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Easy Sudoku for 25/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's twday's daffynition:
n. Literature in a hurry.
25/Feb/12 12:00 AM
Hello Morning
25/Feb/12 12:00 AM
Good morning !!
25/Feb/12 12:00 AM
I'm off to bed. NIght Kayo & Sue
25/Feb/12 12:01 AM
I am up so early it scares me, early appointment today
25/Feb/12 12:01 AM
"...TWDYA's... ????? Did I really type that?
25/Feb/12 12:02 AM
G'night Meg. Sleep well.
25/Feb/12 12:02 AM
Hello, everyone!
WON'T need today.
Has winter arrived? We finally got a snowfall where the tips of the grass on our lawn aren't showing.
25/Feb/12 12:03 AM
Kayo ...as for 'TWDYA'S'...
Well, it is the weekend, isn't it???
25/Feb/12 12:05 AM
Good Maen all!
Howdy Kayo, Meg, Sue and Shiela
Shiela - you know I'm jealous...so warm here I'll be working on yard clean-up today!
25/Feb/12 12:12 AM
Is this a 'very good' man or 'very good' photo? Or both?
25/Feb/12 12:16 AM
Lots of birthdays today!
Zoki, Colleen, & BarbG!
Hope you all get your birthday wishes!
25/Feb/12 12:19 AM
Handsome young man. Is he really very good??? Santa would know!
25/Feb/12 12:25 AM
Oops - stumbled in on Annie's throne again!
25/Feb/12 12:26 AM
Just keeping it warm, Vici???
25/Feb/12 12:29 AM
25/Feb/12 12:39 AM
Verry easy "EASY" puzzle today
25/Feb/12 1:50 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Feb/12 1:53 AM
National Personal Chef's Day
25/Feb/12 1:54 AM
I need a personal chef today, since I do not have to be in that room today.
25/Feb/12 1:55 AM
May start the packing process this weekend. Not really looking forward to that. The thought of getting a match, instead has crossed my mind a lot lately.
25/Feb/12 1:56 AM
When does Kieth return?
25/Feb/12 1:57 AM

I don't think Keith mentioned when he'd be back.

Very Good is a strange name for a guy.
25/Feb/12 2:23 AM
Thanks Kathy. I do not recall that he mentioned it either, but my recall button does not always work.
25/Feb/12 2:25 AM
Now, I made a comment a little over 30 minutes ago, and as my friends, you were supposed to start giving me reasons to procrastinate.
I know, I do a great job of procrastinating all on my own, but at least with my friends, I would not feel guilty.
25/Feb/12 2:28 AM
Maybe guilty is too big of a word. I just do not know where to start.
Was thinking, since we do not use the upstairs, I could start there and pack my way down and across, then back.
I just realized I have two months to pack up 10+ years of stuff.
25/Feb/12 2:31 AM
Exercise that brain cell, Karen! Try this....

What expression is represented below?

Chicken: "Snicker, snicker"
Cow: "Hehehehaha"
Horse: "Wooohoohoohoo"
Pig: "Eeeeeahahahaha"

Answers to the "Those are some weird animals" inbox, please.

25/Feb/12 2:32 AM
Did I miss something? Are you moving, Karen?
25/Feb/12 2:33 AM
If you have not noticed a decision has been made, and it was not my decision.
I thought, purchasing MIL's house was not a good idea, I have been corrected.
Man still plans to purchase MIL's house, but now the plan is to move in before she moves out.
Oh, this should be a fun time.
25/Feb/12 2:34 AM
It has been my experience that when you pack up for a move, you can probably get rid of 50% of the stuff you've accumulated over the years.
Also, do it by yourself. No one wants to get rid of anything! At least that's true in my family....
25/Feb/12 2:36 AM
all from So. OR

Very good for a mug shot - where are the lines for height behind it.
25/Feb/12 2:38 AM
That is my plan, Kathy. The girls and Man are going away, for the 5th weekend in a row, so they won't be able to help me.
Starting upstairs, should be easy, since the majority of the stuff was for my classroom. Talking to Thing I's teacher about what she would like to have. Other than that it is clothes.
25/Feb/12 2:41 AM
My plan for this weekend. They are loose plans, but to do the upstairs and the girls room. When I say girl's room, I mean, more throw out, than pack up. The rest of the house should be fairly easy too, except what to keep out, until I can unpack again, whenever that might be. Then there is the More...
25/Feb/12 2:45 AM
Thank you Kathy, you are doing your duty. I so appreciate it.
25/Feb/12 2:49 AM
25/Feb/12 2:54 AM
25/Feb/12 3:17 AM
I am off to have lunch with friends. Of course, it has just started to rain. And my umbrella is in my car......
25/Feb/12 3:17 AM
Keith said he would be away for two weeks.
25/Feb/12 3:18 AM
I can send you some matches to help out getting rid of "stuff", Karen. Even though it's my belief that since someone unilaterally made the decision to move, that same someone should be doing ALL of the packing, sorting and cleaning.
25/Feb/12 3:18 AM
Kathy, that is the perfect place for the umbrella...that way you have it when it starts to rain when you are out.
25/Feb/12 3:18 AM
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