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Easy Sudoku for 28/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning.
28/Dec/14 12:00 AM
Two eggs and two hatchlings. What bird has such blue eggs?
28/Dec/14 12:04 AM


28/Dec/14 12:04 AM
A photo on Google 'suggests' they may be American Robin eggs. Nest also looks similar.
28/Dec/14 12:14 AM
Yep, my guess is robin's eggs.
28/Dec/14 12:34 AM
Two eggs (robin's egg blue) and 2 chicks, possibly third under the fencing. Used to have them in Pennsylvania. In Florida, they come thru in winter.
28/Dec/14 1:29 AM
, y'all! Silverguy and I went train spotting (railfanning in the US) yesterday, and almost had another photo memory card disaster. It was the same reformatted card which screwed up on our anniversary pics: I'd used it successfully for two months, and loaned it to Silverguy when he More...
28/Dec/14 1:40 AM
Decipher the 10 rebus puzzles below. Winners honored on Monday! Answers to my 'Winter Break' inbox.


t   t
i   i
m m
u  u
s  s



28/Dec/14 1:45 AM
1:46 on the puzzle. Not too many birds with that color blue eggs, non-speckled. Love nature's palette!
28/Dec/14 2:21 AM
Not yet bobbin' along.
28/Dec/14 2:22 AM
I always forget how ugly newborn birds can be.
28/Dec/14 2:51 AM

1) par + king = parking
2) cow + lick = cowlick
3) far + thing = farthing
4) dam + nation = damnation

In the today we have Judy, Joyce, HalT, lonewoof, Mr Cee, Silvergal, More...
28/Dec/14 2:55 AM
Once they dry up and get fluffy, though...!
28/Dec/14 2:59 AM
Woohoo another record breaker for me!!! 1:39! I beat my last by one second!
28/Dec/14 4:05 AM
Such a treat to see that Robin's nest, with the beautiful blue eggs and the babies. I always have some in my garden in the Spring. Can't wait!
28/Dec/14 4:09 AM
I'd be very happy to see a few Robins nesting... It would be spring and we'd have totally skipped winter! But then, December 2014 has been unseasonalby mild...
28/Dec/14 4:16 AM
Rainy today.
Twins left this morning. Strangely quiet around here!
28/Dec/14 4:18 AM
Just for Keith.

When the
28/Dec/14 4:42 AM
Red red robin
28/Dec/14 4:43 AM
28/Dec/14 4:43 AM
bob, bob bobbin'
28/Dec/14 4:43 AM

Thank you Deano
28/Dec/14 4:44 AM
Hehe. Didn't know you had it in you.
28/Dec/14 5:00 AM
Only on occasion Keith and your prior reference to bobbin along and the picture reminded me of the song.
28/Dec/14 5:06 AM
Good afternoon to all! Robins, the first sign of spring here. I think that will be a little longer coming yet.
28/Dec/14 5:28 AM
Look at that! An Australian robin came bob. bob, bobbin along!
28/Dec/14 5:29 AM

There comes a time when a woman just has to trust her husband.

For example...

A wife comes home late at night, and quietly opens the door to her bedroom.

From under the blanket she sees four legs instead of two.

She More...
28/Dec/14 6:16 AM
1:27. Good morning everyone.
28/Dec/14 6:30 AM
When Grandpa had a massive
stroke, the family drove him to
the hospital.

After awhile, the ER doctor
appeared wearing a long
face. ''I'm afraid Grandpa is
brain-dead, but his heart is
still beating.''

''Oh dear Lord,'' Grandma
cried. ''We've never had a
liberal in the family before.''
28/Dec/14 6:50 AM

I hope everyone is enjoying their last weekend of 2014!
28/Dec/14 8:22 AM
Morning all, beautiful blue eggs.
DOA, hahaha that daughter is out of the will.
28/Dec/14 9:51 AM
all. Back home trying to recover from a nice Christmas and a great visit.
28/Dec/14 11:26 AM
I think everyone is still recovering from Christmas.
28/Dec/14 5:27 PM
We went to the shops, or tried to go about lunch time. No parking so we went to lunch and got parking when we went back.
28/Dec/14 5:29 PM
I got some running shoes on special. I will need to wear them in as we will be doing some travelling next year.
28/Dec/14 5:30 PM
We also have a funeral tomorrow (from our Probus club) and we are helping with the catering. That meant we did some food shopping for that.
28/Dec/14 5:31 PM
It is green bin tonight so we did a lot of weeding this morning and filled the bin. The ground was soft after the rain.
28/Dec/14 5:33 PM
That is a CP. Some one else can take us to page 2.
28/Dec/14 5:33 PM
I cannot believe we are still down here.
28/Dec/14 7:01 PM
Happy Birthday Anni and Vky, enjoy your day.🍰🍰
28/Dec/14 7:03 PM
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