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Easy Sudoku for 28/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning to all! Weekend puzzle coming up. You have two days to answer.
28/Sep/14 12:16 AM
Puzzle time:

1. The crime of saying, writing or doing something against lawful authority –> the whole number of copies published at one time such as the Sunday newspaper
2. A movie with this triple name was based on Eric Chapman, the Nazis top spy in Britain –> she recorded this More...
28/Sep/14 12:18 AM
G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Ability: 1. A poor man’s worth; 2. What will get you to the top if the boss has no daughter; 3. What you have to get by on if you don’t kiss-up to the boss; 4. The art of getting credit for all the home runs that somebody else hits.
Here's today's More...
28/Sep/14 12:18 AM
good morning, all.
28/Sep/14 12:19 AM
all. Sitting in the St. Louis airport waiting on our flight back to Charlotte.
The cruise down the Mississippi is over.
But, we had a great time.
And the net connections is a hundred times better.
28/Sep/14 1:13 AM
The cute pup looks like a Great Pyrenees. (sp?)
28/Sep/14 1:19 AM
A gorgeous autumn day today!
I spent the last two days seeing 'ArtPrize' in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are over 1900 artists in competition for a $250,000 prize. This is the 6th ArtPrize competition. We saw only about a 10th of the art pieces in More...
28/Sep/14 1:58 AM
Here is a video about Artprize...
(Note: The 'rabbit men' in the river were strange, but memorable!)
28/Sep/14 2:09 AM
Sweet li'l pup today. A very beautiful day here today .Sunny and 27C.
28/Sep/14 2:44 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world........

Have been working on Greg's puzzle in quiet times at work and almost forgot to drop by and say Hi
28/Sep/14 3:02 AM
28/Sep/14 3:39 AM
Pretty darn cute.
28/Sep/14 4:00 AM

1. disturbs (BRUT - dis_TURB_s)
2. freebies (BEER - f_REEB_ies)
3. despised (SIPS - de_SPIS_ed)
4. rucksack (CASK - ruc_KSAC_k)

In the today we have Judy, Joyce, Silvergal, More...
28/Sep/14 4:03 AM
4 1/2 hours in, and only to Anne's #. We've taken the train to Montreal, and will fly home from here day after tomorrow. It has been a lovely trip.
28/Sep/14 4:20 AM
Hi Keith! I hope you had a nice birthday:-)
28/Sep/14 5:09 AM
Hi Lindva, and everyone else here.
28/Sep/14 5:15 AM
28/Sep/14 5:15 AM
How is it you see the mistake microseconds after you hit the Submit button?
28/Sep/14 5:17 AM
I'm awake very early again.
28/Sep/14 5:19 AM
No particular reason.
28/Sep/14 5:20 AM
Oh, Keith-it's!!!??
28/Sep/14 5:22 AM
Well, it looks like Keith is off enjoying Montreal so I'll take 3 22 for him.
28/Sep/14 5:30 AM
That 3 should have been capitalized to make it #
28/Sep/14 5:31 AM
Gorgeous weather in NE Ohio again today. Sunny and mid 70s, so doors and windows open to get the fresh air through the house.
28/Sep/14 5:33 AM
I can't remember the last time I was here. I must get back in the habit.
28/Sep/14 5:34 AM
I'm a frequent lurker and silent puzzle doer. No good at speed to do not time myself
28/Sep/14 5:37 AM
Dottie, had the doors open until it went over 80, no breeze to even circulate the air.
28/Sep/14 5:46 AM
Jamie, are you teaching again this year?
28/Sep/14 5:48 AM
Linda, nice to see you here again.
28/Sep/14 5:49 AM
Mo, I never time myself don't want to know. Don't be a lurker, type more.
28/Sep/14 5:54 AM
One more makes it
28/Sep/14 5:55 AM
Another lurker checking in.
Thanks for the 'heads up' on TOS Keith.
Had some good soaking rain overnight, so everything looks clean and fresh.
28/Sep/14 6:07 AM
Morning all,that is a cute puppy.
28/Sep/14 6:24 AM
Daylight saving started today in NZ, quite cloudy here but maybe I should just close my eyes to that and hang the washing on the line anyway. I am a bit of lurker too. I check the site out every day, do some puzzles too but don't post as often as I should.
28/Sep/14 6:27 AM
Best laid plans ... thought I'd try to get the site going a bit, then swoop in to snag 22. Thing is, I forgot about the swoop in part.
28/Sep/14 7:16 AM
I ran it up yo your number, Keith, left it for you, but ,,,,,
28/Sep/14 7:52 AM
to one and all. Another lurker checking in today. I usually get on the internet late evening and come to this site often. I read the post sometimes but usually by the time I arrive it has all been said. I will post some photos of my trip to Scotland and Ireland. I will post once I get them all sorted out on my page.
28/Sep/14 7:54 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.
28/Sep/14 7:59 AM
It looks like I got her just in time!
28/Sep/14 7:59 AM
28/Sep/14 7:59 AM
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