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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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My parents and my wife and I were married in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.
29/Oct/18 12:00 AM
1:46. Good Morning, all.
29/Oct/18 12:04 AM
all. Such a sad weekend for Pittsburg! I have a hard time trying to understand how someone can do that. RIP.
29/Oct/18 12:21 AM

It is indeed a sad weekend for Pittsburgh. For all of us, really. I don't think it's possible to understand how someone could do that, Snowbird. It's truly beyond comprehension.
I'm sorry, Wolf. It must be especially difficult when you More...
29/Oct/18 12:42 AM
So sorry, Wolf.
29/Oct/18 12:55 AM
I'm so sorry, Wolf. What a terrible week this has been for America and all of us who care for her.
29/Oct/18 1:14 AM
I'm very sorry for your personal connection to this devastating loss, Wolf. Sending healing thoughts your way and to all those affected in the Tree of Life community.
29/Oct/18 1:37 AM
29/Oct/18 2:55 AM
I am so angry with the ease lobbyists can buy some politicians and how they easily badly affect everyone except the rich.
29/Oct/18 3:01 AM
Everybody!! Overslept today.
29/Oct/18 3:21 AM
Hardly a day goes by nowadays without some terrible headline. How long before it reaches my doorstep?
29/Oct/18 3:59 AM
Thoughts and prayers aren't enough.
29/Oct/18 4:32 AM
There are no more words than what all have expressed; but yes, Keith - they are not enough!

29/Oct/18 5:33 AM
It's difficult for all of us, but to have a family/historical connection, Wolf, makes the tragedy so much more personal!
29/Oct/18 5:34 AM
Yes, Keith, but that's all the NRA, and all the government leaders they buy, can manage.
29/Oct/18 5:35 AM
1:57, not a good one to do 1->9! Good morning everyone.
29/Oct/18 5:37 AM
29/Oct/18 5:38 AM
You're so right Keith. When is the human race going to wake up to that fact? Sadly looking at it's history probably never. Every day I fear for my children and grandchildren getting caught up in this senseless violence, it makes me so angry. I can't decide which evil is worse, greed or religious More...
29/Oct/18 5:56 AM
Morning all.
I'm so sorry Wolf.
29/Oct/18 6:17 AM
It isn't the people, it's the corporations controlling the bought politicians that make the decisions we all have to live with.
29/Oct/18 6:20 AM
29/Oct/18 6:21 AM
29/Oct/18 6:21 AM
I go looking for Wombat's poozle and Keith gallumped in to get 22 !👍
29/Oct/18 6:29 AM
GannieMo and Kat .
29/Oct/18 6:30 AM
29/Oct/18 7:38 AM
29/Oct/18 7:39 AM
They are called 'funny little animal'
29/Oct/18 8:11 AM
I had dental work on Friday so back to a soft diet. I am mastering butternut squash with sweet potatoes- even when you get some burnt parts - I have to say quite 😋 tasty.
Just cut up and olive oil and salt - roast - the temp and time are my own - 450 and moved it down to 35 min
Birthday greetings 🎉
And also prayers 🙏🏻
29/Oct/18 9:48 AM
all. Tragic week.
29/Oct/18 10:15 AM
So terrible for you and yours, Wolf. May God bring you peace of mind. You are in my prayers, along with the families of those who were killed. x
29/Oct/18 10:16 AM
'girlgeek' seems to be a 'funny little animal
29/Oct/18 10:16 AM
all. Because we are visitors when we head south for 5 months, we don't voice any opinions when there. Sometimes though it is quite frightening when we think about the gun laws.
29/Oct/18 10:42 AM
On a less somber note, we have had 5' of snow today. I'm not ready for this yet!
29/Oct/18 10:44 AM
That should have been inches, not feet. Fat Fingers strikes again!
29/Oct/18 10:45 AM
Snowbird - for some unknown reason, this site will not accept the quote marks. You have to use double apostrophes ('') to get a quote.
29/Oct/18 11:14 AM
Thanks HalT. I think in future I'll write out inches instead. I keep learning all these neat tricks.
29/Oct/18 11:17 AM
As I read what I just said, I thought, ''There's a song in there somewhere.''
For example, ''If you're gonna write in Texas, you gotta have a double ' in the ''.
29/Oct/18 11:22 AM
Hey, Hal ... ''That lead guitar is hot but not for a Louisiana man!''
29/Oct/18 12:51 PM
No Judy - ''That exclamation mark is hot but not for a Louisiana man.''
29/Oct/18 1:01 PM
Time to turn the page.
29/Oct/18 1:02 PM
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