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Easy Sudoku for 29/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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29/Dec/14 12:08 AM
I feel like I saw that mountain in Alaska.
29/Dec/14 12:20 AM
It could be Mt. St. Helens.

29/Dec/14 12:32 AM
, y'all! I'm with Joe on the subject of today's photo. Check this link, only the clouds (or lack thereof) and snow patterns are different.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_cCc1vcvZGdE/TFH19wtLHUI/AAAAAAAABOs/bYNUYiu_M2U/s1600/P10308 58.JPG
29/Dec/14 1:04 AM
Hoorah. I'm back on line - after 17 days without connection.
I don't know why it took them so long for them to get me back here.
I missed Sudokuland Christmas for the first time ever.
I have missed oot on all the jokes.
I shall have to look back to read them.
29/Dec/14 1:18 AM
Sounds like they sent a pack mule out with a yokel to check the cables! Hope they give you a 17-day credit on your bill since you weren't getting the service.
29/Dec/14 1:53 AM
Good morning people of the world.
29/Dec/14 3:29 AM
Welcome back, Rayray. You were missed.
29/Dec/14 3:32 AM
29/Dec/14 3:32 AM
Today, has started out just perfect. I woke up just in time to hand out kisses, as my family scurried out the door, the weather is cold and wet and the Hallmark channel still has movies all day.
Just a lovely morning.
29/Dec/14 3:33 AM
Rayray, I am just so happy to see you, whenever you pop in.
29/Dec/14 3:34 AM
Well said, Hal. Welcome back.
29/Dec/14 3:40 AM
Yesterday, was the big family Christmas gathering, it is a good thing not everyone was able to make it, because we had a packed house. I could beat my BIL, whose mission in life is to get rid of me. The only reason, I have kept him around all these years is that he has a heart of gold and would move mountains to make any child happy and turns to mush around kitties.
29/Dec/14 3:41 AM
Hummm ... a snowman with a porpoise.
29/Dec/14 3:42 AM
He royally messed up yesterday, when he took control of my remote. Major no-no. One, he turned on the television. Two, he found a channel, I did not know I had, which had a highly inappropriate movie on, for any age. Third, he would not change the channel, until I had to actually yell, 'My daughter More...
29/Dec/14 3:54 AM
I have a plot forming for the next big family gathering, which generally involves water balloons, water guns and silly string. BIL will not know what hit him. Bwahahahaha.
29/Dec/14 3:57 AM
It appears you're trying to get it close enough for a race.
29/Dec/14 3:59 AM
I really should be making a dent throughout this house. The trashmen may have to put in for overtime, when they stop at my house tomorrow. Really it is their own fault for only coming one time this past week.
29/Dec/14 3:59 AM
Well, I'm game.
29/Dec/14 4:00 AM
Are you?
29/Dec/14 4:00 AM
One more.
29/Dec/14 4:00 AM
29/Dec/14 4:00 AM
Who? Me?
29/Dec/14 4:00 AM
29/Dec/14 4:01 AM
Drat. Really thought I had that one.
29/Dec/14 4:01 AM
I can gallump pretty fast when I have to.
29/Dec/14 4:01 AM
Silly man.
My cup is empty and my tush is numb, so must move.
29/Dec/14 4:05 AM
Lovely mountain today. I think it's Mt. St. Helen's.
29/Dec/14 4:30 AM
St Helens looks a lot different than it used to. But then, we all 'shrink' when we age.
29/Dec/14 4:38 AM
I think it's more like 'rearrange' - shrink a few in height, gain a few in girth!
29/Dec/14 5:02 AM
29/Dec/14 5:32 AM

Make your BIL a sandwich with a layer of Saran between the meat slices.

Joe and Silvergal,

Fairly sure it is Mount St. Helens just because it has the one corner blown out.
29/Dec/14 5:46 AM
Morning all, could be the reason it was called St Helens,Silvergal. lol
29/Dec/14 5:50 AM
Hubby has had me checking the radar as we woke up to heavy rain at 5am,yes it's his golf day. But then so is Wednesday and Friday .😗
29/Dec/14 5:58 AM
Happy Birthday Rena, Linda and Janie enjoy your special day.
29/Dec/14 6:04 AM
Good morning everyone.
29/Dec/14 8:17 AM
Our hay has been cut, but rain us forecast today.
29/Dec/14 8:18 AM
Rain and hay do not go well together.
29/Dec/14 8:18 AM
Just about to head out and pick up all the dockweed seed heads out of the mown hay.
29/Dec/14 8:20 AM
That should take all morning at least.
29/Dec/14 8:20 AM
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