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Easy Sudoku for 9/November/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Rot canal work this morning! Ugh!!
09/Nov/18 12:00 AM
'Root', of course.
09/Nov/18 12:01 AM
But there is rot in there to be removed.
09/Nov/18 12:02 AM
Eeeewww ... I guess I'll wait a while to eat breakfast, Wolf ...

Good luck!
09/Nov/18 12:15 AM
1:50 Lovely photo of a pretty place to visit.
09/Nov/18 12:35 AM
Wolf, Judy Anne & all who follow. We are in the last stretch now. Packing is done & hubby is loading the car while I finish up the laundry. Thank you for the wishes for a safe trip. We leave early in the morning. It's great timing as snow is forecast for the afternoon. Hopefully we'll be ahead of it! 🤞 🤞
09/Nov/18 12:43 AM
09/Nov/18 12:45 AM
2:06. Good Morning, all.
09/Nov/18 12:46 AM
09/Nov/18 2:33 AM
OK, I lived through it. The root canal procedure wasn't really too bad - no pain (yet).
09/Nov/18 2:57 AM
09/Nov/18 3:07 AM
Morning all,great photo today.
09/Nov/18 5:00 AM
Not sunny, but the sun peeked through for a moment!
Hope it peeks into your day, too!
09/Nov/18 5:46 AM
for Snowbird's traveling to warmer climes.
for Wolf's root canal recovery.
09/Nov/18 5:48 AM
Amelia, you are right and that's just where I'd like to be!
09/Nov/18 5:50 AM
09/Nov/18 6:25 AM
A gorgeous beach! Great to be there on a hot Summer day!
09/Nov/18 7:26 AM
09/Nov/18 8:11 AM
Good Morning all!
09/Nov/18 8:11 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.

Hope all went well with the root canal Wolf!
09/Nov/18 8:15 AM
Ambling along......waits.....listens.....no gallumping sounds........
09/Nov/18 9:26 AM
Pounce......you snooze, Keith. You lose!
09/Nov/18 9:26 AM
Ambles off into the distance.......
09/Nov/18 9:27 AM
Good morning all. Was woken at just after 5:00am by an earthquake. We've been having a lot of tremors over the past 6-8 weeks with 2 or 3 larger earthquakes.
09/Nov/18 9:57 AM
all from warm Charlotte, N. Carolina. It was snowing as we took off from Kansas City this arvo. We will be going home in the morning.
09/Nov/18 1:29 PM
It's amazing what 'feels' warm today compared to 3-4 weeks ago; at this point if it's not raining it seems to be acceptable!
09/Nov/18 2:12 PM
Another bad Northern California fire the last couple of days. This one is called the Camp Fire, and is located close to the town of Paradise, nowhere near us, but the prevailing winds brought us massive amounts of smoke. At ground level, our air was clear, we couldn't even smell it, but it was dark, and thick enough to block out the sun. Eerie.
09/Nov/18 5:26 PM
I've been reading the news, and am sorry to report that most of the town of Paradise has been destroyed by the Camp Fire. Paradise was near Chico. The fire has grown to 20,000 acres+. Over 30,000 people have been evacuated.
09/Nov/18 5:41 PM
Not good news on the fire front, Keith.

Stay safe mate.
09/Nov/18 6:01 PM
Saw the pictures on our news Keith - harrowing footage. Stay safe
09/Nov/18 10:06 PM
Goodnight everybody, stay safe Keith
09/Nov/18 11:10 PM
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