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Easy Sudoku for 8/November/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi, all!
08/Nov/18 12:00 AM
Wolf & all who follow. Our home looks like a garbage dump just now. We have boxes and suitcases packed and ready to load into the car tomorrow. We hope to get away early Friday morning, so I'll be MIA until Monday.
08/Nov/18 12:26 AM
2:21. Lovely picture! Good Morning all!
08/Nov/18 1:22 AM
Overcast - again.
Hope you are full of sunshine in your area!
Have a safe trip, Snowbird!
08/Nov/18 1:24 AM
Good Maen, good people. I couldn't find a smooth solving strategy for today. I solved in order: 1,4,5,6,3,8,7,2,9. As the numbers are merely placeholders it could have been an easy Easy but for our fondness for zipping up the solution with an obvious or recognizable order to filling in the numbers.
08/Nov/18 1:51 AM
08/Nov/18 2:08 AM
Went to see Carol Burnett last night. A great show. She answered questions from the audience and showed excerpts from her TV show. Hard to believe that she's 85.
08/Nov/18 2:14 AM
Everybody!! Envy you HalT. She is such a great lady and performer.
08/Nov/18 2:47 AM
Good morning all - life takes on a less frantic pace now that the political frenzy has ended!
08/Nov/18 2:51 AM
What a treat, Hal - Carol Burnett - wow!
08/Nov/18 2:52 AM
Not sunny, but finally some of the leaves are beginning to flutter down!
08/Nov/18 2:53 AM
I'm early today...much too early .. woke up cause wind was in rage... blowing away garbage pail and more...since dark, I was watching clouds moving faster than I can run ... leaves are gone. But it feels warmer today than yesterday and sun shining so ...never went back to bed... it will be a long day ...I'll be looking at million of things So long Enjoy your day!
08/Nov/18 2:54 AM
My solving went this way: 4,5,6,8 ---1,2,3 ---7,9
08/Nov/18 2:55 AM
Finally, a nice sunshiny Fall day here.
I have spent the morning hassling with a company rep. I ordered a phone case for my new iPhone 8+ on October 18. Estimated delivery was Oct. 26-30.
I contacted them through More...
08/Nov/18 3:41 AM
08/Nov/18 3:47 AM
Thought I better change avatar for Thanksgiving!
08/Nov/18 3:49 AM
Gobble gobble.
08/Nov/18 4:06 AM
Can't go wrong with glass smooth water and lots of sky.
08/Nov/18 4:12 AM
Should I?
08/Nov/18 4:13 AM
How could I not?
08/Nov/18 4:13 AM
08/Nov/18 4:13 AM
08/Nov/18 4:14 AM
08/Nov/18 4:15 AM
08/Nov/18 4:49 AM
08/Nov/18 6:13 AM
Beautiful lake, and the reflection is superb!
08/Nov/18 6:29 AM
Morning all,I just had a young Watttle bird checking out the plants in our outdoor entertaining area.
08/Nov/18 7:00 AM
You're right Danstell I did have wind last night, but it didn't effect anybody's garage or anything that I'm aware of.
08/Nov/18 10:25 AM
08/Nov/18 10:41 AM
Safe travels, Snowbird.
HalT - I too love Carol Burnett.
Danstell - always nice to see you post but I hope you can sleep well tonight!
Amelia, You made me Google a wattle bird.
Rage - LOL
Kathy, why an eagle and why not a bat?
08/Nov/18 11:01 AM
Shosho and Keith - nice to see the turkeys. My daughter 'Faun' has a November birthday that falls around Thanksgiving so she likes turkey images and collectibles. November 1st she came to the breakfast table wearing a smile and the gag-gift turkey hat we got for her several years ago. The countdown More...
08/Nov/18 11:07 AM
Well, everyone is back inside so I can serve up the dinner that's been waiting on the stove. Spaghetti and pumpkin muffins. So, ...
08/Nov/18 11:09 AM
a glass of red wine 🍷 would do nicely.
08/Nov/18 11:10 AM
High speed internet = access to streaming shows I've never heard of before. Hmmm. I have a new tool for coping with the winter months.
08/Nov/18 11:57 AM
The next thing I am thankful for is time. It's sort of a philosophical thing, but even though time is a bother and a constraint and way too short when it comes to a single human lifespan, on the other hand it helps sort out what is really valuable and keeps us focused on what's important. Plus, in More...
08/Nov/18 12:32 PM
2:20 Just couldn't get into this one.

08/Nov/18 12:55 PM
As I read the above comments I was struck by the absurdities of human nature. A nation that has gone out of its way to reduce the inconsistencies of English spelling and pronunciation has introduced some of its own...
08/Nov/18 4:29 PM
Sorry, that comment should have gone on Medium.
08/Nov/18 4:35 PM
1:52, not feeling great and that showed! Good evening all.
08/Nov/18 6:00 PM
3:31 Hello all
08/Nov/18 6:03 PM
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