Right-clicking to enter possibilities

Submitted By: finefoodgirl from Newtown

When I right-click to enter a possibility the menu for the internet drops down covering the grid.  That didn't used to happen until this last week.  Does anyone know whether there's a reason it's doing that and how do I stop it?  Thanx. 
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Have you found an answer yet. It has started happening with me - extremely annoying.
13/Sep/13 1:34 PM
This has been always a problem when playing 16x16. Simply because the area is too large to fit into my screen, and also because there may be too many possibilities you want to click into a single square. More than six -> that row increases in height. More than nine -> the height increases even further.
26/Jun/16 12:44 AM
Another problem related to right-clicking is the following. When I right-click, may be 60 per cent of the time the game thinks that a double-click is entered. Meaning that the placed possibility is instantly removed. Now that is annoying!
26/Jun/16 12:47 AM
Finefoodgirl & Denise Have you tried clicking the 'change board size' button. IIRC that helps when playing 9x9.
26/Jun/16 8:56 PM
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