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Easy Sudoku for 30/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Welcome to Sudokuland, all!
30/Aug/16 12:00 AM
30/Aug/16 12:03 AM
Hello all - have a fine day!
30/Aug/16 12:06 AM
Thanks for the picture, Sue.
30/Aug/16 12:09 AM
Good morning.
30/Aug/16 12:17 AM
I had no idea what the time was until I put u[ that post.
30/Aug/16 12:18 AM
Good Mean everyone! Mymare, if you are here today, I sent you a PM a few day ago. Did it come through?
30/Aug/16 12:18 AM
Still lots of the night to go.
30/Aug/16 12:18 AM
Ah, auto correct. That was Maen not mean.
30/Aug/16 12:19 AM
Good morning, Pam.
30/Aug/16 12:19 AM
and Wolf, HalT and Joyce.
30/Aug/16 12:20 AM
Think I'll read a while then go back to bed.
30/Aug/16 12:20 AM
Three days into our 13mth Granddaughter's visit while her parents have a little holiday. I took her to the paddling pool at our local swim centre today. Note to self: don't sit down in a paddling pool unless there is something close by to lever myself up.
30/Aug/16 12:29 AM
Awful lot of graves.
30/Aug/16 12:34 AM

Quick and easy one today. Snack break is almost over.

Which can be evenly divided by two?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Answers to my ''Snack'' inbox please.
30/Aug/16 12:46 AM
30/Aug/16 1:39 AM
Check back to yesterday for another puzzle. Sorry Serena, I miscalculated.
30/Aug/16 3:59 AM
Sue for today's photo. We should all remember them.
30/Aug/16 4:02 AM
I'll take a run at it.
30/Aug/16 5:33 AM
Anybody else?
30/Aug/16 5:33 AM
Come on.
30/Aug/16 5:33 AM
30/Aug/16 5:33 AM
Busy morning - went to my PT and working on my walking
1 crutch 2 crutch - depending how I feel - you can vacuum with 1 crutch
30/Aug/16 6:49 AM
Morning all, a sad sight when you see how many lives were lost.
30/Aug/16 6:52 AM
Went to my library on my own - but forgot my carry bag - my family had placed my books in the car - tried to go with 1 book in each hand with my crutches - I gladly let someone do a good deed for me when she offered some help
30/Aug/16 6:52 AM
Mymare, don't push it too far or you will be back to square one.
30/Aug/16 6:57 AM
Good morning all. Sounds like you are making steady progress. Well done.
30/Aug/16 7:13 AM
I'm currently on runt calf revival mode. It likes green grass, a small nibble of hay, silver beet and kale, but not the calf pellets it needs.
30/Aug/16 7:17 AM
Today's feeding experiment involves some lucerne that my horse owning neighbour kindly donated. This will be soaked in a weak solution of molasses.
30/Aug/16 7:19 AM
Hopefully this will switch on the I Love Food switch.
30/Aug/16 7:20 AM
Good afternoon to all! A somber photo today.
30/Aug/16 7:37 AM
Wish Gath could pick certain pictures to show up on certain days.
30/Aug/16 7:40 AM
It's been. and continues to be a rough time here. My sister, aged 72, was hospitalized 3 weeks ago yesterday. She has suffered a variety of problems, most recently gastronomical. About 5 weeks ago she was having tests for her stomach and intestines and took a barium 'meal'. She has been sick since, More...
30/Aug/16 7:44 AM
Greg, I hope your sister gets well soon. There are still many mysteries that the medical profession does not have answers to.
30/Aug/16 9:37 AM
Back again after a bit of a nap even though I got another couple of hours sleep after I returned to bed at 0300.
30/Aug/16 10:45 AM
couldn't keep my eyes open before I went for the nap.
30/Aug/16 10:47 AM
Mr P is doing the washing (laundry), but has gone outside to do some house painting so I'm in charge of hanging the washing out and putting on the next load.
30/Aug/16 10:49 AM
My fingers want to put letters in the wrong order today so I'm having to go back and check my posts for spelling mistakes each time before I click Submit Comment.
30/Aug/16 10:51 AM
Dr ordered me to give up caffeine yesterday to see if it improved my sleeping.
30/Aug/16 10:52 AM
30/Aug/16 10:52 AM
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