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Hard Sudoku for 15/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Beautiful view whoever took the photo.
Where is Eilan Neave?
Hey that's one of mine from Scotland. If you saw the bird pictures on the pink granite on tough a few weeks back... They were taken in the Boule. I managed to scramble down to sea level.
there are some great photographers amoungst us
Maen all
Wow! What a view. Thank you, Fi.
A special thanks to all who share their lovely scenery.
Forgot to say that after taking that picture we walked around the cliffs another half a mile and sat down on a rocky outlook to admire the view. We were rewarded with several porpoises playing in the water. It was a fabulous walk.
7:29 The pictures are our prizes for completing the puzzle. No wonder it's so addicting.
I so enjoy the photos and comments. Makes me want to get to Scotland...
Somewhat tougher than yesterday but still easy.

My oldest son is 23 years old today

Nice day to everybody
14:24 - Wow that is a great picture also! We do have great photographers. This is why I insist on working the puzzle and not cheat!
9:20 What a beautiful place!
Great shot of the Scottish Islands, fi

view of Torrisdale Bay, the early monastic site of Eilean Neave (Coomb Island) and out into the Atlantic
Scotland is the first place on my list to go when I get around to travelling!
We visited Scotland (and Ireland) about 6 years ago when they had record rains, so it limited our travel (roads were closed and trains were stopped). We would have loved these views. Thanks for sharing them. It increases my desire to return to Scotland with more time to enjoy the country and the people!
A steep cliff! What a view!
Check out map of area

http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=275000&y=955 000&z=5&sv=275000,955000&st=4&ar=N
Where's the cat?
Good evening to all! Another beautiful picture Fi. Keep them coming!!
seemed quick then noticed I had forgot the timer
lovely photo fi
have a great day/night one and all
14:34 -- Very nice picture.
Sorry if map ref. above didn't work - but this does -

http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x= 275000&y=955000&z=5&sv=275000,955000&st=4&ar=N

Looks very wild and scenic country.
Corky!! It's okay for the celts to work it out... but don't give away ou secrets to the Sassenachs!! Crikey!!
We get to see more beautiful pictures of our wonderful world. We are blessed with the beauty we have been given...now we must take better care so that those who come after us can also enjoy!
Quite a simple one!
OK! fi, my lips are sealed.

whisper- but aren't you letting the cat out of the bag with your evocative photographs?
(BY the way, the Gaelic word Sassenach refers only to the English, what about the rest of them?)
LOL Corky- and you are right!

Having watched a doco on Culloden last night, it was mainly the Sasenachs I was referring to. But Hey - if it weren't for the highland clearances and the systematic destruction of the highland way of living (a century or two ago)I wouldn't be having the time of my life in Oz. I'd probably be herding sheep and growing barley and turnips.
Is there anybody lse doing the word search puzzles? I keep haing about six puzzles and then they just repeat over and over. Am I doing something wrong?
This view can be seen almost anywhere from my vantage point. I so love living on the edge.
I too have Scottish ancestors and some from Ireland leaving behind the potato famine! I loved Scotland and Ireland ... great photo Fi! Oh, I also have some English ancestors too!
Beautiful scenery. Worth the wait
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