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Easy Sudoku for 3/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people. I've been a stranger. I just had to log in to post ... and I could have been first.
03/Mar/10 12:01 AM
What? I was still first?
03/Mar/10 12:01 AM
Whoa. This is scary. Am I alone on the internet? Is everyone hung over from Kathy's birthday party?
03/Mar/10 12:02 AM
Unusual to say the least.
03/Mar/10 12:02 AM
03/Mar/10 12:03 AM
Guess I'll go check out the other pages. Someone say something!
03/Mar/10 12:03 AM
Happy Belated Birthday Kathy!
Nice close-up dino
03/Mar/10 12:03 AM
Yes, Plum. You were indeed first!
03/Mar/10 12:04 AM
Too weird. Do you think I can cp all the way to 22 in the first 5 or 6 minutes of the day?
03/Mar/10 12:04 AM
Life! SO glad to know you're "here" Kate and Shiela!
03/Mar/10 12:05 AM
Boo! Plum, I thought you were starting to go plum mad!
03/Mar/10 12:10 AM
I'd have been on earlier, Plum, but my cat was not cooperating... Refused to eat his food! (HAS to eat because of his insulin injection.) I had to put some chicken in his food before he'd eat it!
03/Mar/10 12:11 AM
to Judy!
Have a wonderful birthday, Judy!
03/Mar/10 12:13 AM
AND... Is today the real birth-day, Kathy??? Or was it yesterday?
03/Mar/10 12:14 AM
Well after informing you all that we were being deafened by the sound of pneumatic drills working on the exterior walls of our house, it appears the 'workers' read my posting. They have yet to return from their lunch break. Shutters have been unhinged and lie on their sides against the wall. Piles More...
03/Mar/10 12:26 AM
oh yes Judy
03/Mar/10 12:27 AM
2:06 Unless I'm barking up the wrong tree!. Hello to all. Mo, hang in there x

Thought for the Day:

An optimist is a man who starts a crossword puzzle with a fountain pen.
03/Mar/10 12:30 AM
andré, Hi. Re your culinary postings of yesterday have you tried the James Martin recipe for Whisky and White Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding?
03/Mar/10 12:36 AM
Somebody please start a conversation here. . . .I am desperately trying to avoid the ironing maybe I should see how many words of 4 letters or more I can find in "procrastination"
03/Mar/10 12:40 AM
2:28 Good evening all.
Hello Mo!
03/Mar/10 12:41 AM
Good morning, all.
03/Mar/10 12:43 AM
Oh Mo...I've got one of his books, that sounds beyond delish!! Delia Smith's Chocolate bread and butter pudding is very, very, lovely but it is so filling you can't eat a lot.
03/Mar/10 12:46 AM
Now that, andré, would be a tragedy.
Hi Ann, how are you doing?

03/Mar/10 12:47 AM
I'd eat a lot of anything!!
Okay, Mo, I'll fill you in on the latest in an e'mail in the next few days or so.
03/Mar/10 12:51 AM
Okay here is one for the road before I head off and finish those lovely(not) accounts.

What careers has everybody had and/or what do you do now, and what do you wish you could have done differently careerwise?
03/Mar/10 12:54 AM
I had an interesting day yesterday - well I thought it was. I bought a scanner that scans colour slides and photo negatives and saves them as JPEG's on my computer.
My mother always took slides and when she died over 20 years ago I was nominated as guardian of the slides, projector and More...
03/Mar/10 12:55 AM
You asked andré so here goes - left school and served hairdressing apprenticeship. Worked in an Inland Revenue Office (very useful as I learned to fill in forms), Hotel and Restaurant Management. Nurse training followed by hospital mainly in O R.
IT Management Small Businesses. Mother, housewife, head cook and bottlewasher.
03/Mar/10 1:02 AM
Good Maen friends.
Mo - hope you have earplugs for your ironing
03/Mar/10 1:11 AM
Good Maen
03/Mar/10 1:13 AM
Good morning all. Mo I could loan you some ear muffs if that would help.
03/Mar/10 1:31 AM
Oh GannieMo, could I come over and have some?!?
03/Mar/10 1:37 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Judy!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
03/Mar/10 1:37 AM
Have changed my avatar because March 3rd is Girls Day in Japan. But I say, Hey Girls, let's celebrate!!! I'll have a coffee with Baileys tonight and will lift my mug to salute you!!!
03/Mar/10 1:40 AM
Jerry, my mug as in cup of coffee, not my face! giggle!
03/Mar/10 1:41 AM
One more for a cp!
03/Mar/10 1:41 AM
Good morning. Guessed that was a dino photo before the caption came up. Hi dino.
I have finished putting up some photos of Egypt and the tigers in Thailand. Still have to select a few of Jordan. Just got up to get a drink and now back to bed!
03/Mar/10 1:50 AM
Clear and sunny here, with patches of snow on the ground. Hoping for one more ski day--hubby's taking Friday off.
Saw "Shutter Island" on the weekend--masterful! Don't miss it--better still, read the book first; it's in my top three favourites.
03/Mar/10 2:04 AM
June, your trip must have been wonderful! Your photos certainly were! You were very brave cuddling the tigers!
03/Mar/10 2:08 AM
Cathy, speaking of tigers, how are your feline friends doing?
03/Mar/10 2:09 AM
Nobody is here. I guess I'll go over....
03/Mar/10 2:15 AM
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