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Easy Sudoku for 29/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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1:58 Must be close to first...
Good morning -- tomorrow we do line dance performance for the FREE senior picnic at the Woodlawn Park Zoo for about 2000 seniors. Pray it doesn't rain on us.
1:49 good helper Maen
a helping hand
have a great day/night one and all
2:12 Good evening everyone. It must be baking day
Slow time after long busy shift. Goodnight all.
Good morning Australia and US
A budding chef? Cute picture. Good Maen!
With this weather, it is a good day to bake cookies. Definately need that comfort food!
Good morning everyone. Off to bed for me as I have to be up in about 5 hours.

have a good day everyone
Easy on the baking soda, kiddo!!
My best time ever, this morning! Hopefully that's a good sign.
Oooh, that reminds me---time to bake the cookies for my kids away at college. An empty nest at last!
Good Maen (afternoon here)!
Maen We need comfort food too but I don't bake. Guess I'll have to buy something
2:33 Budding chef at work. And I'll do a sun dance for you, Helen. Have fun tomorrow!
Good maeM
Cute picture! Sounds like fun, Helen. I hope you have sunshine! Good luck to those in Florida! I hope Ernesto remains a Tropical Storm.
4:05 what are you making there may i try some later
Measuring spoon? I don't need no stinking measuring spoon. Cute picture. Reminds me of when our boys were little and helped their mother bake cookies. What a fun mess!
2:51. Good time for me today. Always a fun activity!
Thanx Cathy,Debby too - oops, it's Woodland Park, anybody else out there who does line dancing? I got to do Electric Slide on the Odyssey (boat tour) on the Potomac in WA/DC in March!!
A puzzle for you all....

A man is walking along down a road in a very strange and enchanted land and comes to a fork in the road. Local legend has it that one road leads to hell and damnation, the other to a blissful life. On each side of the fork stands a gargoyle. Each one speaks, but More...
Jamie and Mamacita2: As you suggested, I am going to help at school to get things started. Tomorrow, I'll be the caterer (means I pick up all the food and take it to school) for the first official luncheon for the returning staff. Our principal has done this on the teachers' first day for several More...

Can you measure teaspoons of water, stir, and do you have a microwave?

Suggest Warm Delights. Have tried the warm brownie --- takes 45 secs to cook. Even better with vanilla ice cream on top.

That's comfort food.
Big mamma
Good mAen everyone!

I have been on this website too much I can tell. As I am typing case notes for our patients and instead of putting the doctor's initials and mine I typed in LKinMN!

Is that a clue that I need to spend less time here?
Karen, the answer is 'which way would the other gargoyle tell me to go?' Then take the opposite fork.

The one who only tells the truth will tell you which way the lying gargoyle will tell you to go, and the lying gargoyle will only tell a lie, so his directions would be the opposite way you need to go.
Good night
Good mAen to all!
Good Monday mAen, all!

Good Maen
3:57 :|

1:59..Good mAen to all!! 4:15pm Monday here
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