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Medium Sudoku for 15/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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What a beutiful scene!
maen all
lucky us in eastern ontario
that didnt get what SO and buffalo got
50 to 60 cm of snow
good luck you guys
All scenery today?
5:21 Another of Canuk Greg's spectacular photos near Salmon Glacier. In his absence I would tell you all about it but I haven't as yet been to Canada. When our group, Hether, Jackie, Richard, Bluey and the rest of us meet at his place for another party, I will be able to tell you all about it More...
9:37 Great picture! Is this one of yours Greg?

So is this picture taken in BC, Yukon or Alaska?
What beautiful scenery. Thanks Greg!
5:38 - lovely scenery. I haven't been to Canada either, even though my brother lives there. I do plan to get there someday though.
Beautiful! I think I'll puzzle this one. Thanks CG, and thank you Anne for your input.
Nice picture. Thought Alaska was mostly winter and covered with snow, nice to see some green there, I guess summer does not last very long. I, too, extend my sympathy to people in Southern Ontario and Buffalo for all the snow - so soon !!! Wow ! Normally we get it here in Québec City, I guess we've been 'lucky' this time ... for not getting it ! Good day/night to all of you !
5:58 Keep safe and warm all you northerners.
i agree... it looks amazing. Would like to see it for real
5:26 Hi to all. Good shot!
9:43 ... a BIG mistake I did...
Beautiful,I love the mountains.Puzzel was easy for me .3:57 thanks
Oh! The beautiful Canadian Rockies.
Interesting picture. The mountains look different somehow. Maybe because the snow is surrounded by green and yet the rocks are treeless.
7:26. Breathtaking picture.
5.19 I feel quite proud! It's the first occasion that I have bettered Anne of Albany. We are usually close but I'm the one at the rear.
I always try to guess what the picture is going to be as it gradually comes into view. This time it looked like a bunch of snakes all curled up. Not quite the mountain shot that it was!
Good evening to all! Go figure. I'm off site again and one of my pictures gets posted. Thanks you for recognizing it Anne. This shot is in British Columbia Fi and Célina. It was taken about 24 kms from Stewart, BC. If you check a map of North America, the location is towrds the More...
canuk greg, they should employ you as ambassador for canada and alaska! if i ever could travel that is the part of the world i would really like to explore.thank you for your incredible photos, and the descriptions.
great photo CG
have a lovely day/night one and all
4:42 Just breathtaking. Thank you, Canuk Greg.
7:35 but that includes time out to take a phone call. Don't they know I was doing Sudoku
Great picture CG. This is an area I hope to see in person next year when I go to Alaska.
Lots of imaginative times here, as usual!
This picture reminds me of my trip to Whistler, B.C. in June. White water rafting and Zip-Trekking!! Gee, I wish I could turn back the clock! However, I can't...It's October.. What about those Cardinals?? Where are all the baseball fans? So sorry for New Yorkers but hey I'm a softie! Always for the underdog.
Lovely, spectacular scenes
Nice Pic, with comment . whoo hoo!
Yes, CG, my dream is to see it in person ! Thank you !
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