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Easy Sudoku for 7/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Morning everyone!
07/Dec/07 12:01 AM
Good morning all! A little brisk this morning, 7F! It is supposed to warm up though. Hope you have a great day! Peace is the reason for the season!
07/Dec/07 12:02 AM
Good mornng Shelley! What are the chances of two people from the same small town posting at the same time!?!
07/Dec/07 12:04 AM
Good morning Stella. I don't know it's been a while since we have managed it. Of course we're missing Max today.
07/Dec/07 12:09 AM
Wow it's quiet here this morning, I guess everyone is busy getting ready to get into the pool.
07/Dec/07 12:11 AM

Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading the U. S., Kentuckians, Tennesseans and West Virginians will no longer be referred to as 'HILLBILLIES.' You must now refer to them as 'APPALACHIAN-AMERICANS.'

And furthermore

07/Dec/07 12:11 AM
Good morning Jane, good one
07/Dec/07 12:14 AM
Stella and Shelley. Where is everyone else,
07/Dec/07 12:21 AM
I'm going to resist the urge to go for a CP and go make my breakfast insteed
07/Dec/07 12:22 AM
But Jane you missed one..........
she is not Brunette, she has artifical intelligence, or is that sexist?
07/Dec/07 12:22 AM
I don't know Zoki, no one has come out to play this morning. I figured that they way they were all going they must have all been sent to bed early.
07/Dec/07 12:23 AM
or they are all in court fighting for their good names and heads
07/Dec/07 12:28 AM
Jane, great to see there are some politically correct person out there, good one.
07/Dec/07 12:28 AM
Broni - I will include your addition before I e-mail the joke on to the poor, unsuspecting victims in my address book. And of course, it's sexist!!! If you're going to be politically incorrect, you might as well do it up right!

07/Dec/07 12:29 AM
the urge is getting the best of me
07/Dec/07 12:29 AM
and good morning, ZOKI, SHELLEY and STELLA!
07/Dec/07 12:30 AM
no, Jane got the best of me. Back to making breakfast.
07/Dec/07 12:30 AM
It appears that a good time was had by all yesterday! Sorry I missed out on the fun, and unfortunately, I'll be away all day today and most of tomorrow. So please don't talk about me while I'm not here, 'cause if you do, you'll be hearing from my lawyers!!! Bye for now!
07/Dec/07 12:32 AM
I meant persons, sorry about typo. Maybe I should have an early night for a change. Nite all
07/Dec/07 12:33 AM
Okay, It's ready. Scrambled eggs and homefries, plenty for hungry visitors.
07/Dec/07 12:34 AM
Sounds good Shelley, all of a sudden I'm hungry and I have just been out for dinner!
07/Dec/07 12:38 AM
G'day/nite to all..nice kids.
Money speaks.
But doesnt explain anything.
07/Dec/07 12:43 AM
..and lets expand the list a lil more..
pc statements....
No one's tall anymore. its "vertically enhanced."
You don't talk a lot. You're just "abundantly verbal."

07/Dec/07 12:48 AM
4:44 this morning, a magic number? I still don't get how anyone can do the puzzle in 2 minutes or under! You must have magic keyboards. Even sitting here on the couch with my feet up, my remote control beside me and my coffee on the table, I can't go any faster on the puzzles.
07/Dec/07 12:49 AM

Money speaks...it usually says "Good-bye."
07/Dec/07 12:49 AM
07/Dec/07 12:49 AM
er.. well, didnt chk the caps there, didnt mean to emphasize certain things..like it just happened!!!
07/Dec/07 12:50 AM
Appy: microwave-compatible, that's me! I'm surprised I haven't been sued over my lack of cooking skills!
07/Dec/07 12:51 AM
On Thanksgiving Day the microwave broke and when it came time to heat up left overs for late comers the kids couldn't figure out how we would manage it. Amazing isn't it?
07/Dec/07 12:57 AM
Trust you appy, how come it's just feline now?
07/Dec/07 12:57 AM
Just finished playing a few rounds of spider solitaire, another addictive time-waster. My hubby cooked me a great cheese omelette - wish he worked from home every day! Now it's time to do some more laundry and clean those bathrooms, they sure aren't going to clean themselves! Have a great day everyone!
07/Dec/07 1:42 AM
Jane, would it still be OK to refer to someone who fits the description of low cost provider, horizontally accessible or previously- enjoyed companion as looking like or appearing to resemble 'FOURTY MILES OF BAD ROAD'?
07/Dec/07 1:48 AM
Good to see you Ian, don't make yourself so scarce.
07/Dec/07 1:54 AM
07/Dec/07 1:58 AM
Hello everyone and have a very beautiful time.
07/Dec/07 2:11 AM
Wow, it has been busier than usual this morning.
07/Dec/07 2:20 AM
Boy !!! Did I oversleep or what. Good morning all. I like the bad road one. My daughter had twins. Hard work .
07/Dec/07 2:29 AM
Thought I would turn the page.
07/Dec/07 2:31 AM
I need to work.
07/Dec/07 2:32 AM
My quizzes are calling!
07/Dec/07 2:32 AM
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