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Easy Sudoku for 26/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Still here, waiting for changeover.
26/Nov/07 12:00 AM
Sometimes, if you stay up late enough, you get to be on the first page.
And then, you go to bed!!
26/Nov/07 12:00 AM
Ooh - that was tricky, my pooter clock said there was still a minute to go!!
26/Nov/07 12:01 AM
And then you find that nobody else is awake...
26/Nov/07 12:02 AM
And you just have to start the day with a CP's CP.
26/Nov/07 12:02 AM
good evening everyone. I was just about to switch off and go to bed and thought I'd check the photo, something I never do on easy with doing the puzzle, and it's my photo of the Inca Trail. I didn't even know I'd put this one on easy, must have been done in error.
26/Nov/07 12:05 AM
I ruened my back to work a jizsaw. Now it's here. I like that trail. Wish I could be there.
26/Nov/07 12:08 AM
What a place to go hikking! Good Maen every one.
26/Nov/07 12:14 AM


My stomach still is feeling bad,
and local friends avoid my pad.
The flamingo dances – still a-prance -
so my smelly wind blows on to France.
The doctor says, “It takes one week”,
and, “Next time please avoid the More...
26/Nov/07 12:33 AM
Good Maen, everyone. I have just spent the last 2 nights at my mom's. My dad got a lung full of amonium chloride and landed in the hospital. While there, they found some blockage to his heart so now angioplasty is on the menu. Hubby is home taking care of my 3 darlings. Thoughts and prayers would be most welcome.
26/Nov/07 12:46 AM
Hey Anne you hit a double today -you made it here and on the 4x4 easy.
26/Nov/07 12:50 AM
♪♫♪ ♪♫ I love to go a wanderin' along the leaves so green and as I go I love to sing my knapsack on my back ♪♫♪ Have a good day - Mary
26/Nov/07 12:58 AM
((Jill) thinking of you and your family today - hope your father is on the mend, Mary
26/Nov/07 12:59 AM
Naperville North High School - won it's level 8 division in Football last night - very proud of the team and our school - it was a action packed game. Yeah NNHS
26/Nov/07 1:01 AM
That is a stunning picture and scene. Whaty precipitous mountains! I like the well-maintained track. I suppose it used practically rather than being just a tourist trail, as they are in the European Alps.
26/Nov/07 1:09 AM
It really is time I was in bed but felt I really neeeeded to do JUST ONE puzzle so that I would sleep well and have been rewarded with this beautiful scene. Tell us more Anne - how long ago was this taken - must have been a wonderful experience...
26/Nov/07 1:23 AM
Jill - so sorry to hear about your Dad. I've left a message on your page.
26/Nov/07 1:35 AM
Rayray... I'll go to sleep with a smile on my dial after reading your latest prose.
I must confess after a day of 'turkey talk' and your instructions on how to cook an ostrich [which then turned out to be a flaming FLAMINGO] I declared that vegetarian fare More...
26/Nov/07 1:35 AM
Funny poem, Rayray! But I fear your sheep will be jealous that you're spending so much time waxing poetic over flamingos and such.
26/Nov/07 1:43 AM
2.32 really slow...still sleeping
26/Nov/07 1:55 AM
Jane! Please don’t worry over sheep!
There really is no need to weep.
Their only thought is munching grass,
and sometimes letting out some gas.
Jealousy’s beyond their ken:
their nature’s not the same as men.
26/Nov/07 2:01 AM
Bean: You don't eat witchety grubs do you? They're an endangered species !
26/Nov/07 2:03 AM
Were I a sheep, either ram or ewe
I'd worry from another view
If Rayray's penning poetic lingo
'Bout an ostrich, auk or 'mingo
Then he's not paying any heed
To anything that we might need
We could get lost by wandering off
We could get croup and start to cough
Alas, I fear - and mark by words
That our dear Rayray's gone to the birds

26/Nov/07 2:12 AM
Good morning to all! I see we have made it back to Peru. Great picture Anne!
26/Nov/07 2:13 AM
Yes CG. The picture of Anne's is superb and is driving me into a more serious frame of mind.
26/Nov/07 2:28 AM
Lol. Jane - I really like that one
26/Nov/07 2:29 AM
Good Sunday Maen, all!

Anne: Beautiful Peruvian photo!

Rayray: what an honor to be included in your poetry (even if I'm still waiting for that leg [ostrich? flamingo?]). But after hearing of your GI distress, perhaps I should take a pass :-) at your cooking!

Jane: you have a way with words, too!
26/Nov/07 2:33 AM
Rayray - you are an inspiration to us all and bring out the beast (er, I mean best) in us!
26/Nov/07 2:35 AM
That's nice of yu to say that Jane - and Aileen -at least the Moa will make excellent compost for your roses, oranges, cannabis, or whatever.
26/Nov/07 2:41 AM
Not to worry, Aileen. As long as your serve the flamingo with Rayray's fabulous ginger-orange sauce, you'll be ok. (See Recipe page)
26/Nov/07 2:42 AM
your = you
26/Nov/07 2:43 AM
Jill, you and your dad are in my prayers for a speedy recovery! Don't forget to take care of yourself as well.
26/Nov/07 2:47 AM

A man is uptown at the bank when he realizes he left his accordion in his car and the car is unlocked. He rushes back to his car but it's too late...someone has already put another accordion in his car.

You know the difference between an accordion and an onion? You cry when you cut up an onion.

26/Nov/07 2:49 AM
Rayray, after being overly bloated with turkey, this past three days, my tummy is not ready to be enticed by ostrich, flamingo, moa or emu! I had a huge veggie appetizer plate but everyone attacked the Chex Mix bowls instead. So I've been eating celery, carrots, raddishes, and cucumber slices for two days trying to finish them off! Built-in diet.
26/Nov/07 2:51 AM
Thought for the day:
Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.
26/Nov/07 2:53 AM
Shosho - guess what we're having for dinner tonight? Grilled turkey! As I mentioned before, we dined out on Thanksgiving, and since I love turkey (and the inevitable leftovers), we're doing our own bird today. Of course we fasted for two days following Thanksgiving, so we're ready to indulge again!
26/Nov/07 2:54 AM
Rayray, I've heard of Montezuma's Revenge, but Flamingo's Revenge is a new one! From your description, they seem to be very similar You have prompted me to dispose of my "101 Ways To Cook A Flamingo" cookbook. I'm not taking any chances!
Terrific photo, Anne Makes me want to put on my hiking boots!
26/Nov/07 3:31 AM
Kathy MD - I loved your "Munch Chew Peach Chew in Pear-u" pun yesterday! Machu Picchu is where the Inca trail in Anne's picture leads to.
Anne, am I correct that the end of your hike brought you to the Gate of the Sun where you had your first view of Machu Picchu? How many days did More...
26/Nov/07 3:47 AM
Kathy (FL) - you mean "PERUse them, don't you?
26/Nov/07 3:57 AM
Can I really
26/Nov/07 3:58 AM
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