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Hi Everyone,


Here is a photo from our recent trip to NZ




I finally got the widget that I want! I love LolCats Laughing


And check out Flynn! - This is just 30 minutes after he was born Smile

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Nice job, GATH!
I love our own pages Thanks Gath, you think of everything to amuse us lot
Sorry you've had so much trouble today, Gath, after giving us all these great pages.
Hi Gath, these rooms are a fantastic addition! In the crash did you also loose potential supporting members? Will I have to apply again? I am so looking forward to moving in! This site rocks!
Good job, Gath. You have worked double time to make this nice for us. Thank you.
Gath: Well done sir! Linking the new feature to update details was nice, as it allows us to change a little of our own content. Thanks!
Wonderful job Gath! This makes me learn how to do more things in the computer, what fun! Thank you!
Thanks Gath, I guess you would like some of my chocolate, so here it is (its virtual so you can't see it). Cheers!
Thanks Gath, you have really done a terrific job.
Just want to add my thanks, and give you props for all of your hard work. You're awesome, as well as, those who support and help you at home ;0)

Gath, I, too, want to add my heartfelt thanks for all of the work you put into this site and all the new things you keep coming up with.
Hey Gath, noice place you have here.
thanks for the latest additions, you really are a gem.
Ok, now I have a small request. Is there anyway you can set up a page, with all our links on them. See you didn't post today (1/12/06) and I had to archives to find you.
Gath, Thank you for all you have done and will do in the future. You have made so many wonderful relationships possible.
Thanks for your reply. I feel as if I am in the 'Holy of Holies', here, and must speak in whispers! You will soon receive my application to become a supporting member, after all these Sudokuits supported me so well on my friend's death. Unfortunately, I will then have my own page, and have to spend even MORE time on this wonderful site that you have created!Well done, my dear!
Gath I want to lift my glass in tribute to you my, swift and a real genius with web sites. Thanks for all that you have done. Not one to let you rest on your laurels, I'd like to ask that you make the hard word search puzzle board ajustable much like the sudoku puzzles. I keep losing More...
Gath - I was wondering......if I paid you a leeetle extra - could you put bouncers on the door to 'my room' ????

It seems some mischief makers were turned loose while I was away for the weekend. LOL

See you and Kym on the 15th !

Gath - I can't remember - but if my SM runs out before the 15th - PLEASE DONT CUT ME OFF. My next of kin has NOT given you permission to disconnect my life support.

Payment WILL be handed over at the Melbourne dinner.
Gath! Waiting to see you renovate your page. How about a picture of yourself? Shy?
Thanks Gath ! Excellent job !
Shalom! ( Peace )
Hello Gath. I just dropped in for a little visit. Here is a bottle of Traverse City Charry Wine. It is grown in Michigan. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!
That is Cherry nor charry.
Thank you so much for all you do! The members pages are awesome...One day I'll make it across the pond to join you all in a SA meeting and thank you in person!
Gath, you wonderful you!
Hey Gath just popped in to say G'day. Hmmm noticed you havn't had the time to fix up your room, since you are so busy I've brought along some for the guests and for Kym. Now what else is needed. Umm oh, I know you need a . There thats better.
Looking forward to catching up with you and your family on Friday. Chat then.
Thank you Gath
Without this site we wouldn't have met such lovely people and recieved wonderful hospitality on our recent trip to Australia.
Love own pages too
Could we maybe have a thankyou smiley
Thank you Gath for all your wonderful work.
May the Peace of the Season be with you today and always.
Gath & Kym - I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2007. Thank you for starting this site which has led to many global friendships. I hope you enjoy the Christmas party tonight. Best Wishes.
Merry Christmas Gath & Kym.

I've been bottling in my kitchen today so have just cooked up a few cyber bottles as well.

Just thought I’d drop you in a bottle of home made LEMON CORDIAL. It’s fantastic with water and with soda water. Cheers.
Juice of 7 More...
Gath and Kym, Blessings of the season. You are invited to visit my page and pick your gift from the tree. May the holidays bring you much joy and some needed rest from the included.
Hi Gath and Kym
for my christmas message go to M153826353Y&product_id
I have posted my Christmas greeting to everyone on my page, as I couldn't post the picture in the general comments section. Best wishes to you and yours! Cheers!
Hello Gath and Kym

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Have a wonderful time over the Festive Season and best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Many thanks for such a wonderful site and the many friendships that have evolved through it.
Just in case some guests show up for a Christmas party, I'm dropping off a punch bowl full of my homemade Canadian rum and brandy eggnog. Also leaving a tray of fresh beavertail pastries. If you decorate the tree, leave me a spot for a special Canadian ornament! Cheers!
sneaking in the back door.......
mmmmmmmm hope Gath is ready for a booze up ..... ooooo sorry a christmas party
I will put some music on to start

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
T. Connor (c) 1952

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus
Underneath the More...
Please sing this to JINGLE BELLS
(Go On – Do it out loud !)

Scrolling through the comments
Takes the best part of a day
A comment here a comment there
Be sure to have your say

Gath and Kym
Gath and Kym
Arent they just the best
Sudoku puzzles More...
A favourite Aussie Christmas Carol

The Three Drovers

Across the plains one Christmas night
Three drovers riding blithe and gay,
Looked up and saw a starry light
More radiant than the Milky Way;
And on their hearts such wonder fell,
They sang with joy. 'Noel! Noel! More...
ok set the table up for the food.....
some white christmas, rum balls, chips, milawa cheese and biscuits.
now for the bar
drinks .......
who wants a glass of the Champagne, Strawberry and Icecream Punch, mmmm very yummy !!
Rose - I'm just off to get the tinsel, party poppers, helium balloons
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