Puzzle Bobble

Submitted By: Gath from Sudoku.com.au

Fire coloured bubbles in this Tetris-like game. Join 3 or more bubbles of the same colour together and they pop. Clear all the bubbles to win!


Left and Right arrow buttons to aim, spacebar to fire.

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Bust-a-Move!! HAHAHA!! Oh the memories...
28/May/07 2:37 PM
Now I must really go to bed
31/May/07 8:01 AM
Hi Everyone,

Seems that the orginal source for Puzzle Bobble has gone down. Hopefully this one is more reliable.

08/Jul/07 2:50 PM
That was lots of fun, had forgotten all about that game.
26/Aug/07 8:34 AM
Leannna I Did Leval 8 Hahah Yuu Beannnnn Headdd Mwahahahahahahahahahaha x
07/Dec/07 1:16 AM
Round 16! Yaaaaaa
30/Jan/08 1:02 AM
Gath Gath Gath

What have you done to me?

Here I was, just controlling my addiction to the site and chatroom and I find 'Puzzle Bobble".

Hi - my name's Col and I'm an adict! sigh
21/Feb/08 2:57 PM
or even *addict
21/Feb/08 2:57 PM
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