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Easy Sudoku for 29/March/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen. Still draggin'

29/Mar/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
v. To refrain from mediating.
29/Mar/12 12:00 AM
Good Maen, all you smiley faces!!!
29/Mar/12 12:01 AM
WILL need today!
If you missed me - I was away taking care of grand-twins!
29/Mar/12 12:02 AM
Good Maen, good people. I have a lesson packet to prepare for the older kids at church this weekend. What fun! And I must decide if I'll be going to the state homeschool convention this year. Early bird discount ends Saturday.
29/Mar/12 12:02 AM
Good Maen all!
Off to the cathouse this morning - just stopping in for a quick "hello"!
29/Mar/12 12:02 AM
What kind of trees are those? The bark is fascinating.
29/Mar/12 12:03 AM
I also need to settle on airline tickets for Burl to go to his conference. Nothing better's shown up, so I guess I've already found the best price. All those low fares from major airport to major airport are just a tease.
29/Mar/12 12:05 AM
Easy puzzle today. Went 1 through 9 straight.
29/Mar/12 12:07 AM
with your trach surgery today, Mamacita!
29/Mar/12 12:28 AM
Very easy puzzle, Heidi!
It it was from this area, I'd think it was a Sycamore branch...
29/Mar/12 12:32 AM
Hope you are doing better today, Heidi.
29/Mar/12 12:33 AM
Hope all goes well with Mamacita's surgery today! And I hope your spinal infection is clearing up, Heidi.
29/Mar/12 12:38 AM
I'm feeling guilty sitting at the computer. We hired someone (for the first time ever) to take care of our leaves. We have five huge live oaks on our property, and this is the time of year when they shed last year's leaves. It is a gargantuan job, but with Jaime's bad back and my back that's More...
29/Mar/12 12:42 AM
We'll be thinking of you, Mamacita!
29/Mar/12 12:46 AM
Smart move, Jane! I love those trees, but I can just imagine what a huge job that would be! And bigger every year!
29/Mar/12 12:48 AM
Quick hello.
29/Mar/12 12:56 AM
Quick goodbye.
29/Mar/12 12:57 AM
Hi CP. ... ?
29/Mar/12 1:04 AM
Here at the right time, again.
29/Mar/12 1:04 AM
One more.
29/Mar/12 1:04 AM
29/Mar/12 1:05 AM
CP - Are you all packed for your trip?
29/Mar/12 1:05 AM
Yay, Keith!!!!
29/Mar/12 1:05 AM
And now I'm off on my bike to the bank to withdraw our life savings to pay the yard man!!!
29/Mar/12 1:07 AM
Fun picture today.
29/Mar/12 1:10 AM
What's that you're riding, Keith? A potato?
I think the tree branch is a Crepe Myrtle.
29/Mar/12 1:30 AM
Good morning people of the world.
29/Mar/12 1:35 AM
Weed Apprieciation Day
29/Mar/12 1:36 AM
HI all! Yesterday's poozle winners were Kathy, HalT, Peter, Mads, Keith, Grasshopper, Lone, Plum and almost June! I was looking for the following:
1. DIRT sTRIDing

2. AWED siDEWAlk

3. LIMO camOMILe

4. DEEP sPEEDway
29/Mar/12 1:38 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the tutti frutti inbox please!
Each of the following clues describes two words. One of the words is a type of fruit. The other word is that fruit with one of the following changes: a letter added anywhere (apple applet), a letter deleted anywhere (orange range), More...
29/Mar/12 1:41 AM
Poozle will have to wait, Fiona, I'm off to the ENT doc! YAY!

Before I go....

Thinking of you, Ouima. Sending every good vibe I can!
29/Mar/12 1:46 AM
Thinking of you and that ear too Batwoman!
29/Mar/12 1:48 AM
Wishing the best for Mamacita today.
29/Mar/12 2:15 AM
sun is out, the wind is blowing, but I will need to ride the bike today as I overdosed on donuts earlier - well, I got that craving out of my system !
29/Mar/12 2:24 AM
I'll race you to Dunkin' Donuts, mymare!!! VROOOOOM!!!
29/Mar/12 3:03 AM

Mamacita - prayers are with you. Heidi - get well and all others that are feeling under the weather - keep the faith. I've been fighting my annual whatever for a since the end of last month - but trying to keep a schedule of meetings, etc.
29/Mar/12 3:04 AM
Ouima, thinking of you.
Heidi, hope your back is doing better.
Kathy, hope things are good at the ENT's
Mymare, no more donuts, bad, bad, bad.
Eve, keep fighting your annual whatever, I can relate to that.
29/Mar/12 3:40 AM
JAne, you might have to empty the bank account to pay for removal of leaves but so much better than doing it your self. I wish I could find someone to rake and remove out leaves. It is hard to find day help here, everyone I talk to wants to have a steady job of just mowing. A lawn service is out of the question they want to come twice a month to tend to the yard, also the price.
29/Mar/12 3:46 AM
So out to the yard I go. The leaves are gone, now to tackle the weeds. Maybe plant some more flowers to replace those we have lost.
29/Mar/12 3:47 AM
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