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Hard Sudoku for 30/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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water looks a litttle choppy for water skiing,
5:07 Maen Another gorgeous picture of NZ... gotta go there someday!
6:20. Another poor time.

Off to bed now - good night all.
Another lovely photo, Rosemary
6:06 Maen
Good Maen! What a beautiful country.
Going to NZ in July - hope to visit Wanaka.
Maen. Finally did one with no help.
Nice Picture!
chilly on the mountain
Maen all
Good Maen! That is a beautiful picture.
mAen! 11:48 A lovely scene! Yon, congrats for doing one without help!
Maen all - need to go to NZ some day - very different from here. Hey, what is that white stuff? ha
7:50 Hi to all. Pat hope you have a wonderful time, Rose as ever lovely photograph.
maen all! rough and rugged...i can see why they say kiwiland has such great trout fishing.
Maen! Great pic with four distinct levels of 'nature' (human too!)
finished ...no timer...brain dead
Beautiful scenery. My sister lives in NZ. I'd love to visit there. This pic looks kind of like B.C. coast.
6:03 Love the skiing round that area.
Mid. Septemper in NZ ,where the snow cover the mountains,the blue water of Wanaka lake,the cloudy sky .
Nice picture .
Good afternoon to all!
Nice picture Rose!
Rena, the mountains aren't high enough for it to look like BC.
Beautiful Lake Wanaka. I stayed in the Youth Hostel there when I was twenty!
yes one of mine anne. love this photo.
the colour of the water was fantastic in contrast to the snow covered hills.
Pat do not forget to visit the Puzzle House with its 3 dimensional maze. Lovely area.
9:36. Looks windy, but beautiful.
Thanks for the great photo. I wish to go to NZ one day.
Rosemary, that's a great photo of a wonderfully scenic part of the world. Thanks.
Being from Florida, I not only wonder what the white stuff is, but what are those big things it is draped on? Here in Palm Beach County, the maximum height above sea level is about 25 feet. Which means if global warming continues the whole county will be under water in 200 years.
I've had to reset 3 times. I'm losing my mind!!!
canuk greg are you not forgeting about the rockies? (they are both in bc and alberta) Also the farther north you go the higher the mountains are. as well rena I also thought that the photo looks like it was taken in bc when I first saw it
Finally, I see the light! And trees, mountains, yada, yada.
I believe, as a Canuk, Greg very much knows about the Rockies - that is exactly why he said the mountains in this picture are not high enough to be in BC. However low they may be, the mountains in this picture make the water look sooooo coooolllddd!
Did a 'touch and go' in a Catalina on this lake last Easter; the lake was a lot smoother then!
Beautiful picture. Lovely scene, artistic framing.

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