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Easy Sudoku for 31/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
31/Jul/14 12:00 AM
31/Jul/14 12:01 AM
friends! Hello, John...
/ It's a bit of both.
Another pleasant summer day!
31/Jul/14 12:01 AM
And 'Hello! to you, too, HalT!
31/Jul/14 12:08 AM
No comment about the picture, but no doubt about the event!
31/Jul/14 12:10 AM
G'day mates.
31/Jul/14 12:13 AM
Maen all.
31/Jul/14 12:14 AM
Is that called the 'Diploma Dance'?
31/Jul/14 12:17 AM
(Grabbed your luck for you, Shosho!)
31/Jul/14 12:18 AM

I'm thinking the Parchment Polka.
31/Jul/14 1:08 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.

31/Jul/14 1:12 AM

Seems tonight is another slow one.

Has anyone heard how Karen is going with her quit smoking programme? Havent seen her mention it anywhere, just hope she hasnt given up
31/Jul/14 1:13 AM
There were many variations to the answers yesterday. These were the ones I had:
FUNNEL = ELF + More...
31/Jul/14 1:17 AM
And for today:

Below, 10 nine-letter words have been broken into chunks of three letters. These chunks have been mixed up, no chunk is used twice and all of the chunks are used.
Can you determine the 10 original words?

31/Jul/14 1:21 AM
Oh, all right....

Hint: These are the first letters of the words: T, T, H, D, W, L, H, W, C, N
31/Jul/14 1:23 AM

I really hope it decides to rain more, my plants really need to be watered.
31/Jul/14 1:36 AM
By the way, this will be my last poozle post for a few weeks. We are heading for Alaska on Saturday. If anyone would like to take up the slack on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, please feel free. The pay is lousy, but you sometimes get a laugh from some of the answers!
31/Jul/14 1:37 AM
Kathy, have you noticed the new litter give away on the Kibble site??
31/Jul/14 1:37 AM
Kathy, I know you will enjoy your trip. Each part is so great, hope Denali cooperates.
31/Jul/14 1:44 AM
Happy dance.
31/Jul/14 1:45 AM
She looks left. She looks right.
31/Jul/14 1:48 AM
31/Jul/14 1:49 AM
Kathy, have a great trip in Alaska. I do hope you do the White Pass train trip. That and the train in Norway are the best two trains that I have been on.
31/Jul/14 2:04 AM
Kathy, I did start you puzzle. I think I did the first two and never got back. No time for your puzzle later today. A lot of cooking and cleaning to do.
31/Jul/14 2:08 AM
Kudos to the graduate! Good reason to dance up a storm!
31/Jul/14 2:47 AM
, y'all! The photo made me laugh.
Silverteen and I went to her school today to get her schedule early since she'll be out of town with family friends during the pick-up day. Good thing we did... she'd been given an early bird class in pre-calculus. She doesn't enjoy math at all, More...
31/Jul/14 2:55 AM
S'teens guidance counselor suggested dropping a non-needed elective along with a class she can take next year, rearranged things and got it all straight. So instead of 9 classes including an early bird (which would've been a heavy load), she's back to the normal 8-class schedule.
31/Jul/14 2:57 AM
Good afternoon to all! I think it's a happy I'm finally out of here dance!
31/Jul/14 3:15 AM
Sue, I did my ''click'' for the free litter today.
Anyone interested go to www.freekibble.com and help out our furry shelter friends!
31/Jul/14 3:16 AM
I'm not spending much time on the computer right now. As such, I won't have a weekend puzzle for you folks. Sorry, but my back and my computer chair aren't speaking to each other right now.
31/Jul/14 3:17 AM
31/Jul/14 5:09 AM
I won't be spending much time on the internet as well for a while, and when I do connect, it will be on my iPad, so short messages.
31/Jul/14 5:12 AM
Everybody. It seems like we won't be having an extra puzzle per day for awhile with both Kathy and Greg bowing out. And Keith is taking a break as well. I'm sure Kathy will have a great trip to Alaska...we'll keep the heat at bay until you return!
31/Jul/14 5:45 AM
Silvergal - I'm glad you could get Silverteen's schedule sorted in the same trip to the school. Even if she loved math, I can't imagine any teen wanting to go an hour early unless they needed early release time to get to a job or similar.
31/Jul/14 5:47 AM
Hi all! I see the bat is going to Alaska...baked bat Alaska in view perhaps!
We're back in France but I am so missing the Commonwealth Games now - and I see we have been overtaken in the medals table by Canada - well done Greg, fly that flag and hope the back gets better soon!
31/Jul/14 6:09 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
31/Jul/14 6:52 AM
hello Chris - and everyone.
31/Jul/14 7:01 AM
Howdy, Rayray.
31/Jul/14 7:15 AM
Almost that time.
31/Jul/14 7:17 AM
Goodbye page 1.
31/Jul/14 7:18 AM
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