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Parents Sudoku for 15/October/2006


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PARENTS AND DISINTERESTED PARTIES: To eliminate Book Club talk, please untick ''RECIPES'' above under the Comments. Thanks!

The primary Outlander discussion is set for the following times, but please feel free to comment at ANY time during this Sudoku day!

Eastern US: 10 PM, Sat, Oct 14
Western US: 7 PM, Sat, Oct 14
Eastern Australia: Noon, Sun, Oct 15
Western Australia: 10 AM, Sun, Oct 15
Europe: Before you go to bed or once you awaken!

To eliminate book club participants, write to me c\- People's Party and I will make a special effort to detonate my next earth shaking nuke right here.
I’m sorry that I won’t be at home during the scheduled time, but want to make a few comments, so I’ll do them now.

My wife, Lynne, and I listened to the book on tape from Recorded Books. The reader was Davina Porter, and she was excellent with good expression, good accents, and different More...
Beautiful baby. I love the flag as a blanket.
How do you think hearing the book on tape would compare to reading it? Plot lines do improve in subsequent books, but the gore continues. Do you think the actions of Jamie and Claire altered the future?
I can't compare reading to hearing, since I never read it. Now, if I did read it, I'd be hearing Davina Porter's voice in my head, so I'll never know what my imagination would have created for their voices. About the altering the future thing, within the confines of the book, their actions More...
What is your choice, to read comic books, watch cartoons on television, listen to words on tape or read real books?
Next question:
Do you know what litereture is? Have you ever read anything other then garbage fiction or romantic adventures?
Next Question: Can you spell Archer, Dumas, Hemmingway, Nietzsche, Radcliffe, Tolstoy or Yeats?
hope she grows to enjoy the lifestyle we are so lucky to have.
have a good day/night one and all
Sassenach, you don't mean 'disinterested', you mean UNINTERESTED. Disinterested means more like impartial. Uninterested means unconcerned, in other words, you don’t care.
Since this is the 'parents' page', (and I'm not into the Outlander discussion), what do you do when your child is a perfectionist? My oldest was like that, and we didn't know what to do with her; she seems to be a little better now that she's a teenager. Now our youngest is even worse; but being More...
Thanks! I wasn't sure of usage. Dictionary has the same definition for both!
Do you mean 'perfectionist,' or 'ultra-competitive?' To do anything about it (and it may not be a terrible thing,) you need to start by understanding what the kid wants: perfection on his own, or just being at the top of the heap.
Pediatrician: maybe it's not a bad thing, but he's only 6 years old, and to me it's a bit scary that he is so 'ultra-competitive' at this age. It could be a gender thing, I suppose. Maybe I'm just being a 'mom'?

It's a bit strange to me that he says to me (things like) 'why do boys like More...
I can spell Cartland and Collins too.
Hello SASS~ it's nice to see that you're heading up your bookclub discussion.
People seem to miss your comments under your real screen name. It even seems that some think you're not posting anymore.
So i'm just wondering, why not post as JUDY from SAN DIEGO?
I tried to catch up on a few More...
Why is that so bad? We have come a long way with things like equal economic opportunity for women, but that does not wipe out the primitive nature of man and woman, since we are only about 20,000 years out of the trees--a blink of the evolutionary eye. In his bones, the man is the hunter/warrior, More...
And if he's not trying to hit or hurt his sisters, but rather, loving and protecting them (even with all the other stuff), it sounds to me like you've got a great kid.
I won't be around today for the discussion on Outlander, but will check in and read back tomoroow. It has to be one of my all time favorite reads. I have found trhe characters so lifelike that they jump off the page and grab your attention so to speak. Even rereading the series, which I do More...
Anni, you have read the entire series several times?? All 6000 pages?? Wow!
I'm unable to stay around for the whole free sharing part of the discussion, but want to disagree somewhat with Keith re: the time travel issue. I felt that the author demonstrated a need to control the future outcome in the way she had Claire protect Jack Randall, to insure the birth of Frank, her More...
Shakespear, I have read all of the authors that you have named and more. I also enjoyed them very much, but that does not stop me from also enjoying that which you choose to classify as romantic adventure or garbage fiction. My world view is large enough to enjoy the creative minds and offerings of many varied expressions and I feel blessed to be open to all.
One important by-product of listening to the book on tape: you hear how the foreign words are pronounced. The rest of us who read the book just make up pronunciations!
If anyone has just joined us, just check in and tell us your general impression of the book(s), or talk about anything you want!
I'd like to hear the views of others as to the discription of this book as pot boiler literature or a pseudo historic novel. Agreement or diagreement and why or why not? Why are books of this type looked down on? What really constitutes good literature?
SASSENACH~ Just checkin back in, didn't see a response, yet.
My post should be on recipe, but incase it got deleted, I went back and copied it just now, so you could read it.( at the bottom of this msg )
I did read the few comments that are here already.
Now I know what the book was More...
Check 'recipes,' please
What era is your book written in?
Will respond tomorrow to your delightful note, Anew ...
Recipes, please. How hard is that?
Right.I found the book banal in the extreme, in fact I really couldn't finish it.As somebody else said earlier in the week, so many really good books to read and so little time.I would also query whether listening to a tape qualifies as reading.A bit like reading an abridged version while the rest More...
Recipes, please.
Thanks, Jane ... I think! LOL What are a couple of good books you have read lately that you would recommend?
To William Shakespeare: Diana Gabaldon may not be in your league, but she did succeed in writing a series of books that were VERY popular & loved by many. I must admit I struggled to get through all 850 pages & probably won't read any of the rest of the series. I guess I just like things that More...
Could anyone who has read the whole series give me just a little hint as to whether readers ever find out what became of Claire's first husband? I felt bad for the poor guy & kept wondering what he was doing while Claire was carrying on with Jamie!
It is 12:21 AM here & I really must get to bed as we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow. I hope there will be more comments made while I sleep so that I can read tomorrow some other opinions. If there are others like me who didn't particularly enjoy Outlander, maybe you could tell about about another book you really DID like. I'm always looking for good suggestions. Thank you. Good maeN.
I got here late, and I can't stay - I will get back in a day or two to read comments. Call be banal, look down on me because I am a male that enjoyed the book - make yourself at home. I did enjoy reading Outlanders - it had a good story line, it read quickly. I enjoy many kinds of books, but at More...
I echo Kathy in asking for books others DID enjoy. I am always looking for suggestions. Like Kite Runner that several mentioned quite a while back - I had been putting off reading it despite having it ready to read, until several comments got me started. It was 'enjoyable' - very thought provoking.
Mostly I read books by Australian and English authors, or people who are based in these countries so I don't know if these books are available in USA.
The line of beauty-Alan Hollinghurst
Snoleg - Nicholas Shakespeare
Sleeping Arrangements-Laura Shaire (usa)
Never let me go Kazuo More...
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