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Easy Sudoku for 30/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:Absent-Mindedness: Searching for the horse you are riding.
Here's today's factoid:
Newly opened Cat Cafe Melbourne houses 11 cats that are all rescued from local animal shelters in Australia. All proceeds at the cafe raises money to donate back to the shelters to make sure as many cats find a forever homes! Japan has over 150 cat cafes.
30/Sep/14 12:01 AM
a beautiful day in OK
30/Sep/14 12:01 AM
Off to the doctors to have my shoulder checked. Hard to believe that it has been over 3 months since I had the surgery.
30/Sep/14 12:03 AM
Sue! Hope everything checks out perfectly!
30/Sep/14 12:04 AM
Kayo & friends!
A gorgeous autumn day!
But I think I have a bit of 'Tuesday envy.
It's Monday morning here and you know about Monday mornings...
30/Sep/14 12:07 AM
Rocko looks like a love!
(Wonder if he's still around? He'd be a grand old 18 now.)
30/Sep/14 12:28 AM
Shiela, No, Rocko is gone Nal [from Miami] lost him several years ago.
30/Sep/14 12:31 AM
Cat cafes? Do they have coffee and cats in cat cafes? Purrfect!
If so, I'm all for 'em in more ways than one! (I really miss having a cat so much, but we plan on too much traveling to have a cat after hubby retires next summer! Not fair to the cat. Maybe later I'll have about 12!)
30/Sep/14 12:35 AM
Good morning to all!

Shiela. sadly Rocko crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few ago. RIP Rocko.
30/Sep/14 12:41 AM
Answers to the ‘Wow, first on the site’ puzzle:

1. sedition and edition
2. (Triple) Cross and (Diana) Ross
3. tuba and (quarry) tub
4. Fargo (ND) and Argo
5. (Doug) Weight and eight
6. Tanya (Tagaq) and Anya (Corke)
7. amaze and maze
8. plucky and Lucky
9. macro and More...
30/Sep/14 12:41 AM
Now I understand the Rocko talk.
30/Sep/14 12:51 AM
That face is saying 'I need a hug!'
30/Sep/14 1:02 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
30/Sep/14 1:09 AM
Such a soulful face!
30/Sep/14 1:13 AM

For the weekend puzzle, Mads scored 14 for 15.

My error. Sorry Mads.
30/Sep/14 1:22 AM
Sorry, I got distracted. I was trying to figure out how far Jane and Sacky are going to be from me when they head this way.
30/Sep/14 1:23 AM

Last weekend, Sally went to play in the nearby park. She rode her new bicycle that Mom had gifted her on her birthday.

On reaching the park, she saw that there were a total of 12 bicycles and tricycles. If the total number of wheels was 28, how many tricycles were there?

Answers to my ''tricycle'' inbox please.
30/Sep/14 1:24 AM
, y'all! What a sweet pooch face Rocko had!
30/Sep/14 2:40 AM
Canuk Greg - I am SURE I sent you my answers, along with lamenting about your 'trick-questions'- please, please check for them! I want a Gold Star, I want a Gold Star, I want a Gold Star too!
30/Sep/14 2:48 AM
Joyce, You get a gold star. I trust you as I've already erased my inbox. I'm sorry I missed you!
30/Sep/14 3:40 AM
Thank you, Greg... your trust is shiny gold, although my star feels a bit tarnished!
30/Sep/14 4:02 AM
22 for Keith!
30/Sep/14 5:06 AM
30/Sep/14 5:37 AM
Joyce, don't feel tarnished. I don't remember your answer, but I DO remember your trick question comment. Bad day for me as it was another screw-up on my part. Sorry!
30/Sep/14 5:44 AM
all. Back home!
30/Sep/14 5:52 AM
no more rolling down the river for Hal.
No more British Isles for Peter.
Sacky, however, starts her American adventure.
Lot's of fun for folks on the site!
30/Sep/14 6:37 AM
CG, two screw-ups on one day, I forgive you as I enjoy your puzzles, much easier to deal with now I have figured out that if I have the clues on my laptop and work out the answers on my iPad, it makes for less ducking backwards and forwards between windows. It has taken a long time to figure that one out!
30/Sep/14 6:39 AM
Good morning.
30/Sep/14 6:52 AM
My ''birdies'' (rosellas) have been to visit this morning.
30/Sep/14 6:53 AM
It's the week I feed them.
30/Sep/14 6:54 AM
They're very cross on the off weeks when I don't feed them.
30/Sep/14 6:55 AM
Being told off by a cross rosella is a little amusing. (Sorry, birdies!(.
30/Sep/14 6:57 AM
Well, as to trying to keep up with the puzzles....
30/Sep/14 7:01 AM

As long as you have fun doing them and learn a few things from the places/people/things I force you to look for, it's all worth it.
30/Sep/14 7:03 AM
Morning all,Rocko RIP.
Shiela,you wouldn't want our Tuesday ,it's overcast at the moment .
30/Sep/14 7:34 AM
1:47. Good morning from Christchurch, NZ. We arrived late last night - the plane got in at around 12:45am so, after collecting suitcases, clearing customs, organising the hire car and driving to the motel we didn't get to sleep until after 2am. Luckily there's a coffee place about 20 meters down the road!
30/Sep/14 8:02 AM

I'm glad you made it to NZ safely, Chris, even if it was late.
30/Sep/14 8:11 AM
All we need to do now is convince both our sons to get moving so we can go out and get some breakfast/brunch/lunch. It's already 11:15am here so, by the time we walk into the centre of Christchurch, it'll be well and truly time to eat!
30/Sep/14 8:16 AM
About time for a page change..
30/Sep/14 8:19 AM
30/Sep/14 8:19 AM
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