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Easy Sudoku for 26/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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26/Feb/10 12:01 AM
Good Morning to everyone!
26/Feb/10 12:03 AM
Good Morning Joe & Debby.
How much snow, Debby?
26/Feb/10 12:07 AM

I'm of to St. Petersburg to meet my manager, my director, and my new boss for lunch! I'm finally getting the job I have craved for years within Cisco!
26/Feb/10 12:09 AM
Congratulations, Glenn! How exciting for you!
26/Feb/10 12:16 AM
Hi Joe, Shiela, Debby, and Glenn!!!
26/Feb/10 12:20 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Karen!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
26/Feb/10 12:21 AM
One more for my fav number! Bye!
26/Feb/10 12:21 AM
Glenn - Great news!!!!!

Shiela - Ugh - We have close to 14 inches on the ground. Rick plowed again yesterday with his big tractor, pushing the snow back and making room for more! We got about another inch over night!
26/Feb/10 12:23 AM
26/Feb/10 12:26 AM
Good Maen Michigainians we are getting caught up with the snow.
26/Feb/10 12:37 AM
Good Maen all
26/Feb/10 12:43 AM
snow last night - but the Sun is out if full force - get the "shades" out and enjoy the warmth of the sun -
26/Feb/10 12:58 AM
off to bowling this morning and a Treat !!! 2 weeks ago we all got a strike in the same frame - which gives us POPCORN !!! -- it happened during our Valentine party - so we didn't have room for the popcorn - and then one of the girls - went on vacation to a warmer place then Chicago !!! So, we were are - all back together and awaiting our reward !!! doesn't take much to make me happy.
26/Feb/10 1:00 AM
all - rain yesterday - rain today. My Gosh, February is almost gone. It is almost 45 days before the tax man commeth (with two trips in between).
26/Feb/10 1:35 AM
Good Maen to all Sudokuland today. Lovely flower to start the day off right. Much better than snow bunnies and snow snakes.
26/Feb/10 1:36 AM
Gramma Update (just a little story, actually)

*giggles* Little old ladies are so impatient. Gma called my ma yesterday while I was there painting. Gma is complaining that she's so tired and it's hard to get out of bed. Ma panics thinking something is wrong. Nope. It's hard to get out of More...
26/Feb/10 1:48 AM
Gma's just not used to being 'down', is she???
26/Feb/10 1:57 AM
I'm glad Gramma is her usual, feisty self. Those are the kind of people who survive!!! Thanks for the update, Angie.
26/Feb/10 2:00 AM
Oh my goodness, we're almost there...
26/Feb/10 2:01 AM
Another push or two...
26/Feb/10 2:01 AM
Are we there yet?
26/Feb/10 2:01 AM
26/Feb/10 2:01 AM
Jane - you beat yourself & didn't turn look back until after you had the tape wrapped around you.

Good goin' girl - are you training for the Olympics?
26/Feb/10 2:09 AM
Mom who is 88 is off to Malta this morning. Anyone here been there? This is not her first trip there. There are few places in the world that it would be her first trip.
26/Feb/10 2:11 AM
Good Morning all! (and nighty-night to our friends down-under)
Glenn - fabulous news...congratualtions!
26/Feb/10 2:13 AM
Great news, Glenn!
Eve - love to hear about your Mom's globe-trotting adventures! I hope I'm as adventurous as she is when I get to be that age (if I make it that far, that is!!!)
26/Feb/10 2:20 AM
I wish you Michiganders would stop sending all this snow down here!
26/Feb/10 2:21 AM
Happy Thursday!
Kate: Lovely photo!
26/Feb/10 2:23 AM
Heidi - we have too much snow to keep it all to ourselves. Are you sure you won't take some more?
26/Feb/10 2:43 AM
Glenn - that is the BESTEST news!
26/Feb/10 2:43 AM
Mary - two words: real butter.
26/Feb/10 2:45 AM
Angie and Eve - oh, to be that young when I'm old!
26/Feb/10 2:45 AM
Debby - I bought seeds yesterday. Couldn't help myself. I'm planting tomatoes this weekend. Ugggh. This snow is so slushy-icy-sticky. I'm sure the Eskimo use one of their "40 words for snow" for this type and I suspect it's a swear word.
26/Feb/10 2:48 AM
shosho - Okay, I figured out your favorite number. We've just been studying about Hachi-ko. I'm ordering a pair of pawlonia geta with red velvet thongs (amazon.com) to go in a display case about Hachi-ko (and Japanese culture "lite") for about a month. Then, to make use of the geta when More...
26/Feb/10 2:53 AM
Wow, I miss you guys. Haven't even had a chance to catch up on the week or so worth of posts I've missed. But there's more to do. I'll really try to read what's up with the rest of the world's Sudoku people later today, so post some good stories about yourselves! How's everyone doing?
26/Feb/10 2:55 AM
Plum - 4 words: no butter, no salt
26/Feb/10 3:04 AM
...at least for me. Sigh!
26/Feb/10 3:05 AM
2:05 Hello to all.

Thought for the Day:

Take the attitude of a student. Never be too big to ask questions. Never know too much to learn something new.
26/Feb/10 3:12 AM
I had some good news today. A small publisher (read very small, tiny) wants to publish a poem I sent in for a competition. Made me smile a great deal. One small step...I might treat myself to some sort of chocoholic bliss moment, approximately four minutes of bliss should do it...
26/Feb/10 3:18 AM
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