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Easy Sudoku for 29/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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from chilly Orlando!
I have been gone for a while. How has everyone been doing? Who is posting puzzles these days?
29/Jan/14 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

There is no excuse for laziness but if you find one, please let me know.
29/Jan/14 12:00 AM
Tomorrow, or the day after.
29/Jan/14 12:01 AM
That sounds too hard for me to remember Neil, let's just skip the whole matter.
29/Jan/14 12:02 AM
She looks like she has a lot of personality.
29/Jan/14 12:03 AM
Skippy, don't beat about the bush.
29/Jan/14 12:04 AM
Glenn - In answer to you question, there is Halt, Canuk Greg & Serena.
29/Jan/14 12:05 AM

Puzzle 1 - 16 pencils; 5 jars

Puzzle 2 - 45pencils; 7 jars

In the today we have Judy, HalT, Plum, Wolf, lonewoof, jamie, shosho, Dottie R, Doug W, June (Puzzle 1), and Chalkboard (Puzzle 1). Enjoy writing with this.
29/Jan/14 12:05 AM
Hi shosho.
29/Jan/14 12:06 AM
Unscramble each item to come up with a country and its capital.

1. aaeiillnnnostt
2. aaabegiijnru
3. aaailnoprttuuvv
4. aacmmnostu
5. aaadhoqrt
6. deeagimnoortuuuvy
7. aeegiimnnry
8. abbbdijmnrruuuuu

Answers to my ‘’The countries are back’’ inbox please.
29/Jan/14 12:07 AM
Time for the preschool run. I'm off.
29/Jan/14 12:07 AM
well... at least it's sunny!
But... it's only -12F (-24.4C) degrees right now! Brrrr!
29/Jan/14 12:42 AM
Morning all,maybe she is acting out a part in a play.
No sunnies needed here Shiela, the sky is full of stars.
29/Jan/14 1:15 AM
It's national kazoo day. No, I'm not taking over for Karen but when else am I going to use this avatar?
29/Jan/14 1:24 AM
Serena - your puzzle today was one of the best and most difficult I have seen on this site!

Well done!!

29/Jan/14 1:42 AM
29/Jan/14 2:25 AM
Good morning to all from still cold Ottawa.
29/Jan/14 2:38 AM
Maen, good people. Still cold. Getting colder in the house. Another 24 hours of wind chill emergency ahead of us.
29/Jan/14 2:38 AM
Hi Glenn. How has life been treating you?
29/Jan/14 2:39 AM
Hi, Glenn. My hubby 'Burl' is currently at a business conference down at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. This evening the hosts pay for all interested parties to enjoy the world of Harry Potter. Tomorrow morning he heads across to St. Petersburg to present a seminar.

Meanwhile I am More...
29/Jan/14 2:44 AM
Did I just make it?
29/Jan/14 2:45 AM
29/Jan/14 2:45 AM
HI all! We had a weekend of serious floods in the village, but things are slowly drying out now. Luckily our house is at the top of the hill, but others weren't so lucky.
Hi Glenn, long time no see. Plum I agree that Florida would be nice but then again it does get a bit too hot there. Sweaty hot, sticky hot, need a clean t-shirt hot!
29/Jan/14 3:00 AM
Dignified looking lady.

Long time no see, Glenn. Welcome back.

Woke up to light drizzling rain this morning. That might get us up to 5 inches for the year. By now, we should have somewhere between 20-30 inches. We are currently observing Winter water restrictions, something we've never done before. Next Summer scares me.
29/Jan/14 3:01 AM
Hi Fiona.
29/Jan/14 3:02 AM
29/Jan/14 3:06 AM
Thanks, Serena! I'll share my luck with you!!! Here's some flying your way!!!
29/Jan/14 3:07 AM
My lovey dovey boy, Blackie, wants a loooonnnnggg hug and he's willing to sleep on my desk until I'm ready. Unfortunately he's not the little kitten he once was and takes up or tries to take up enough room on the desk to do so BUT the desk hasn't grown along with him!
29/Jan/14 3:10 AM
Now I'm being edged away, the computer is being nudged back, and everything on my desk is given the grand tour of my desk top. Plus he wants whatever I haven't finished of my cereal, greedy boy!
29/Jan/14 3:12 AM
When I went back east and also to Japan, I realized that a moderately warm and dry summer was not the norm! And a cool winter with some (if we're lucky, if not drought) rain. I think I'll stay put!
29/Jan/14 3:15 AM
CP and then it's off to take my dad to the medical center for lab work! And the biggest challenge - try to get grandie caught up with his work since he was absent from school yesterday!
29/Jan/14 3:17 AM
29/Jan/14 4:26 AM
Hey DoA. How come you don't try for 25 and 44 as well as your favored 45? There will have to be a few comments made for you to get to a Lee Enfield or an SLR.
29/Jan/14 4:34 AM
Heeey, you should try for Keith's 22.
29/Jan/14 4:38 AM
Yeah! And then a 457.
29/Jan/14 4:47 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Nice to see Glenn and Fiona pop in to say 'Hi'!
29/Jan/14 4:57 AM
Ya got me there Hal....lock, stock and two smoking barrels.
29/Jan/14 5:02 AM
Nite all.
29/Jan/14 5:03 AM
A few empty bottles there!
29/Jan/14 5:07 AM
29/Jan/14 5:22 AM
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