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Easy Sudoku for 4/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning All
04/Mar/10 12:03 AM
Good Maen, everyone! Sunny today!
04/Mar/10 12:04 AM
I would like to thank those who looked at my photos from Egypt and made some nice comments. For anyone interested I have now added some photos taken in Jordan.
04/Mar/10 12:04 AM
Hello, June!
04/Mar/10 12:04 AM
Chapter Two, June? If they are as nice as the others...
04/Mar/10 12:06 AM
Good Morning!!!!!
04/Mar/10 12:07 AM
Hey Shiela....... Please send some of that sunshine up here!
04/Mar/10 12:08 AM
Good morning all. I can send you some sunshine Debby - but it is very cold sunshine today.
04/Mar/10 12:10 AM
all and good night!
04/Mar/10 12:11 AM
That will be the lot Shiela. I had over 800 photos to sort through. Tried to get ones I thought might be interesting. I will now do some different ones to submit for the puzzles. They will take a lot longer to resize though.
Good morning Debbie.
04/Mar/10 12:12 AM
Is that one of Ian's roses?
04/Mar/10 12:15 AM
Good Maen
04/Mar/10 12:16 AM
Hello John! Do you have sunshine? Debby needs some!
04/Mar/10 12:21 AM
We have a lot of it. Be glad to share.
04/Mar/10 12:25 AM
Rayray - I will take cold sunshine. It is better than no sunshine!!!

Have a great day everyone!
04/Mar/10 12:27 AM
Bright sunshine and 56F here in south Florida... How much longer will this cold weather last?!?!?!
04/Mar/10 12:46 AM
'Lucky Jim' - it hovering around zero here today
04/Mar/10 12:49 AM
'Lucky Jim' was novel by the English novelist Kingsley Amis. In the book there is a well-known statement "the University lies between the School and the Graveyard". This applies to space and time at Leicester, where the University is so-positioned, and as the novel is thought to have that place as its setting the statement is put down as Kingsley Amis corn.
04/Mar/10 12:52 AM
Does that mean his writings are probably in the cemetary, since they were 'put down'???
04/Mar/10 12:57 AM
Good Maen, all! Cloudy and chilly here today, but the sun is expected to make an appearance this afternoon.
04/Mar/10 12:59 AM
Hello, people. Have a blessed day, everyone.
04/Mar/10 12:59 AM
...so a nice long bike ride is on the agenda.
04/Mar/10 1:00 AM
She pounces on 22 and takes off!!!
04/Mar/10 1:03 AM
I took 5 paintings to the framers yesterday. Really should try to space them out over a period of time. The bill is always a shock when I do them all at once!
04/Mar/10 1:07 AM
Evening Everyone

Jim/Jupiter, I ask the same question almost..
with a slight cool change 28C tomorrow, heading for mid to high 30's mid next week.....
How much longer will this HOT weather last?!?!?!
04/Mar/10 1:16 AM
04/Mar/10 1:27 AM
Good Morning all! I was here earlier, but didn't get to the puzzle or to say "hello" because I had to go to June's page and check out the wonderful pictures from her trip. I loved that you had so much information with your pictures, June - I would have treasured being there
04/Mar/10 1:50 AM
Beautiful rose! This would no doubt be one of mine, too!
04/Mar/10 2:01 AM
Another rainy day here, with the promise of snow later on this afternoon.

June, I'm going to pop over to your page this afternoon when I'll have more time. I want to savor each and every picture!
04/Mar/10 2:07 AM
An engineer is coming to look at my fridge next week.
The wash-basin scenario cntinues.
04/Mar/10 3:05 AM
It takes an engineer to move the refrigerator door???
04/Mar/10 3:32 AM
taking a break in my spring cleaning (Okay, it the stuff I was suppose to do on Monday and didn't feel up to it) I have the windows open - feels good to get some fresh air in the house - it's a little cold - but when you are flipping a mattress -- it feels good --
04/Mar/10 3:33 AM
Cold and rainy here. I'll take some of that sun, please, John!
Shiela, I had a portrait re-framed and re-matted for a Christmas present and was also shocked at the price! I can't imagine X 5!
04/Mar/10 3:48 AM
HI all! Hope everyone is well despite the cold and the rain. Well, it must be nice and warm and sunny somewhere in the world. Fancy a riddle? Answers to the holiday inbox (well we can dream!)

The following clues lead to two words or phrases that are the phonetic reverse of each other. When More...
04/Mar/10 3:51 AM
We appear to still have a bat in our midst - how did the birthday go then? Get an overdose of guano today?
04/Mar/10 3:52 AM
Oh, did you want some, Fiona?
The birthday went just fine, thank you. Got flowers from the kids and a nice Chinese dinner. I did absolutely nothing all day. Lovely
04/Mar/10 4:01 AM
Lunchtime! Then I shall ponder the puzzle....
04/Mar/10 4:03 AM
Chow mein perfumed guano - interesting, but no, I'll pass on it.
04/Mar/10 4:07 AM
Gooooood Morning, Sudokuland.
04/Mar/10 4:07 AM
It’s a brand new day.
04/Mar/10 4:08 AM
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