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Easy Sudoku for 29/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning all.
29/Aug/16 12:04 AM
Mornin' Hal.
29/Aug/16 12:07 AM
Hi, Hal! How's early morning in MO?
29/Aug/16 12:08 AM
G'night, Hal.
29/Aug/16 12:08 AM
Hal, and all to follow.
I am finally ''kid-less''. They were lots of fun, but running around after a 2 and (almost) 4 year old is exhausting! I think Mom and Dad were a little disappointed when I told them neither kid asked where they were.
29/Aug/16 12:09 AM
G'night Joyce.
29/Aug/16 12:09 AM
& Good Maen to you too, Peter!
29/Aug/16 12:09 AM
G'night Kathy.
29/Aug/16 12:10 AM
It was just Hal when I started my comment, then had a phone call......
29/Aug/16 12:10 AM
Sleep well, Peter.
29/Aug/16 12:11 AM
Kathy... I have our 13 month old granddaughter for 5 days while her Mum and Dad are away for a break. They are also disappointed that she's not asking for them. Immy is being an angel during the day but doesn't like going to bed at night. Nice to know that she is 100% normal kid... *LOL*
29/Aug/16 12:14 AM
I am observing a Maryland tradition and cracking and eating steamed crabs this afternoon. I am taking roasted chicken for the strange folks who aren't crab fans (hubby being one). He likes crab, but, thinks the cracking and picking part is too much trouble. What can I say? He's from San Diego.
29/Aug/16 12:16 AM
Hello to all who have sauntered by this morning - Chayote, Kathy, and a good night to Peter. Hal, aren't you in an earlier time zone? Great for last & first post, huh?
29/Aug/16 12:19 AM
Mine didn't like the bedtime part, either, Chayote. I think I read them 500 books last night before they dropped off. Strangely, it didn't seem to matter what time they went to bed, they were still up and charging around by 6:30 AM!
29/Aug/16 12:20 AM
I am off to cook chicken! Have a good day, everyone!
29/Aug/16 12:21 AM
Well, I think eating crab is an exercise session ! So will indulge when offered
29/Aug/16 12:34 AM
☀️ moving day today - just have to get it started -
29/Aug/16 12:35 AM
Yesterday was so slow.
29/Aug/16 12:51 AM
Today is much quicker.
29/Aug/16 12:52 AM
Here we are.
29/Aug/16 12:52 AM
29/Aug/16 12:52 AM
29/Aug/16 12:52 AM
My grandsons were exactly like that when toddlers (fought bed time hard, but always up with the chickens), but now, as teenagers, they have fully mastered the art of sleeping in, and typically come stumbling out of their bedroom around 11 A.M.
29/Aug/16 1:05 AM
Happy Sunday!
29/Aug/16 1:21 AM
29/Aug/16 1:54 AM
good morning.
29/Aug/16 3:29 AM
It certainly was much slower here yesterday.
29/Aug/16 3:29 AM
And now we're back to the start of the week here in Oz.
29/Aug/16 3:30 AM
3 appointments today.
29/Aug/16 3:31 AM
At least one is for pleasure (I hope) - a foot and reflexology massage. My sister in law bought me the voucher for a birthday present.
29/Aug/16 3:33 AM
Morning all, pretty flowers in a pot.
CP, you have a nice sister in law,great idea for a gift.
29/Aug/16 4:50 AM
Lovely flowers hanging in a pot on a fence.
29/Aug/16 5:07 AM
29/Aug/16 7:36 AM
Have not been here in over a week, I was counting.
29/Aug/16 7:36 AM
Somehow I took a chunk out of my cornea. I do not know how or exactly when, I was having pain and not seeing well a week ago Thursday.
29/Aug/16 7:48 AM
Ouch, Sue! Get yourself to an ophthalmologist quickly! You could be risking your vision!
29/Aug/16 7:56 AM
Finally got to see an optometrists, not until this past Monday. I now have antibiotic eye drops 4 times a day.
29/Aug/16 7:57 AM
I am healing Sharon, the drops are healing the wound. Have a check up tomorrow to see how I am healing
29/Aug/16 7:58 AM
29/Aug/16 7:59 AM
What the ?
29/Aug/16 8:00 AM
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