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Easy Sudoku for 30/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Morning. 26°F here this morning (about -3°C). That's what it's supposed to be in Jacksonville, Florida, tomorrow morning. Rain and snow here later in the week, but no accumulation.
Good morning all.
Good morning everyone. Cold and clear.
Morning Chris, morning Ian.
Good Maen!
And good morning, Len.
Ian saves my trip to weather page..to know the daily condition in Boston..thanks Ian..
and here,hear..all choccy lovers..
André...where are you??
Flavonoids, which decrease clot formation in the blood, and has a role in preventing heart disease,is found in CHOCOLATES!But we don't know More...
Forgot to set the timer, but it felt slow.

Beautiful hibiscus.
Good morning CP - I haven't been around much lately so haven't really got to say hello. I'm still concentrating on getting the house on the market so won't be spending much time on the site for the next couple of weeks.
2:09 Maen
2:15 Maen, everyone. Nice shot of a flower, from a bug's perspective! :)
good Maen from a very cold Chicago. The only thing hot in Chicago is the BEARS...........
3.06 (with the distraction of a co-worker) at 7:10 Oklahoma time. What a lovely hibiscus! Jim from CA, your list of computer complaints from Monday had me rolling! I would send it to my Mother, but I'm afraid she would see herself in some of the examples...The power button, for instance was a problem for her as well.
Was going to ask about the house, Chris. No need now.
Last round of Good Mornings to Shawn, Fred, Dan and David. And now I am off to bed.
G'night CP
Good Maen,
Hi everyone and good mAen to all,
Nice flower and shot.
hi everyone! crispy cold and sunny here today! Have a good day.
2:02, Maen, 31F and sunny, going up to 50F later today. You need a coat in the morning and short sleeves in the afternoon. AP I don't need anything except chocolate to feel good about my chocolate indulgences. The weekend was busy i'll check later to see what was said.
2:56 Good evening everyone. A beautiful hibiscus just like one of mine that I have growing.
2.53 very slow
A rare day. Shaded Albany Anne by four seconds.
Hello TONY from UK, if you do medium you'll probably shade me by four minutes. My time was shocking on there.
maeN all! 2:55. Goodnght - got to be up early for the first day back at school tomorrow HURRAH!!!!! Sleep well every one!
good night PJ - I won't be long before I'm off for the night, too.
Good Maen. Another inch of snow, so the grass is once again covered, 14 degrees. Cold for us. So nice to see the beautiful hibiscus!
3:34 (well no threat here Tony!!)Hi to all.
ap - chocolate levels low at the moment, I think someone has been eating my supplies - Fran I know where you live..

Thought for the Day:

Some people say I'm a grumpy, mean, old witch.
That's not true.
I have the heart of a kind and gentle soul....
in a jar on my desk.
Anne from Albany...are you still there? Saw your note to me yesterday -- I haven't been posting much, and still haven't set up my page yet. But will 'throw a party' when I do! You can bring me a cutting from your hibiscus! I adore hibiscus. We had bushes of them around our house in Turrialba (Costa Rica) when I was a little girl.
Hello Celia - yes, I'm still only just here, heading off to bed very soon.
I have about 6 hibiscus bushes growing, a red single and double, a pink single and double, a double yellow and a single orange. Very pretty they are, too. Which colour would you like a cutting of?
I just shoveled about 3 inches from the driveway and walk in 10F. I don't need to go to my workout today! Love the hibiscus! I have a few flowers that I'm still enjoying that were left from my mother's funeral two weeks ago.
Good night one and all. Enjoy your day.
(lost my smilies)
a white single,and a white &pink,single double a golden yellow with a spalsh of maroon in the middle,a deep maroon single,double,and multiple..i have all!!which do you want??
ooops forgot to add they are hibiscus!!
I love them. They have a sweet aroma too.

interesting perspective on a flower.
andré - Great thought for the day! It put a smile on my face!!
Karen from Ohio: my condolences on your mother's passing. I haven't been on-site much lately, so I don't know the circumstances; whatever they were, it has to be very difficult to lose one's mother. My mother is 85, living alone (in FL), and every day I still have her is a blessing.
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