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Easy Sudoku for 28/March/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen. Still need a nap ......errrr...
28/Mar/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. The first Chinese woman God created.
28/Mar/12 12:00 AM
I guess the day has changed.
28/Mar/12 12:12 AM
An early appointment, so have to go.
28/Mar/12 12:13 AM
28/Mar/12 12:13 AM
Quiet here tonight. Generally only like this on weekends.
28/Mar/12 12:26 AM

Wow. Very quiet
28/Mar/12 12:49 AM

I could get lucky
28/Mar/12 12:49 AM

or then again not
28/Mar/12 12:49 AM

should I dare I
28/Mar/12 12:50 AM

Is this a real? Did I do it?
28/Mar/12 12:50 AM

Got lots to do, so have to run

Everyone that peeks in, have a good day.

Going to FB to see if Mamacita is going to be released.
28/Mar/12 12:52 AM
28/Mar/12 12:52 AM
Hmmm. Where's Anne?
28/Mar/12 12:53 AM
to some and to others. It is another beautiful day here in Middle Tennessee. And now I must get on with my plans for this day.
28/Mar/12 12:59 AM
But, first let's see if I can get a CP and hit the 20.
28/Mar/12 1:00 AM
Good Morning.... Could this be a bride/groom?
28/Mar/12 1:00 AM
It appears I have may have a chance.
28/Mar/12 1:01 AM
but it is never over until it is over! Right? Right!
28/Mar/12 1:02 AM
As you can see I haven't much on my mind.
28/Mar/12 1:02 AM
so there you are, the deed is done. Onward to 100.
28/Mar/12 1:03 AM
and now for a CP, maybe. Hi Debby.
28/Mar/12 1:06 AM
Hello GmaJackie!
28/Mar/12 1:13 AM
Debby, It sounds like your weather up North is about like ours. We are 2 to 4 weeks ahead of schedule on our greening of the earth. Hubby had to mow already. We are still leary of putting in the garden.
28/Mar/12 1:22 AM
Two puzzles done, will be back for the other two later. Have a great day everyone.
28/Mar/12 1:23 AM
Good morning people of the world.
28/Mar/12 1:31 AM
Quirky Country Music Song Title Day
Education and Sharing Day
28/Mar/12 1:32 AM
Got my main computer back. I'd promised to tell how I re-size pictures easily. I use QuickResizer:
It costs $39.95 US. I believe it is worth it since it works so well. If I remember right, there are free re-size programs listed in Forums in posts about how to handle pictures on the site, or in how to articles Gath has written.
28/Mar/12 1:41 AM
HI all! Answers to yesterday's poozle came in from Mr Cee, Grasshopper, June, HalT, Kathy, Mads, Peter, Jamie, Sarah, CG, CapT J and Plum. There were a few variations in the words, with twinges and gin, but the "official" answer is as follows:
1) IN
2) win
3) wing
4) swing
5) sewing
6) stewing
28/Mar/12 1:44 AM
One for today - answers to the backward inbox please.
Based on the clue in brackets, find a four-letter word that can be inserted backwards into the blank to complete a longer word.

Example: di____ve (a defeat)
Answer: dissolve ("A defeat" gives you LOSS, which is placed More...
28/Mar/12 1:49 AM
Daughter(12) came home from school with the latest exercise to do for English class...on the list of words to be learned for the test was...I can hardly say it...yes, THAT word. When you can say that something is great, wonderful, excellent, fantastic, terrific, marvellous, superb, brilliant,etc, etc etc, do you really having to learn "awesome"??????
28/Mar/12 1:53 AM
Can't remember seeing Dorthea on the site recently - is she ok?
28/Mar/12 1:55 AM
Good Maen Sudoku lovers!
I am so late getting here today. Slept in!
28/Mar/12 1:58 AM
I'm a little late today because I was stewing steak and rhubarb. If you read Fiona's somewhat obscure clues it's sometimes easier to get the answers to her poozles.

I have a mental picture of Fiona cringing with More...
28/Mar/12 2:00 AM
What an awesome photo! Best Wishes to A & J!
28/Mar/12 2:03 AM
It looks like this couple is starting out on the world's cheapest honeymoon.
28/Mar/12 2:12 AM
I have a big dose of "I don't want to," today. OK, that is daily, but it is bigger today. The realtor lady emailed me last night and said she needs to take pictures of this house. Does the woman not realize I have a Man, a 5 year old and a 2 year old, that absolutely hate organization and More...
28/Mar/12 2:42 AM
Well, since we are down here, might as well keep going.
28/Mar/12 2:43 AM
Those darn dust bunnies, will enjoy the break.
28/Mar/12 2:44 AM
So we can say good-bye to page one.
28/Mar/12 2:44 AM
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