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Parents Sudoku for 16/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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This cake is goooooood! And whose daughter is this?
I love the food on the face pictures. The coordination just hasn't caught up to the desire yet.
Pediatrician, thanks for your comments yesterday. I have a feeling you're right about the male/female thing.
It's a good thing that they took her top off, She would have gotten it all messy. But it looks like it was worth it.
Too bad they can't remember their first birthday, they have sooooo much fun. Cute baby
Just want to thank all of the mom commentors that took the time to respond to my query about Fosters beer. I've been in and out a lot and wanted to make sure you knew that I appreciated hearing about the more popular beers.
Just another word of thanks for hosting the comments from the book discussion yesterday. I found it very interesting, and appreciate the sharing of space.
first birthday magic and theyall grow up!!
have a great day/night one and all
Hope you all enjoyed the sharing of your outlander discussion group and may you enjoy many more if you decide to organise again.
ROSE, you can be counted on to bring a calm, reasonable voice to situations.
Good to hear from you.
Have just popped in and caught up on yesterday's discussion, which I found quite interesting. I don't know that I would agree with categorizing the books as potboilers, though.
I am a prolific reader, often have mnore than two on the go, depending on mood, and I read all types of literature. More...
How about thanking Jane for going to the bother of thinking about and posting the books and authors she has enjoyed lately. She was asked to do this by several people. I have taken note of them and thank you Jane.
what a sweetie and such good table manners too! my crew never used a fork just their fingers at one.
Annin from bathurst are you still on? I find your name very interesting. my youngest is Annan, a boy. I have never come across anyone with the same or even similar name. where does yours come from?
Sorry tjmac, typo - it is Anni. My fingers were faster than the brain this morning - haven't had my coffee yet!
Point well-taken, Molly. Thanks, Jane.
I'm a granny of 3 also, and add my voice in thanks to all who pointed us towards other worthwhile reads! Thanks one and all.
On my son's 1st birthday he raced up to the coffee table where the cake was and grabbed a piece of sponge cake. He then proceeded to push the whole piece into his mouth. His mouth was so full he couldn't even chew. Fortunately he doesn't still eat like that.
2.35 - Nurn, just read your question from yesterday's comments. I don't have any definate answers for you but here are my thoughts, boys don't like other kids being better than them, especially around the 4-6 age group, with my boys I just encourage them to keep trying and letting them know it is More...
Re: Outlander discussion, I have never read the series but from the comments yesterday may I suggest an Australian author that may be along the same lines as the Outlander books. Traci Harding - The Ancient Future (1st book in trilogy)
Hello, Such a cute pic. She is really enjoying her cake.
4:02 Hi to all. Beautiful photo! Who is the proud mum?

I think its a good suggestion of Gaths to have a discussion page there are numerous topics people would enjoy talking about!
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