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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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I'm first today.
3:08..one of my quicker times. It really was faster to do all the 1s, then 2s, then 3s, etc. Who knew?
Think I have figured out Eastern Australia is 15 hours ahead of Eastern US? It is Halloween morning (9:00 AM) here. Tonight my 7 grandchildren (including visiting 3 from NC) will go trick or treating in Orlando, FL. Do you celebrate Halloween in AU & NZ??
Someone loves their dog! Enjoyed puzzle this morning. Heading to court. Nice mental break.
Im 3rd today and first time less than 5 minutes
4:46, 3RD TODAY
Happy Halloween everyone...it's still October 31st here!
3:05 after much fouling up,could have been way quicker.Bath time for the bat-dog,my dog hates the bath aswell as hoovers,when i switch it on she attacks it.TFTD only the good die young so i think i'll make a ripe old age.Hi sudukoists!!!
BOOOOOOoooooo! Happy Halloween! Have fun trick or treaters!
hi jess
good luck in the melbourne cup!
win heaps
love marie
2.40 Hello everyone
sooo addictive and fun...tryin to beat 5 minutes...dont know how they do it in 2 or less...more power to 'em
hi yes we do have halloween here but it's not big like the usa
Hi, Jim from jupiter, I saw your turtles ! Nice pics.
I saw also human ninjas, a tall one and a little one.
The tall one had a cap. You and your son ?
Hi Kathy - 12.20am Tues here and the puzzle changed at 12, so sudoku land must be in my state - Queensland (only Australian Eastern state with no daylight saving). We don't celebrate Halloween here. Hi andre, yes you can borrow my body - it'll be the first time I've lent my body out for the night, and Ted will be there!! sigh.....I think I'm in love.
Kaye (Georgia) - good luck in court. I'm headed to court for jury duty.
2:29 hope everyone had a great weekend. the weather was phenomenal here. had little liam out raking leaves (got to put them to work early). carved our first pumpkin too. personally i love halloween. whos' kids are dressing up as what? excuse grammar - placenta brain...
Hi jh & Brian. Haven't seen you for a couple of days jh. André, Billy, Lisa come back. I assume you are still having trouble posting??
Lisa we posted comment at same time, disregard above message to you. Good to hear Liam's earning his keep already.
4:03...not bad. Happy Halloween to all.

Joke of the Day:

'A zero and an eight are walking down the street. The zero turns to the eight and says, 'Hey. Why have you got your belt pulled in so tight?'
4:49 Good Morning
2:08 a beautiful day for Halloween, not too cold. Lisa, what is Liam going to be for Halloween. My friend brought her baby over last night and he was dressed as a bunch of grapes.
Trinidad is in the houseeeeee!!! but where is my puzzle????? i only have a blank box
Good one Andre'
2:43 - the earlier I try, the better I do. Lisa - about time that little guy started pulling his weight. Alas, my munchkins are too cool to dress up now, AND they've taken over my job of giving out the candy! Geez. We did have fun painting pumpkins last night - I'm tired of pumpkin guts!
we wanted to dress liam up, but my husband has to curl tonight. thus i will be alone with a newborn and trick or treaters. thought i wouldn't need the extra stress. love the grapes though...
There were three French cats called Un Deux and Trios. They lived in Paris on the south bank (the fashionable part). One night the river Seine froze. So the three cats decided to travel to the north bank. They had only got half way across when the ice broke, and the three cats were drowned. The next day the newspaper headlines reported:-
3:28 aww such a cute little doggie. We dont celebrate holloween in Trinidad but the tv shows lots of scary movies
OK Bill, need to know the end of the joke.
'Un Deux Trois Cats Sank'

(No cats were hurt during the making of this joke.)
Love hearing about little Liam.
When is holloween?
Bill hon stick to your day job ok love?
2:32 Personal record for me, by a mile. No pic though.
Halloween is Oct.31, Trevene.
2:54 Happy Halloween!
Trevene, shouldn't you be in the villa preparing it for our arrival, not in the houseee?
Speaking of those we're missing, where are you Max, my fountain of knowledge? I forgot to return the hi to di of Mackay (I should be a poet!) Time to hit the pillow - just waiting for the dishwasher to More...
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