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Happy New Year Everyone!!

The Three Sisters

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Hello bluey, just stopped by to say hello, isn't this wonderful!
Hey Bluey, thanks for the nice words about my family! I think everyone who goes to the Grand Canyon has a picture like that one LOL!
Cheers :)
Greetings,bluey, Stopping by to say Hi.
Morning Bluey, I brought you some and some . Have you got the kettle on? I'd love a cuppa (tea), it's thirsty work visiting everyone around the world, but so much fun!
Hoped to have a chance to meet you. I've seen your comments before I started, and hoped to put a face with the name. However, since theres not a picture, I'll just let my imagination take over. Hope you enjoy the flowers and box of chocolate that I offer in friendship. .If you get a chance I'd love to have you visit me and perhaps we can chat for awhile.
Hello Bluey, nice to see that you've got your own page but it doesn't look as if you've moved in properly yet.
Will revisit when you have settled in. Seeya then.
Hello Bluey,

Just leaving you some Anzacs and some home made lemon cordial. Enjoy.
Wow!!! A page of my own!! This is wonderful!! I will have to get one of the kids to help me decorate it!!

The kettle is always on here and there is Bubbley on ice!

'WELCOME TO ALL' and thank you for the flowers and chockies!!
Hi bluey
glad you found your own special place.
look forward to the decorations.
Hi Bluey! Mind a quick visit from a Canadian? Tea would be nice please. I'm dropping off an apple cinnamon Beavertail pastry from Ottawa for you, and some maple syrup. Enjoy!
My starter present is a redwood burl. Keep half in water and in 1000 years, look out.
It's tough moving into a new place at Christmas time when there are so many other things to do! Since you have kids around I've brought an assortment of Christmas cookies and a gingerbread house. Hope you & your family have a very happy holiday season.
So, bluey, you've finally moved in. Nice to see you here at last and thanks for the cuppa.
Bluey - I'm going way out on a limb here, but by any chance is Dec. 4 your 30th wedding anniversary?? If I'm right, here's a bottle of Asti Spumante to celebrate with. A toast to you & your hubby - congratulations on a milestone not too many couples reach anymore!!
Yes, tomorrow we celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss!! Thank you Kathy, fancy you remembering!
it's almost the 4th - 50 minutes to go so Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. It's quite an achievement, hope you have a nice celebration.
Bluely, Can't seem to catch you home, guess you and hubby are out celebrating your 30th anniversary! Congratulations, and may you continue to live and love for many more years.
Happy Anniversary folks! Wishing you 30 more years of the same bliss.
Congratulations on your 30th Wedding Anniversary, Bluey and husband. May you have many, many more to come.
Bluey, happy 30th Anniversary!! Would you and your hubby have time for to tiptoe through the vineyards with us? I am running through quickly to deliver your plane tickets and boarding passes for our first class ride to San Francisco! This week, we depart BWI and head west to tour Napa and Sonoma, then south to Big Sur and the central California coast.'hope to see you onboard. Cheers!
Bluey, the photo is gorgeous. What a wonderful idea to post a photograph of your wedding day. What a lovely looking couple you make and I'm sure that you are still both as lovely looking now as you were then.
I just went in to the site and enlarged the photo and you do make a very handsome couple.
Perhaps you will post one that was taken today on your anniversary.
Happy anniversary! Bluey - you were quite the hottie couple back then! California surfer dude and babe? Have a wonderful day and may you have another 30+ years of marital bliss!
Happy anniversary, Bluey - and thank you for your birthday greetings, Your occasion is the more significant one, I think, so I've saved the last piece of chocolate ripple cake for you.
Bluey and Mr Bluey
happy 30th wedding anniversary
may you have many more years of celebration ahead of you ....
Bluey, Congratulations to you and Mr Bluey on your 30th Anniversary. What a way to celebrate - moving into your new home and all these visitors as well. Best wishes for a very long married life.
I know you are very busy today so I'll come for a longer visit next time.
Bluey - congratulations on 30yrs of marriage - I hope you had a lovely day. May there be many more years to come.x
Hi, Bluey!
Congrats to you and your hubby on your 30th anniversary.

I recognize the California state flag in the background--are you orig from CA?
Hello Bluey,
Just popped in very quickly to bring you some and to help celebrate your 30th Wedding Aniversay.
Congratulations to you both, and may the next 30 be as loving as the first.
No Aileen, were're both several generation Aussies, but my hubby (Dan) lived there for a couple of years, playing Rugby, and brought home the flag as a souvenier!! It originally came from the Capitol building in Sacrimento, but don't tell anyone!!! SSSHHH!!!
Bluey, Congratulations on 30 years!! Thanks for stopping by and bringing the bubbly! Here's some for you too in celebration..a little Moet white star...
ohhh 30 years..fantastic..Happy anniversary Bluey
may you have many more...
Congrats Bluey, need some more bubbly? - got a crate with me here!
Bluey, hi. What a fantastic picture of your match made in heaven! Thanks for jetsetting with us out to the coast to celebrate the occasion, and hope we can continue enjoying your anniversary with you. Again, Congratulations! Awesome. Here's an extra special bottle of bubbly for your love.
Hi Bluey - Happy belated Anniversary! Here is wishing you many more!
Hi Bluey......1976 hey!!!! Hmmmmm.....a child bride I would

Just stopping in to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!!!! I brought a few goodies with me. Share them out with your friends and family there's plenty to go around....
What a wonderful picture for you to share! Thank you, and stay happy!
Hi Bluey, 'just popped in to deliver another bottle of bubbly! Party on! Merry Christmas.
Today is 13th December, 2006, and we have Xmas smilies!! Wheeee!!
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