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Easy Sudoku for 9/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:03 Maen! Not-so-happy Easter for the little one in the middle... :)
09/Jun/07 12:02 AM
Link to Medium puzzle brought me back here, just like yesterday!
09/Jun/07 12:03 AM
2:50 Welcome to the weekend. Hope everyone has a great one.
Who's lovely looking family is this. I'm sure they are a lot bigger now if this was taken at Easter last year.
09/Jun/07 12:04 AM
2:48; should have been a little faster
09/Jun/07 12:06 AM
Ian????? Where is Ian? He is gone AWOL!!!!
Good everyone. Duty calls.

09/Jun/07 12:10 AM
No medium again tonight.
09/Jun/07 12:12 AM
09/Jun/07 12:14 AM
Thank you for the many lovely and festive anniversary wishes! Being away from family, the good cheer expressed by sudoku girlfriends was quite warming ... Rosemary, CP, Rola, Nal, Stella, Rob, Sara Beth, Mamacita, Kathy, Rose, Sharon, and Nancy ... and Happy Anniversary to you, too, Sara Beth! XO
09/Jun/07 12:22 AM
cute little trio there. trying to do another avatar today. we'll see if it works.
still a bit chilly today, too chilly to swim as far as i'm concerned but we have our oldest granddaughter with us, sadie(7) and she really wante to go swimming. fine with me but i probably wont go in unless it More...
09/Jun/07 12:39 AM
oh cool! it worked!!!
09/Jun/07 12:39 AM
everyone...from Reno, Nevada, USA 'The Biggest Little City in the West'
Judy, Sorry I missed wishing you an anniversary greeting yesterday. So, Happy Anniversary to you and the Mr. A Happy Anniversary to Sara Beth and hubby as well.
09/Jun/07 12:39 AM
The little one is not too happy to be sitting on Santa's lap!!
2:03, 2:43...sheeesh, it took me 2 minutes just to find all the ones....
09/Jun/07 12:47 AM
happy anniversary to sara beth and hubby hope you two have a great day.
09/Jun/07 12:47 AM
09/Jun/07 12:57 AM
same problem as yesterday -- can't get into medium
09/Jun/07 1:04 AM
1:35; Don't hold me so tight big sis!
09/Jun/07 1:10 AM
have a great weekend guys..
i need to study, got exam nex week
cute kids~
09/Jun/07 1:12 AM
1:49 Happy (belated) anniversary, Judy. Hope you had a wonderful time. My husband and I will celebrate OUR 38th on June 28. We'll probably spend a couple of days at a beach in Florida. Does anyone have any suggestions for a romantic getaway??? Since it will only be for 2 or 3 nights, we won't More...
09/Jun/07 1:12 AM
Gary - try 'large'....don't blame me - it's my horrorscope, says something about me 'going crazy'. I had better go to bed now.

Nitey nite all x
09/Jun/07 1:17 AM
Cute picture!

Sara Beth - Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

Jane/St Simons Island - The book is on order through my Library......
09/Jun/07 1:19 AM
Whoops - Back where I started from.......
09/Jun/07 1:21 AM
Good wish you all a nice weekend
09/Jun/07 1:22 AM
all! It wasn't such a good morning for us today. Ebony's cold is all cleared up, she had her second puppy shot yesterday, & has gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks!! BUT, during the night she peed in her crate for the first time ever, & then I noticed some bloody drops when she very More...
09/Jun/07 1:26 AM
No medium again today. Gath has another bug to look into. When will he get to sleep?
09/Jun/07 1:28 AM
Jane, I hear the resort at Ponte Vedra Beach is supposed to be very nice. How about that for a getaway? Does your husband play tennis, too? Are you golfers, also? I was a June bride like you & Judy, but the 17th was our day way back in 1967! This year will be our 40th anniversary - my how time flies!!
09/Jun/07 1:34 AM
Kathy/Valrico - Hang in there! These vets today are pretty good. Maybe just a few antibiotics will clear everything up. Ebony is lucky to have such a caring mom!
09/Jun/07 1:37 AM
Good Friday Maen, all!

Judy and SaraBeth: Belated Anniversary wishes to you and your hubbies!!!

Kathy: Hope Ebony's health issues are easily resolved (poor baby!)
09/Jun/07 1:39 AM
Thanks for your good wishes, DAVE!

So your 38th anniversary is in 3 weeks, eh, JANE? So you can claim the same as I ... ''I got mine in '69''!!
09/Jun/07 1:44 AM
KATHY, I hope that Ebony's problems are soon cleared up and that they are not serious. I'm sorry that you are having such a rough time with your newest loved one.

40 years of marriage?? You truly were a child bride! :)
09/Jun/07 1:46 AM
kathy~~~poor ebony! poor you guys! having sick animals is like having sick kids. i'm sure she will be fine in no time. debby's right! she is lucke to have you as a mom! get better soon ebony! we're thinking about you!
09/Jun/07 1:47 AM
I feel so bad for poor Ebony. If she feels anything like when we human females do when we have UTI's, she must be pretty miserable, although she doesn't act like she hurts. She's still playing & eating like normal. Don't know how she'll be on the 7 hour drive to Fripp Island on Sunday, though. More...
09/Jun/07 1:51 AM

DAVE: On your way back to the Applegate from Reno, after a stop at Tahoe, consider Lake Almanor and Burney Falls - both beautiful places to stop.
09/Jun/07 2:24 AM
09/Jun/07 2:34 AM
Had such a bad day! Drove into a pole with my brand new car, etc, etc, etc!!! My hubby will be leaving for a 10 day business trip on Sunday - I'm just miserable today!!!
09/Jun/07 2:37 AM
2:05 Happy belated anniversary, Judy! Don't know how I missed it.
And Kathy, I'm rooting for Ebony. It's so hard to watch our beloved pets when they're sick.
09/Jun/07 2:42 AM
bless your heart helena! thats too bad about that pole. and with a brand new car! a 10 day trip for your husband is a long time for couples to be apart. i probably wouldnt handle it very well. i am liting a little candle for you today in hopes that your day goes a little better.
09/Jun/07 2:47 AM
Dave from OR/AZ,

Are you there for a bowling tourney?

I know someone who's on their way there for one.
09/Jun/07 3:02 AM
Kathy from Valrico, FL - Thanks for the tip. The beach at Ponte Vedra is beautiful, but I heard they had a tremendous amount of erosion from last month's subtropical storm. There were pictures on TV of oceanfront homes that lost their beaches completely! Does anyone out there know if the erosion was localized or if the entire area was affected?
09/Jun/07 3:10 AM
Kathy from Valrico, FL - I'm sure Ebony is going to be fine once she hits the beach at Fripp Island. Although I don't have a dog, I LOVE to watch them at the beach.
09/Jun/07 3:13 AM
Ian - Thanks for your suggestion. See my page for my full reply. By the way, you need to get your own page to make it easier to respond to your messages!!!!
09/Jun/07 3:29 AM
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