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Easy Sudoku for 28/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Morning. First - eh? Where is everyone?
28/Dec/07 12:05 AM
28/Dec/07 12:09 AM
28/Dec/07 12:09 AM
28/Dec/07 12:10 AM
hey CP - Target have got a whole range of Little Miss T-Shirts in stock for Summer

The only problem was deciding which one to buy for my "Little Miss"
28/Dec/07 12:10 AM
Good morning all! Very quiet this morning! Everyone must still be recovering from the holiday. Dreary day, 32F. Hope everyone has a great day!
28/Dec/07 12:23 AM
1.42 looks delightful
good morning/evening all
28/Dec/07 12:32 AM
Good Mean everyone! Or should I say CP, Col and Stella. It's quiet around here this morning
28/Dec/07 12:32 AM
'morning to you too Rosemary
28/Dec/07 12:33 AM
and probably goodnight...
28/Dec/07 12:37 AM
Nice view and shot.

to ANNI .

Good mAen to everyone.
28/Dec/07 12:39 AM
wishing you a very happy birthday
28/Dec/07 12:51 AM
Hi all. It's midnight here and I just came in to turn my pooter off. Just had to say hello to Col from Vic and assure everyone who read yesterday's posts that no, we do not know one another and from now on I will refer to my husband as Colin and not Col.
to Anni, have a great day.
to SteFF
28/Dec/07 1:09 AM
Good Maen all. A grey damp day here. I could use some of that California sun on a day like this. We should get some slushy snow this PM. Not enough to cause trouble, just a nuisance. Have a great day!
28/Dec/07 1:15 AM
GOOD Maen Sudokuland! It is the start of a new day here, dull, overcast and cool.

I have not been shopping yet, have 3 returns to make. I bought hubby flannel shirts, but they only had one chest pocket They go back, since I later found the prefered 2 pocket shirts.

One More...
28/Dec/07 1:22 AM
Anni, Have a great day
28/Dec/07 1:22 AM
28/Dec/07 1:25 AM
all, ANNI . STEFF.
28/Dec/07 1:25 AM
Good Maen to everyone! We have light snow here today. Have a great DAY!
28/Dec/07 1:25 AM
Today is really a must shop day. Hubby is out of colas! that is considered a minor emergency here. So today, I go

I shall also run other errands while I am out. He needs his meds refilled, so a stop at the pharmacy. Maybe I should plan More...
28/Dec/07 1:26 AM
1:59 Nice picture. Is it from near Santa Barbara?
28/Dec/07 1:45 AM
Good morning.
28/Dec/07 2:00 AM
Anni! Hope you have a spectacular day!
28/Dec/07 2:05 AM
My New-Year poem for Sudokuland still will not Cut & Paste here. I tried typing the first half of it into this box but that also failed to post.
I refer you to 'My Page' where I have successfully posted my poem.
28/Dec/07 2:10 AM
well, a grey day for the pakisthanis, the opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto, killed by a suicide bomber, after being shot by ak47, in a rally, in Rawalpindi.
what a way to die!!
28/Dec/07 2:21 AM
Col from Vic and CynB - Thanks for clearing up my confusion yesterday evening!
28/Dec/07 2:21 AM
was watching a live interview just before that, and the flash news came on..it happened at 5.30 pm IST.She died later at 6.15pm.in the hospital.sad, very sad...
28/Dec/07 2:24 AM
and life goes on...G'day/nite guys....
28/Dec/07 2:25 AM
Good morning, all!

I am re-posting a message I left yesterday regarding digital cameras. (I'll be sending personal thank notes to those who've already volunteered information. FYI, it looks Canon is the most popular make!)

YESTERDAY'S POST: I have a question for all of you. I am More...
28/Dec/07 2:27 AM
Appy - with the murder of Bhuttom this is definetly a gray day not only Pakistan but the world. The world does NOT need this. Her death leaves big questions.
28/Dec/07 2:34 AM
I'm late. It is the coldest morning so far this year and I didn't want to get out of the warm bed.
Anni to you
28/Dec/07 2:39 AM
I agree with Eve - just one more sad day for all of us, but particularly for those in Pakistan.
On a happier note - Happy Birthday Anni!!
28/Dec/07 2:40 AM
Rayray - I love your New Year's poem. I will print it out and read it at a New Year's Eve party next week with your permission! Also, thanks for posting the seafood recipe. I plan to make that for our main course on New Year's Day (time to start cutting back on red meats!)

BTW, I'm not More...
28/Dec/07 2:51 AM
I was shocked and saddened to read the news of Benazir Bhutto's murder. I don't follow politics or world news as much as I should, but she was an inspiration for women everywhere! My condolences to all who are affected by this.
28/Dec/07 2:52 AM
Rayray for the nice poem. Enjoyed it.
28/Dec/07 2:53 AM
all is hard to say in light of world events. As Appy says -life goes on:
My choice of my U-tube video may seem strange to some.
1) DAN FOGELBERG recently died & this was one of his best known songs.
2) While the "RUN FOR THE ROSES" refers to the More...
28/Dec/07 2:54 AM
On a happier note - great picture of palm trees and ocean! Those of us suffering from winter appreciate pictures like that!
28/Dec/07 2:54 AM
What a tragedy in Pakistan. We will probably never know the whole story, but when will these suicide bombings cease? From my perspective, it is hard to fathom how so many individuals can be manipulated or coerced to give their lives for a cause - particularly when so many innocent lives are at stake.
28/Dec/07 3:02 AM
I don't think most of us will ever understand that mindset. I think most of us can probably think of situations in which we would be willing to sacrifice ourselves, but to go beyond that and take innocent lives becomes incomprehensible to me.
28/Dec/07 3:06 AM

Jane: check out

ht tp://www.letsgodigital.org/en/index.html

28/Dec/07 3:07 AM
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