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Easy Sudoku for 24/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Balloon: A bad breath holder.
Here's today's factoid:
Researchers used a weather balloon to carry 200 paper planes 20 miles up from a barn in Wolfsburg, Germany. The planes were released and found in numerous countries, such as Australia, Russia, and India.
24/Dec/14 12:01 AM
All around the world is indeed surprising.
24/Dec/14 12:10 AM
, y'all!

1:42 for me, who's usually in the 2:30 time. Should be another quick puzzle for everyone today.
24/Dec/14 12:29 AM
No comment for the picture, but I'm thinking they're barn swallows. Forked tail of the female, red throat and light-trimmed beak, plus the nest being affixed to a building which is almost exclusively what barn swallows do.
24/Dec/14 12:41 AM
Very dreary...
But it's Christmas Eve in Sudokuland!
We'd need Rudolf if time started at this end!
24/Dec/14 12:57 AM
Very glad to see we're still around. I could not get on the site yesterday morning.
And - No, I was not naughty!
24/Dec/14 12:59 AM
That's a lot of birds.
24/Dec/14 1:05 AM

The present that comes up most often are six geese a-laying and seven swans a-swimming which both come up 42 times.

In the today we have Judy, shosho, Silvergal, and lonewoof. Here More...
24/Dec/14 1:08 AM
Hi shosho.
24/Dec/14 1:08 AM
My two youngest are currently ''helping'' by folding my laundry. I'm not sure what I'll see when I go in there.
24/Dec/14 1:10 AM
Our white Christmas may not happen this year. It's going to warm up and rain for the next 2 days and our snow base is not that deep. I'm okay with this but I know a lot of people who aren't.
24/Dec/14 1:12 AM
Wonderful birds to have around... they like to eat mosquitoes!
24/Dec/14 1:13 AM
Anything which eats mosquitoes is welcome to hang around here in mid summer!
24/Dec/14 1:33 AM
Happy Tuesday!
24/Dec/14 2:19 AM
Good morning people of the world.
24/Dec/14 3:20 AM
Thought I better jump in here now and wish all my Sudoku friends a very Merry Christmas. If I do not do this now, my greeting will be like my Christmas cards-late.
24/Dec/14 3:22 AM
As of right now, I have canceled Christmas here. Yes, I know, I am such a Scrouge. But I fear for my life and the lives of my darlings when I shove their bedroom doors open. Seems this tactic is only working on one child at the moment. My next plan is to have gifts start disappearing. This seemed a much more calmer approach, for me, than yelling.
24/Dec/14 3:27 AM
The girls and Man, received third place in the lighted houses, this week, which has thrilled the girls. We were not going to enter, because Man decorates to make his daughters happy. But we have a devious mayor, after asking Man, he came to me, when that did not work, he went after our hearts, and when have you ever heard of us denying our girls anything?
24/Dec/14 3:33 AM
After seeing first place, which was total WOW, I have no idea how we even got close to placing. We have not found second place yet.
24/Dec/14 3:35 AM
Just in time.
24/Dec/14 3:37 AM
Looks around.
24/Dec/14 3:37 AM
Let's see, what else is going on?
You know what I am doing, right?
24/Dec/14 3:37 AM
24/Dec/14 3:37 AM
Got me.
24/Dec/14 3:37 AM
Snicker, snicker.

Merry Christmas, Keith.
24/Dec/14 3:38 AM
Oh, that was fun. Thank you.
24/Dec/14 3:38 AM
And I am sure the rest of the world thanks you too. Saving them from my ramblings.
24/Dec/14 3:39 AM
I logged in at 19, & went right to trying to get it ... didn't even read any comments to see who was around. It wouldn't have made any difference, I was going as fast as I could. Merry Christmas to you, too.
24/Dec/14 4:09 AM
It is such a beautiful day here today I thought I died during the night and went to heaven - until I looked in the mirror.
24/Dec/14 5:14 AM
Merry Christmas to all fellow-Sudokuists. I am heading away shortly to my daughter's house for Christmas and don't know if I will get back here today, can't see it happening tomorrow either!
24/Dec/14 5:23 AM
24/Dec/14 5:33 AM
Thank you, Serena! Here's flying your way!!!
24/Dec/14 5:41 AM
Morning all,that Mum has her work cut out for her with all this mouths to feed.
24/Dec/14 6:40 AM
Good afternoon to all! I'm sure what's going on is they're all asking Mom what they're getting for Christmas!
24/Dec/14 6:50 AM
Christmas Eve for lots of folks today. Have fun, and don't forget to leave cookies and milk out for Santa (or a rum and eggnog)!
24/Dec/14 6:52 AM
Wishing everyone a very πŸŽ„πŸŽMerry Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ…. Just in case I don't get here tomorrow .
24/Dec/14 6:52 AM
I have family (and Humphrey, the rabbit!) arriving in about an hour, but I wanted to stop by and wish all you wonderful people a and a very
I bless the day I found this site and all who dwell here.
24/Dec/14 7:18 AM
1:16. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
24/Dec/14 7:19 AM
Rum and eggnog wouldn't make it overnight for Santa...!
24/Dec/14 7:19 AM
One more....
24/Dec/14 7:19 AM
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