Right pane has disappeared

Submitted By: BasBleu02 from USA

Good Maen!  

Recently (for the last 3 days), the right pane/column has disappeared from the puzzle pages, so I cannot access any level of pzzle other than easy.  The same is true of all the archived puzzles.

I use Google Chrome.  I do use an ad blocker, but have excluded sudoku.com.au from its actions.

Any ideas, please? Many thanks,


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currently have the same problem with IE. Could we have links to the other puzzles that are not in a box that is considered to be an ad? Maybe underneath each puzzle?
12/Jan/15 10:23 AM
The same problem here. I recently upgraded Java. I use Firefox (version 41.0.1)
03/Oct/15 2:41 AM
Restarting the browser seems to have fixed the issue whatever it was.
03/Oct/15 5:07 AM
A work around: Select a date from the archive. You will notice an 'E' in the url. That means that this is the easy puzzle. Change the E to a 'M', 'H', or 'T'.
For example: In the archive select today. The url that comes up is:http://sudoku.com.au/5E27-1-2016-sudoku.aspx
change it to
and you will get the medium puzzle.
27/Jan/16 11:33 AM
I had the right and left panes for a couple days, then hey disappeared again. I've tried both Firefox and IE11. It's really frustrating!

08/Oct/16 11:14 AM
No right pane nor timer for me since October 27th. I ran a Java update around that date, but that may be coincidental.
01/Nov/16 4:21 AM
Restarting the browser no longer helps :-(
01/Nov/16 4:21 AM
Figured out the 'disappearing pane' problem. I probably went overboard, but in IE I turned off active-x filtering and under add-ons I disabled Ad-Block and Adobe Shock Wave.
25/Nov/16 8:49 AM
Adblocker seems to be, indeed, related. When I turned it off on this site, the problem was fixed for me also. Gath blocks ads for supporting members anyway, so why bother using it here.

It might still be useful, if somebody can shed more light to the mechanism. I have vaguely similar problems on other sites as well.
28/Nov/16 4:26 AM
I asked a few weeks ago. Did you get the answer?
28/Nov/16 11:07 AM
For Safari, I have confirmed that AdBlocker is the culprit causing the cited problems for me. Everything worked after I whitelisted sudoku.com.au. Thanks to Jyrki for the lead.
22/May/17 4:15 PM
Download Sudoku from google play store
12/Jun/19 11:01 AM
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