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Easy Sudoku for 25/September/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
25/Sep/17 12:00 AM
Beautiful purple orchid Kate
Lovely flowers indeed
25/Sep/17 12:10 AM
It takes me 15 minutes to login sometimes!
After all that, welcome all and best wishes for a great day.
25/Sep/17 12:15 AM
Fun story, saltie
25/Sep/17 12:48 AM
25/Sep/17 1:44 AM
Well, with a in hand and a pancake and bacon and melon in front of me, I'm content!
25/Sep/17 1:46 AM
so close . . .
25/Sep/17 1:46 AM
25/Sep/17 1:46 AM
AAAND a CP!! What a great morning!
25/Sep/17 1:47 AM
Close up and gorgeous!
25/Sep/17 2:22 AM
Another summer day in September - off to enjoy it!
25/Sep/17 4:09 AM
The B-17 flight was interesting, but short. Made me appreciate my 2000+ hours in the C-130.
25/Sep/17 5:12 AM
Can anyone else see a woman, head bowed with her hands extended in supplication?
25/Sep/17 5:47 AM
Morning all,beautiful orchid,thanks Kate.
Watching the final of the FedEx Cup,so exciting.
25/Sep/17 7:10 AM
Sophia, Theresa and Garry .
25/Sep/17 7:12 AM
1:19. Good morning everyone.
25/Sep/17 7:28 AM
Yes, Bev, I see it clearly.
25/Sep/17 7:49 AM
POOZLES POOZLES POOZLES Eight people have posted the 1&4 poozle results, and they are all 100% correct. I must be making them too easy. There are still a couple of hours to post a response.
In the meantime I'll post an ECCO poozle.
25/Sep/17 9:33 AM

As with all ECCO poozles the end of one letter become the beginning of the next. I'll give you the number of letters, a clue to which bird it is, and the first letter of the first word and the last lefter of the last word. Some of the clues are descriptive, but most have a More...
25/Sep/17 9:35 AM
1:40 Good morning all!
It's a very wet, windy and cold day, only 13C today. I don't know when we're going to see Spring?
25/Sep/17 10:07 AM
Ambling along, singin' a song.....
25/Sep/17 10:13 AM
25/Sep/17 10:14 AM
Gotta take our chances when they come up
25/Sep/17 10:14 AM
Don't you Keith?
25/Sep/17 10:15 AM
For some reason I'm picturing a frog with a looooong tongue!
25/Sep/17 10:16 AM
Continuing with my amble. Stopped singin' though. It's a it painful.
25/Sep/17 10:17 AM
It = bit
25/Sep/17 10:18 AM
Could be, Shiela!
25/Sep/17 10:19 AM
Do you mean to tell us we might not pay to go to your concert?
25/Sep/17 10:24 AM
Hello, hello, hello.
25/Sep/17 10:59 AM
Good morning.
25/Sep/17 10:59 AM
Back from my travels, getting over the jet lag.
25/Sep/17 11:00 AM
Had a lovely time, just about all our plans worked out.
25/Sep/17 11:01 AM
the river cruise from Basel to Amsterdam via the Rhine was wonderful.
25/Sep/17 11:03 AM
Our visits with family were great, and the three weeks in Ireland were wonderful. Will have to plan another trip, maybe the year after next.
25/Sep/17 11:06 AM
Welcome back, CP - you've been missed!

...and a certain someone has had grand fun whomping, stomping on, and gobbling up #22 - time for you to give him some competition!
25/Sep/17 11:19 AM
25/Sep/17 11:25 AM
This is a test post.

25/Sep/17 12:11 PM
OK, I didn't get what I expected.
25/Sep/17 12:12 PM
But it did get me to the BOTP.
25/Sep/17 12:13 PM
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