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Easy Sudoku for 24/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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It's a crisp 3°F (-16°C) this morning. Brrrr, again!
24/Jan/11 12:00 AM
Good Morning
24/Jan/11 12:01 AM
We beat you Shiela, it is 2 degrees at my house. What happened to the January thaw?
24/Jan/11 12:05 AM
It happened early at New Years, I guess!
24/Jan/11 12:07 AM
2:46 Good evening all!
24/Jan/11 12:07 AM
And "Hello, Nancy!"
24/Jan/11 12:08 AM
And Hello, Anne!
24/Jan/11 12:09 AM
Good Maen my friends!
Nancy - January thaw is taking place at my house. Temps in the 60's...and continuing for at least a week more. We call this our "false Spring" - happens every year - but you have to know not to go out and buy plants and flowers. Can't even plant a veggie garden here until May.
24/Jan/11 12:09 AM
And goodbye! (...off to get ready for church).
24/Jan/11 12:10 AM
Good Evening everyone - just a reminder if you didn't see my post late yesterday - there is a photo on my page of 'Axe Murderer's Anonymous' or alternately the Sudoku gathering to meet CP at Broni's place yesterday. We also met Bjay and Carmel.
24/Jan/11 12:13 AM
That looks like a ceramic cat, dino...but I'm pretty sure the nasturtiums are the real deal!
24/Jan/11 12:14 AM
I KNOW you had a great time, Cyn...Broni's parties ROCK!
24/Jan/11 12:15 AM
Ah, number 13!
24/Jan/11 12:19 AM
Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for me. There are several good possibilities. I have chosen one that I think will do a good job.
24/Jan/11 12:28 AM
HI all! Well not one single sudukoist managed to break yesterday's code. Dear oh dear - it was left to Mr Grasshopper to come up with the correct answer at the BBQ which was Congratulations code breaker! You had to take the first and last letters of every two words...simple really!
24/Jan/11 12:50 AM
Good morning all. We had nice time here in Charlotte yesterday. I helped, a little, with the Eagle project. And Ms. T did some shopping. We'll be leaving for home after brunch, so I'll be off site for a while. Later.
24/Jan/11 12:51 AM
Here's an easier one for you to start the week - answers to the 'I am NOT floundering Phantom' inbox please!
Each group of three definitions describes three words that are spelled the same, except for one letter (each group describes a different set of words). Example: king, ring, wing.
24/Jan/11 12:52 AM
good Maen, all
A balmy 24 deg. w/ thin overcast and no breeze here this morning. Perhaps a good time to enjoy a hot cocoa while sitting in the spa.
24/Jan/11 12:53 AM
G'day all, and . Thanks for posting the pic, CynB. It was a lot of fun, and Broni is a great host - especially while wielding those axes... and BTW, Phantom - this is still backward Qld, and it is still today (Sunday) here for the next five minutes, anyway. Speaking if which, I must away to my bed.

G'night all
24/Jan/11 12:54 AM
Good morning, all. Vici, we are enjoying our false spring as well, knowing that we will be plunged back into winter before too long!
24/Jan/11 1:10 AM
Good Maen, good people. The weather service tells me it's either -6°F or -8°F here this a.m. I am inclined not to argue because that would mean having to form an opinion by opening an outside door, which I am loathe to do.

However, being Sunday, if the car starts, I shall be More...
24/Jan/11 1:15 AM
24/Jan/11 1:16 AM
Oh, excuse me, that's -21°C or -22°C.
24/Jan/11 1:19 AM
Good Maen, John. You stumbled out of bed and into the 22 spot this morning, seemingly without effort. 'Someone' who once made a big fuss about liking the 22=spot should take note of how that's done.
24/Jan/11 1:21 AM
24/Jan/11 2:13 AM
We're having a balmy 70's this week. I've already sown some shiso seeds (purple leaves herb).
24/Jan/11 2:15 AM
CynB, thanks for the pic! Wow! Wish I was there, sniff, sniff!
24/Jan/11 2:16 AM
Cool morning this morning, was about 36F but warmer now. Will get to about 60F.

Fiona ... I did it today. Don't see them every day
24/Jan/11 2:17 AM
Dino, hmmm, heard of "tip toe through the tulips" but "sneak through the nasturtium"? (I tried to find an "n" word equivalent to stalking but couldn't find one even with the thesaurus!)
24/Jan/11 2:21 AM
Ever compare a sunrise with a sunset? Very different. I usually run in the mornings. On the week days I'm back for the sunrise but today, I got to run longer to see the sunrise.
24/Jan/11 2:23 AM

Nipping through the nasturtiums ?
24/Jan/11 2:38 AM
Shosho, for the sunrise...

Do not run Westwards on Weekends...

That's only for young men.
24/Jan/11 2:41 AM
to the EEG's & four EEB's, too. (Hmmm, guys could you help me out here? Would you prefer EE "B's" for Boys, or EE "M" for Men?)
24/Jan/11 2:52 AM
GGGGGooooodddd MMMMMorning! It is COLD here today. I think this cat has his eyes on something.
24/Jan/11 2:54 AM
Good morning people of the world.
24/Jan/11 2:56 AM
Happy National Measure your feet day.


National Pie Day.
24/Jan/11 2:57 AM
I do not recommend, measuring your feet with your pie.
24/Jan/11 2:57 AM
Good Maen, all! I can't believe how late I slept this morning. I just got up a half hour ago, and Jaime is still sleeping. But since we were averaging only about 3 hours a night all last week, I guess we needed the rest! It was cold here last night, too....comparatively speaking, of course. I'm not sure it got below freezing, but it was pretty close.
24/Jan/11 2:58 AM
Hi Karen,

'Measure your feet day' ?

Is that measured in mouth widths?
24/Jan/11 3:08 AM
The thermometer on our car read -11°(F) on the way to church this morning! BBRRRRR!!! It is so nice to be back in our warm home!
24/Jan/11 3:10 AM
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