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Easy Sudoku for 26/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
int. What Geronimo says when he jumps out of a plane.
26/Feb/12 12:00 AM
Good Maen one and all. It's the weekend everywhere.
26/Feb/12 12:00 AM
Good Maen!!!
26/Feb/12 12:00 AM
Howdy Kayo and Jeanine! Kayo - too funny - took me a minute to get it - DUH!
26/Feb/12 12:02 AM
Oops! Banned picture!
26/Feb/12 12:04 AM
Vici - I'm pleased you appreciate my attempts at humour here. That is what makes it worthwhile.
26/Feb/12 12:06 AM
26/Feb/12 12:15 AM
A very strange picture today.
26/Feb/12 12:15 AM
1:45. Hi all.
26/Feb/12 12:17 AM
Hello, everyone!
WON'T need today.
More snow, also.
26/Feb/12 12:23 AM
1:58 Good evening one and all!

That's what I call a square meal.
26/Feb/12 12:23 AM
One more to go!
26/Feb/12 12:23 AM
and I've got it...
26/Feb/12 12:24 AM
Do we insert our own photo today?
26/Feb/12 12:24 AM
Whew, Anne! I almost goofed you up!!!
26/Feb/12 12:24 AM
Not to worry, Shiela. If I miss it, I miss it.
26/Feb/12 12:26 AM
Yes, Anne. If it works, it works! I've never told anyone my favorite number. So far, there has been no race for it! But I still like to go for Keith's. It's a kind of special 'hello' to him, I guess!
26/Feb/12 12:28 AM
Off to the puzzles...
26/Feb/12 12:29 AM
3.25 I did the hard first. Is this picture supposed to be blank with a border which looks like grass on three sides.
26/Feb/12 12:33 AM
Perhaps I can seek 22
26/Feb/12 12:34 AM
26/Feb/12 12:34 AM
26/Feb/12 12:34 AM
Yeah. Now a CP
26/Feb/12 12:35 AM
Yes... You zipped right in to 22! Congrats!
26/Feb/12 12:35 AM
And a CP, too!
26/Feb/12 12:36 AM
I wasn't seeking 22 but sneaking 22
26/Feb/12 12:38 AM
Perhaps it's where Geronimo landed.
26/Feb/12 12:38 AM
Football over. Time for bed Good night Mates.
26/Feb/12 12:39 AM
Good Morning everyone, been a long time since I have been around. I see a couple of familiar names.
26/Feb/12 1:42 AM
Good morning people of the world.
26/Feb/12 2:05 AM
Open That Bottle Night.
26/Feb/12 2:06 AM
26/Feb/12 2:38 AM
26/Feb/12 2:38 AM

Hi Linda! Good to "see" you!

Interesting photo today.

Open a bottle of WHAT?
26/Feb/12 2:39 AM
The answer I had to yesterday's poozle: funny farm, or (I love this answer from Heidi and Sarah) laughing stock!

Speaking of farms.....winners Heidi, Mr. Cee, Sarah, and Grass-hopper will be visiting a not-so-traditional farm to "pick your own" and pay only a small amount per pound
26/Feb/12 2:44 AM
And for today....

What phrase is represented below?

Angels Snoozing
Mother Teresa Napping
The Apostles Siesta
Lucifer Insomnia

Answers to the "ZZZZZZZ" inbox, please.
26/Feb/12 2:55 AM
Here is a special bottle for you Kathy. Hope you enjoy.
26/Feb/12 3:29 AM
No reason to linger down here.
26/Feb/12 3:34 AM
Also, a good excuse not to do my to do list.
26/Feb/12 3:35 AM
26/Feb/12 3:35 AM
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