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Easy Sudoku for 25/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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H, everyone!
25/Jul/17 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
25/Jul/17 12:01 AM
Wolf, I rather suspected I'd find you here. Good Maen, good people.
25/Jul/17 12:02 AM
(Thought my first attempt didn't go through.)
25/Jul/17 12:03 AM
I'm here because there wasn't any parking at school so I came home! Maybe I'll try this afternoon.
25/Jul/17 12:06 AM
Picture frost on those leaves and that's my quintessential mental picture of November.
25/Jul/17 12:08 AM
I'm heading over to Kakuro. See you there, Wolf!
25/Jul/17 12:09 AM
Morning Wolf & Plum. Luck to Shosho.
25/Jul/17 12:14 AM
Sunny and cool today! Perfection!!!
We have the grand-twins for a few days! Yippee! Yippee!
25/Jul/17 12:18 AM
DorA. You won. I knew I didn't have enough seconds left before the calendar turn.
25/Jul/17 12:36 AM
You knew it too.
25/Jul/17 12:37 AM
25/Jul/17 12:37 AM
Happy Shiela. How old are they now?
25/Jul/17 12:41 AM
I wonder how Kathy is doing with her full house?
25/Jul/17 12:42 AM
Plum, someone has to take the easy out of it, once in a while, or the 'race' ceases to be fun.
25/Jul/17 12:52 AM
Fun ''Tara story'', Peter.
25/Jul/17 12:53 AM
Happy Monday!
25/Jul/17 1:02 AM
25/Jul/17 2:16 AM
Thanks, Keith!!! Here's flying your way!
25/Jul/17 2:17 AM
Fall leaves are nice, but not yet!
25/Jul/17 2:21 AM
Shall I???
25/Jul/17 2:39 AM
25/Jul/17 2:40 AM
A dollar short, and 40 minutes too late.
25/Jul/17 3:19 AM
Good morning.
25/Jul/17 4:30 AM
And I should have got up when I first woke, about an hour and 15 ago.
25/Jul/17 4:32 AM
Oh well, the extra hours sleep was probably more beneficial.
25/Jul/17 4:33 AM
Ooops, forgot an apostrophe there on ''hours''. [
25/Jul/17 4:35 AM
How did that happen? Try again -
25/Jul/17 4:36 AM
Morning all,the leaves look pretty until you have to rake them.
25/Jul/17 7:47 AM
I'll repost the ECCO poozle that I set yesterday. I already have seven answers, but you can use it as a warm up for Peter's Super ECCO puzzle tomorrow.
It is an poozle about countries. Don’t forget that the last letter of each word is the first letter of the next. The number of letters are More...
25/Jul/17 9:17 AM
It is a long while since we made it to page three, but we did it yesterday. How far can we go today. It all seems to be about people getting their favourite number, or telling us interesting stories about their animals.
Who is it who likes to get 33?
25/Jul/17 9:21 AM
It is still a bit early in South Carolina for people to have gone to bed!
25/Jul/17 9:23 AM
Too many Ba Muoi Bas, Wombat - he's probably already flaked!
25/Jul/17 9:59 AM
I'm still here mates. But you're both right, I'm ready for bed.
25/Jul/17 10:56 AM
I just got home from a 4-H Robotics meeting. I have a long TODO list just as a result of this meeting. But it's all good stuff to do. Now to get ready for bed.
25/Jul/17 11:39 AM
After medicating the first cat three months ago I thought I had gotten pretty expert at giving cats pills. Now I find out that it was actually the cat that was getting used to taking them.
25/Jul/17 11:43 AM
I discovered this because it's back to square one with trying to get this other cat to swallow his meds. I'm that much bigger than him. You'd think it would be easy, but it's not.
25/Jul/17 11:44 AM
This cat has different evasion tactics, which requires a different plan of attack. Literally. I'm learning, though.
25/Jul/17 11:45 AM
You'd think that if a cat was sick enough to need meds, it would be sick enough that it couldn't put up much of a fight. Well, think that and you're thinking wrong.
25/Jul/17 11:47 AM
25/Jul/17 11:49 AM
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