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Easy Sudoku for 28/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A Thought For The Day:

True frustration is trying to find your glasses ..... without your glasses.
28/Jan/14 12:00 AM
I don't need any glasses to see that there's no-one else here.
28/Jan/14 12:02 AM
For all you folks who missed the tennis, here is Li Na's acceptance speech. I reckon that hers was the best one ever.

28/Jan/14 12:02 AM
28/Jan/14 12:04 AM
Yay, Hal has arrived !!!!
28/Jan/14 12:06 AM
Hmmmmm, he must be busy doing the Sudoku puzzle.
28/Jan/14 12:08 AM
I wonder if Hal will beat Chris's 7:25?
28/Jan/14 12:09 AM
I thought Chris was always under 2:00.?
28/Jan/14 12:26 AM
Good morning to all! Isn't it nice when friends share? That fish letting the cat have a drink is a good example!
28/Jan/14 12:28 AM
Answers for the ‘Only 10 Today’ puzzle:

1. diet and die
2. Prime and rime
3. Finland and inland
4. stunt and stun
5. chill and (Dan) Hill
6. blab and lab
7. (Sigourney) Weaver and weave
8. midget and Midge
9. tennis and Ennis (Sisters)
10. sword and Word
28/Jan/14 12:29 AM
Am I being way too trusting if I say maybe the cat's just thirsty?
28/Jan/14 12:30 AM
Doug, I find true frustration to be finding your glasses when a small child was involved in their disappearance.
28/Jan/14 12:31 AM
good morning
28/Jan/14 12:32 AM

Puzzle 1

I have some pencils and some jars.
If I put 4 pencils into each jar I will have one jar left over.
If I put 3 pencils into each jar I will have one pencil left over.

How many pencils and how many jars?
28/Jan/14 12:34 AM
Don't you feel so silly when you spend 10 minutes looking for your glasses and then realise you are wearing them.
28/Jan/14 1:27 AM
Good Maen, good people. Well, hope it's a warmer Maen for you, wherever you are. Brrrrr.
28/Jan/14 2:17 AM
Hi Dave.
28/Jan/14 2:25 AM
64F (18C) here.
28/Jan/14 2:28 AM
Hi Hal.
28/Jan/14 2:31 AM
Hi everybody else.
28/Jan/14 2:31 AM
Anybody coming with me?
28/Jan/14 2:31 AM
28/Jan/14 2:32 AM
Late arriving here today.
(You know what they say about Mondays...)
(Yes, it's Monday here.)
It's goegeously sunny out!
But c-c-cold! (9F)
28/Jan/14 2:32 AM
Finaaalllly, Keith! Now I can say ~
28/Jan/14 2:33 AM
Aren't you glad I slept in, Keith???
28/Jan/14 2:33 AM
Hi, shosho! I didn't get your luck today!
28/Jan/14 2:34 AM
See you later... off to exercise!
28/Jan/14 2:35 AM
... & I thought I'd slept in.
28/Jan/14 2:40 AM
Serena, you should be putting fruit preserves in the jars! They taste better then pencils.
28/Jan/14 3:17 AM
Too much work, pencils take much less prep.
28/Jan/14 3:28 AM
Well, the jigsaw puzzle is totally gray today. No picture at all. Makes for a challenge!
28/Jan/14 3:35 AM
That's strange, Sandra. Jigsaw looks fine here.
However, the pieces are too big again. The completed puzzle will not fit in the frame.
28/Jan/14 3:53 AM
Hal, I think your day is coming. Perhaps Wednesday.
28/Jan/14 4:12 AM
Morning all, I've got my eye on you.
28/Jan/14 5:24 AM
Gave up on the jigsaw, it is bigger than usual.
28/Jan/14 5:31 AM
CG - sort of hard to 'count' preserves, though! I guess you could just put whole berries in the jars.
28/Jan/14 5:31 AM
gang. I'm sorry so many of you are suffering in the cold & snow. It's been a tough winter across most of North America.
Doug - I agree that Li Na's acceptance speech was one of the best ever! She has a GREAT sense of humor & has shared it in many previous interviews, too. I was More...
28/Jan/14 5:47 AM
Hey Doug thanks for the link! I missed her speech but hear that she has 'got' how Aussie humour works.
28/Jan/14 6:04 AM
What a good way to start the day...
28/Jan/14 6:04 AM
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
28/Jan/14 6:04 AM
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