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Easy Sudoku for 27/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi guys and ladies! Hope you have a great day!
27/Jul/07 12:01 AM
Good morning all! Beautiful day here, but will be getting hot later.
27/Jul/07 12:01 AM
Wow, I got in early!! Now back to the puzzle and then to work for a while.
Dreary, rainy in east Texas AGAIN.
27/Jul/07 12:02 AM
2:00 Maen! Nice little gateway -- I need one of them in our back yard!
27/Jul/07 12:03 AM
2:08; pesonal best.
27/Jul/07 12:04 AM
Hello to all my friends on the site - I hope to get back later to read the day's comments.
27/Jul/07 12:06 AM
good day all!
Nice spring picture.
27/Jul/07 12:13 AM
Same for me Joel, but 2:16
27/Jul/07 12:16 AM
As some of you know, I started a tennis league here on St. Simons Island a couple of years ago (we're up to 150 members!), and every summer (our off-season) we hold monthly mixed-doubles, round-robin tennis tournaments at the Jekyll Island Tennis Center. Jekyll is the next island More...
27/Jul/07 12:17 AM
27/Jul/07 12:23 AM
2:42 - terrible time, but a lovely photo as a reward for finishing. Forsythia is one of my favorite flowers, but it doesn't do well here in Coastal Georgia.
27/Jul/07 12:24 AM
Good Maen! 4:09, cloudy with a bit of rain.
27/Jul/07 12:25 AM
everyone, going to be a beautiful day here in eastern Idaho...
27/Jul/07 12:33 AM
2:27 I love Vermont, in any season. Stowe, Manchester, Woodstock,Burlington--all worth a visit. Great skiing and cycling in the state. And very friendly people.
27/Jul/07 12:38 AM
I imagine anytime in Vermont would be beautiful. Nice shot.
27/Jul/07 12:48 AM
2:26...one of my better times.

As beautiful as Vermont is, it is the people who are the best thing about that state.

Good Maen.
27/Jul/07 12:56 AM
Please can anyone direct me to accessing the Recipes page? I can't seem to find it.
Hello to all -- I don't post often but enjoy reading the comments every day. Definitely a good place for a world-wide perspective!
27/Jul/07 12:57 AM
Weezie - Click on 'clips', then scroll down.
27/Jul/07 1:02 AM
Good Maen! Spring is my favorite time of year and Vermont is one of my favorite places to visit, although I saw it with spectacular Fall colors. Thanks for the help resizing photos for the gallery; I used Microsoft Office Picture Manager with the Resize for Large Web setting. If any of you want to More...
27/Jul/07 1:04 AM
Weezie - After you click on 'clips', scroll down to 'conversations'. You'll find the recipes page there.
27/Jul/07 1:04 AM
Weezie - By any chance did you ever live in Richmond, Virginia? I had a neighbor named Weezie who was a fabulous cook, so when you asked for the recipe page, I thought.....'just maybe........hmmmmmm!!!!'
27/Jul/07 1:12 AM

Updated my Utube with CRAIG CHAQUICO:
was lead guitarist with Jefferson Starship - lives locally and Friday night will be filling in for Dave Sanborn who is ill. Enjoyed him immensely the last time he played at Britt Festivals.
27/Jul/07 1:32 AM
Jane St Simons Island, GA
No, that wasn't me. My hubby is the cook thank god. Our last name, Haigler, is very popular in the South, though. Up here in NH anyone with that name is related to us! (my fil was from was originally from Mississippi)
But it is a small world!
27/Jul/07 1:39 AM
morning everyone. no baby yet! wish he would hurry and come, sitting and waiting by the phone today. good time on the puzzle today. must be my day. have a great day everyone!!!
27/Jul/07 1:44 AM
Is it my imagination, but the dog does not look real, almost like it is painted in.
27/Jul/07 1:52 AM
Beautiful path to...
It's a nice day here, with rain this early morning and more posible this afternoon. Everything is greening up again! Of course that also means I have to cut the grass again!
27/Jul/07 1:55 AM
Carrie, it looks to me like the dog is figurine on a stick.
27/Jul/07 1:56 AM
Rob! I am sure you will have a great day & hopefully a new grandson too!
27/Jul/07 1:57 AM
I have a picture of one forsythia on my Flickr site. It's nothing like that display, though. Lovely.
27/Jul/07 2:00 AM
everyone. Hope everybody is having a delightful day. Once again, warm here in SC, but dry so not terrible.
I love forsythia, and have two bushes in my yard, but they bloom for a very short time here.
27/Jul/07 2:03 AM
2:31 Hi to all. For billy some Shakespeare culture...

Thought for the Day:

'Out, damned spot! out, I say!'
27/Jul/07 2:10 AM
Rob and congratulations on the soon to be little bundle of joy
Claude, enjoy the day with your family
Congratulations to Wagdy's daughter Sandy, and to her proud parents, too
27/Jul/07 2:12 AM
Nice picture - It looks like maybe a pathway to a garden? You can smell the fresh spring air!

We have a partly cloudy day here. (72 deg. F.) We are expecting thunderstorms this afternoon, but we need the rain!

I hope everyone has a great day/evening.
27/Jul/07 2:17 AM
Good Thursday Maen, all!

Still battling this dratted summer cold I picked up in Chicago last week. Gonna try copious amounts of hot water with lemon and honey to try to feel better...
27/Jul/07 2:18 AM
Happy Birthday to Rob and Claude my it be everything you wish it to be x
27/Jul/07 2:18 AM
27/Jul/07 2:21 AM
Good Morning everyone. I am sure it is bright and sunny somewhere in this world. Just not here. Can anyone tell me how to put more than one picture on my page?
27/Jul/07 2:29 AM
Good morning every one .Nice picture of Spring. To You' R O B. '
To You' C L A U D E .'

All my best wishes to both of You.
27/Jul/07 2:30 AM
claude..oops... did not mean happy anniversary....
27/Jul/07 2:30 AM
ROB. Don't eat too much, you have to be ready to greet your new grandson...
27/Jul/07 2:46 AM
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