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Nal~ Congrat's on your new PAGE!!

This is fun :)
Thank you for the look at the beginning of your space here!
Hi! Thought I would drop by and make myself at home. Now all you need is a pic so everyone can 'see' you. If I know your pictures, though, it'll probably be of some critter climbing a tree!
Hi, NAL!! Back later to see what you have done. I am leaving a six-pack of Dr. Pepper in your fridge for the non-imbibers.
Keep shooting those pics.
Hi Nal! - What no picture here? You, the greatest photographer of all the Sudokuists I know! Course if it's a picture of YOU, then someone else has to take it. Maybe you could post that one of your reflection in a store window (was it?)? Knowing you, I think you'll come up with something More...
Hi Nal! Glad you dropped in. I was waiting to visit until you had your page 'dressed'. You'll have a hard time finding a picture someone already hasn't looked at on your Flickr page. Enjoy a fresh double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa before you go out 'hunting' again.
Hello Nal, just popped in to bring you some much needed chocolate and some flowers for your page x
Gee Nal, expected to see some of your wonderful pics here, so THANK YOU for making me feel a lot less stupid!! I have brought you some flowers to help decorate and some Aussie bubbley to celebrate!!! Feel free to call on me!
Just popped in to say Hi before I go to bed. Glad you haven't done a photo yet (though I'm dying to meet you) - it makes me feel less technically challenged.
nal, I'm so glad you got it. Happy to have been of help. I never thought about something in the comment keeping it out. Good for you to have figured that out. I'm giving everybody redwood burls for a housewarming present. Keep it half in water for a 1000 years and stand back.
Hi Nal, 'sthatyou? Pretty!
HI Nal, This is a great shot. You are muy bonitas, or somrthing like that. You can see I don't remember my Spanish huh? Looking forward to finding you in the house so we can lift a glass together, but until's looking at you.
Hey Nal! Can you pack up the camera, family and friends and tip toe through the vineyard with us? Here are your plane tickets and boarding passes for our first class ride to San Francisco! This week, we depart BWI and head west to tour Napa and Sonoma, then south to Big Sur and the central California coast. 'hope to see you onboard. Cheers!
Hi Nal
love the decorations ... pleased to see your pic...
your photography is fantastic and must be a great outlet for you.
Hello Nal, I thought I had visited your place but it doesn't look like it. Sorry it's taken me so long. To make up for it I've brought you some and a bottle of local chardonnay so that we can have a drink together. I love your place, you've decorated it very nicely. Ooh, some flan, that sounds very tasty.
I remember I did call in but you hadn't moved in at the time, so I waited until you were settled in before I visited you.
Hi, Nal!
Here are some narcissus blooms from my garden to add to your decor...

Oh, yes, some flan would be wonderful, thanks!
Thank you all for visiting. I shall change my decor as time - and Gath - permits.
Thank you for all your compliments. Hope you don't mind if I don't tell hubby as I am still looking for that great plastic surgeon that will take 40 years off (mainly from the hips)
Nal, thanks for stopping by with the rum and soda. Mmm Cuba Libre, havent' had one of those in a long time. And I just bought some Coca Cola today at the store. All i need now are some limes...Here's some smoked salmon all the way from Seattle and some whole bean coffee, for those Cafe Cubanos....(i think thats right?)
Gosh Nal, I know you like taking pictures of birds, but now I know your secret. You disguise yourself as a bird so you can get up close! Oh. my mistake, that's not a picture of you. Looking forward to seeing you and hubby on your page!
Nal, you and your family are beautiful. Way to go! I'm probably the very last one on the site to look at your flickr site, but I finally did, and my goodness. You are a first class photographer. Awesome captures of all of God's little creatures. (and a few of his big'uns.) Have a great day. and thanks for your hospitality.
Oh Nal - it's so good to see you and your beautiful family. I've enjoyed your photos for some time!

I've brought a couple of poinsettias and some homemade pastries. Oops, there might be a few cookies missing...
Good Maen, Nal!

Lovely photo of you and your family!!!
Gorgeous photo, Nal. Back later to socialise - it's Thursday 6th December here in OZ.
Hello friends. I apologize for being such a bad hostess, I don't hang out 'home' much. But don't let that stop you from dropping by and taking a look.
This photo was taken two years ago for Kathy's graduation from uni. As you probably already know, she is now working on her PhD (we think we got More...
nal~ Love the family picture..
and thank you for stoppin by my place!
You are TOO KIND
Thank you, Thank you
See you around!!
beautiful family photo
thanks for your concern for us regarding the fires. we are still safe and are praying for lots of those who are in the line of fire for the following few days.
Nal, What a beautiful pic. Thank you so much for your suggestion to eat at Joe's Stone Crab, Miami Beach, Florida. Jim and I had a wonderful dinner and then breakfast at Pinkys(?) the next morning.
wow!!! beautiful picture of the three of you - you are a good-looking lot indeed!! Nice to put a face to the name at last!
Nal - wonderful photograph of you all. Have been having sneaks into you flkr site for a while and have to say your photography is wonderful, keep it up and try not to get arrested in the early dawn
Hola nal, What a smashing threesome you are! I knew it was a formal occassion because the assorted dogs and cats were missing. Keeping hubby's name a secret? Or like me, didn't even know you hadn't mentioned it? Looking forward to meeting you in person in the near future. Hope your mom is hanging More...
Thanks for your concerns re the fires, Nal. We're about 250kms from the current fires, which are burning in the area known as the Victorian Alps, so we are not at risk at this time. The whole state is tinder dry, however, and fires could readily start in any bushland or grassland area, so we have More...
This is a beautiful picture Nal! Much nicer to see then the overcast skies and freezing rain we've had here lately! Thanks!
Hi Nal.....I am doing my visiting today (just behind Canuk Greg it would seem). I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas before I am away for a week (whenever Nicole decides to have this I am handing out sweet goodies that I have made. If you would like more feel free to pop over to my place and help yourself. If I am not in then make yourself at home.....Enjoy
Beautiful Photo of the sunset Nal.
Last Night, Husband and I went to a BBQ/Picnic Tea on the Swan River Foreshore in South Perth opposite the City (Perth) with a group of friends. The sunset was beautiful, and then we enjoyed the city lights reflected on the River. A very nice evening had by all.
hello nal..a very happy birthday to your daughter
Thank you all who wished Kathy a Happy Birthday. She had a great time...I miss her terribly.
Nal, nice birdies... 'just a popping in quickly to wish you a Merry Christmas.
Thank you nal for visiting my page.
me and my family wish you and your family a very merry christmas that Bianca visited I can take Boo off.
Priceless, piccy NAL. LOL! I don't think I could get W.T. to do that in a million years... He's not too fond of the water, even with a temptation of a tasty salmon and rice cat treat. NO WAY he'd 'go there.'

Come over for more grapes as often as you can. ... Gath, we need a CAT smiley, daggonit!
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