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Easy Sudoku for 24/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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24/Jul/17 12:00 AM
24/Jul/17 1:17 AM
Amazingly slow start.
24/Jul/17 1:18 AM
Morning Hal and Keith and all those who are still tucked up in bed or otherwise occupied.
24/Jul/17 1:38 AM
And why aren't you in bed, Wombat????? ROTFLMAO
24/Jul/17 1:43 AM
24/Jul/17 1:55 AM
so close . . .
24/Jul/17 1:55 AM
24/Jul/17 1:56 AM
Morning all, have a good one.
24/Jul/17 2:03 AM
Beautiful Heliconia (Lobster claw). Wish we were still living in Barbados where there were lots.
24/Jul/17 2:37 AM
Snowbird, for the name of this beautiful flower.I was going to ask for it, but now I won't have to.
24/Jul/17 3:03 AM
Good mAen 🙋🏼🌞🌻⛪️🍩💅🏻🌼💻
24/Jul/17 3:07 AM
Forgot the timer - just as well, it wasn't a quick one! Good morning everyone.
24/Jul/17 5:40 AM
Beautiful flower !

Happy Birthday Sacky and BasBleu02
24/Jul/17 5:55 AM
Morning all,it does look like a lobster claw doesn't it, very pretty.
24/Jul/17 6:42 AM
Sacky and BasBleu02 .
24/Jul/17 6:46 AM
OK, the heat index is 114F = 45C here in Dallas now.
That's just too much and I have to play an outdoor concert this evening! What's it like in Melbourne, friends? I'm really thinking of moving.
24/Jul/17 7:06 AM
Okay it is poozle time, a short and simple ECCO puzzle.

It is an ECCO puzzle about countries. Don’t forget that the last letter of each word is the first letter of the next. The number of letters are indicated.


- - More...
24/Jul/17 8:53 AM
Wolf, the predicted top in Melbourne is 15C, that's 56F. A lovely city Melbourne, I think you would like it there and we'd probably let you in.
24/Jul/17 8:57 AM
This is a repost of Saturday's (surely it must be right by now) poozle. I have eight correct answers, but there are still three hours for anyone who wants to, to have a go.
July 22 1&3

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first More...
24/Jul/17 9:02 AM
Keith, we are on the threshold of 22. I'll give you ten minutes before I take it, if somebody else doesn't.
24/Jul/17 9:04 AM
I have no idea whether Wombat's 10 minutes are up. I think they are so I will try for 22. Good maEn, good people.
24/Jul/17 9:28 AM
Hi Sacky, We have been missing you. Have you had any good catches from your upmarket 'tinny', and have those heifers been giving you the usual amount of trouble? Anyway, happy birthday. And to Bas Bleu too, though I have yet to see you post.
24/Jul/17 10:31 AM
You can stop rolling now Hal, I went back to bed.
24/Jul/17 10:34 AM
Yep, you snooze, you lose Wombat!
24/Jul/17 10:46 AM
That was 9+ hours ago, Wombat.
24/Jul/17 10:55 AM
We've had over 3 inches (8cm) of rain in the last hour.
Where's Noah when you need him?
24/Jul/17 11:02 AM
Hey Wombat where do I find your inbox? I want to submit answers to Sat poozle. Anyone else on line help
24/Jul/17 11:06 AM
Rage, just click on my name on any of my posts, and then send me a personal message by clicking on 'personal message' at the top of my home page. I'm not sure why we name an inbox, because the always come in as emails. Go for it.
24/Jul/17 11:20 AM
24/Jul/17 1:35 PM
Rage, I'm sorry, you need to click on the blue 'Check out my page', in this post, and when my page comes up click on the blue 'Send Wombat a personal message' and type the response to the poozle in the space. Don't rush, I won't post the answer for a few hours.
24/Jul/17 1:35 PM
Thanks Wombat I sent it hope its not to late
24/Jul/17 2:29 PM
Hi Folks, Here are the answers I wanted to Saturday's 1&3 poozle. I'm sorry that it took me so long to post the right questions. I obviously missed out my last step in editing the poozle, which is printing it off, and doing the puzzle myself. This still would not have found the BOUQUET error. More...
24/Jul/17 3:00 PM
We are getting near page turning time, but we need a few more to join in or I'll finish up with RSI.
24/Jul/17 3:05 PM
I nearly put Judy down as the dowager.
24/Jul/17 3:05 PM
Join the Save Wombat from RSI campaign and post a message.
24/Jul/17 3:06 PM
And it would be well merited too.
24/Jul/17 3:08 PM
Hal wants to converse with The Phantom - Perhaps he should 'Check out my page' on some of the ghost posts. You just never know.
24/Jul/17 3:13 PM
How's the RSI going, Wombat?
24/Jul/17 3:14 PM
Thanks to your assistance I have got past 39 without too many symptoms, but it might be a little presumptive to claim that I'm turning the page, but you can only try.
24/Jul/17 3:20 PM
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