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Hi Everyone,


Here is a photo from our recent trip to NZ




I finally got the widget that I want! I love LolCats Laughing


And check out Flynn! - This is just 30 minutes after he was born Smile

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Happy Birthday, Gath! Have an absolutely great day and a wonderful year ahead.
12/May/17 10:28 AM
Wow! I just turned the page for you. Welcome to Page 18.
12/May/17 10:29 AM
Thanks for the cute photo in your thank you message, Gath. Is it one of your children?
12/May/17 6:04 PM
Hi Gath. Please note: The Tough puzzle has now been missing for two days running.

Best Regards, Alfred.
19/Jun/17 7:48 AM
Hi Gath. The Tough page seems to be down again. Could you please look into it, Thanks.

15/Mar/18 12:10 AM
to you!!!
to you!!!
dear Gath!!!
to you!!!
12/May/18 1:56 AM
Happy Birthday, Gath. Thanks for providing this amazing community for all these years, not to mention the puzzles!
12/May/18 9:55 AM
Hi Gath. The Tough page is down again.

Best Regards, Alfred.
14/May/18 1:28 AM
Still down.
14/May/18 10:08 PM
Hi Gath, Tough Page down again.
Best Regards.
04/Feb/19 1:21 PM
Happy Birthday! Thank you for creating this wonderful site. I am sure you had no idea you were also creating a wonderful community!
12/May/19 11:31 AM
Gath, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your birthday with your family and friends.

With best wishes,
12/May/19 12:55 PM
Hi Gath, no Tough page since Saturday. Can you please fix it.

Thanks, Alfred.
16/Dec/19 6:35 AM
Hi Gath. The Tough page is off the air again.
19/Dec/19 12:12 AM
Hi Gath. The pages are still showing April 8.

Regards, Alfred.
08/Apr/20 2:11 PM
One more request (and thanks for fixing Chrome). Is it possible to add a full screen button? I use a small 11 inch laptop and a lot of screen space is taken up by various tabs. With the smaller type, lowering via the zoom button leaves the page unreadable.

03/May/20 8:05 AM
Hi Gath, the Sudoku page is still on May 9th. Can you please fix. Thanks, Alfred.
09/May/20 6:07 AM
Gath! With best wishes for a wonderful birthday spent with your family and friends. Have a really great day!
12/May/20 9:43 AM
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