec/17 3:25 AM
21/Dec/17 4:02 AM
21/Dec/17 4:02 AM
everyone and Denny!
Sunny & melting the snow today!
Hope your day is filled with sunshine!
21/Dec/17 4:30 AM
(All's right with the world - Shosho got her lucky eight!)
21/Dec/17 4:31 AM
Yesterday was a bad day...
- my beautiful lighted outdoor wreath won't light
- our paper shredder stopped working (dropped converter)
- my hubby's tv stopped working - says 'no signal'
- my credit card got hacked
Think I need a better day today!
21/Dec/17 4:39 AM
Morning all, cute little dog.
Shiela, not a good start to the festive season. Hope it gets better before the new year.
21/Dec/17 5:00 AM
21/Dec/17 6:11 AM
1:26. Good morning everyone. Love Westies!!!
21/Dec/17 6:23 AM
A real smart little dog, and cute as a button too!
21/Dec/17 6:25 AM
Yesterday was too bad to mention but today is normal. If luck balances out I should win the lottery tomorrow.
21/Dec/17 6:55 AM
You've got to buy a ticket.
21/Dec/17 6:57 AM
Think I'll make a run for it.
21/Dec/17 6:58 AM
Anybody want to come along?
21/Dec/17 6:58 AM
Gotta be quick if you're going to join in.
21/Dec/17 6:59 AM
21/Dec/17 6:59 AM
21/Dec/17 6:59 AM
I'll try.
21/Dec/17 6:59 AM
Rats!! Missed by that || much.
21/Dec/17 7:01 AM
Oh well. On to something else.
21/Dec/17 7:02 AM
'Missed it by that much.'
'Sorry about that, Chief.'
'Would you believe ...?'
'I asked you not to tell me that.'
~Maxwell Smart
21/Dec/17 7:22 AM
Maybe we all need a little of the 8 and 22 luck today to ward off any bad-day contamination from Dottie then Shiela? I know how to disinfect, but how do we dis-in-bad-day?
21/Dec/17 7:28 AM
Shiela, Re: Hubby's TV - The 'source button' on the remote didn't get bumped, did it?
21/Dec/17 7:30 AM
If you need to give yourself a little break in your holiday week Peter posted a Christmas theme ECCO and I posted a Holiday Quicktionary.
21/Dec/17 7:31 AM
Which reminds me. My remote died. The batteries corroded the terminals before they went dead.
21/Dec/17 7:31 AM
Sending out 22 luck for all ... thing is, I never know whether it's going to be good or bad.
21/Dec/17 7:32 AM
Just had time to finish the puzzle before class is over - time to go get dressed as Santa for pictures after school.
21/Dec/17 7:52 AM
You mean that the white beard is REAL, Jamie??
21/Dec/17 8:28 AM
all. What a cute Westie. 🎄 🌲 🎄
21/Dec/17 9:30 AM
Yes Judy, Santa's (Jamie's) beard is really white. Check out my gallery for proof.
21/Dec/17 12:38 PM
Had breakfast for dinner ! Happy Holidays to everyone - nice here in my neck of the woods - busy doing nothing! Enjoy the day
21/Dec/17 12:39 PM
Dunno why Judy's concerned about Santa, he only visits people who've been good.....
21/Dec/17 9:12 PM
Tell 'em how good you are Judy!!
21/Dec/17 9:32 PM
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