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Easy Sudoku for 16/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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maEn, All!
Good Maen. Another good weekend - Michigan won in football and the Detroit Tigers are going to the World Series. Good show.
good Maen everyonw
to all !!!!!!
Good mAen everyone!
And why is it no comment on such colorful picture?
No, no, no!! You DRINK a milk shake!
wow, 8th today, I'm up late!
hmmm...mix not stirred...
make that 9th, Halt beat meto 8th
I'm off to bed, see you all in the morning, and I might see if I can do a better time when I'm bright and chirpy
1:59 1st time under 2!!! another wonderful warm and sunny weekend here in france, how lucky we are!
Good morning to all! Try this again as I can't seem to get a comment through to this page.
look up my friend
Maen all
all 4 puzzles & comments in 48 min + or -
Weird. Did anyone else have a problem trying to post on this puzzle?
took a while to accecpt comment
hello all..G'day/nit everybody.......
we won at last!!india beat england by four wickets in less than 30 overs(29.3)..the wicket was some what vague and started turning suddenly when i thought we are having a smooth finish.fortunately the boys recovered after the loss of two quick wickets and managed to pull thru b4 further damage could be done..
well done India..
and i enjoyed Sachin's interview much..it was heartening to see a bubbly Sachin in his usual cheerful nature with a glint in his eyes..
Enjoy your day, whatever you have left of it.
But what are those guys doing? This photo worries me!
Funny picture. First I thought he was pouring beer into a pitcher then onto the head, but I've decided it is a hand mixer. Wish I knew what hair treatment the guy is getting.
Beautiful fall day here; great picture.
Keith: Maybe a treatment to grow hair?
CG, people will be writing in from all over now wanting to know what the solution is.
For The Outlander Discussion Group:
Glad to see you went through with this and that you had some good participation, but still have concerns about trying to pre-plan a discussion on one particular subject on one particular page of the site. The joy of this site is the spontaneity of everyone's More...
It appears to be alcohol abuse to me!
If this is a cure for baldness, it obviously doesn't work!
Canuk Greg, I agree that spontaneousness is best. The only problem is that not everyone can be spontaneous at the same time! So trying to plan was a good idea.
4:00 looks to like he's ready to shave his head.
Spontaneity is good, pre-planning is good, sharing ideas and disagreeing are good, silliness is good. The only thing I'd like to see cut back is the put downs, the meanness, the hurtful comments, the insults.
Len from MI, my sister called to tell me of the baseball win by the Tigers. She said it hasen't happened since the 80's.It also was her birthday and the last time they went to the world series and won was also on her birthday.Pretty exciting.
2:39 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Don't just be good. Be good for something.
Thanks to all of the participants in the Cross Stitch/Outlander Book Discussion. We enjoyed reading all of your comments, even yours, the ever-cheerful Jane! :) It's encouraging to know that so many Americans actually have a social life on Saturday night, and, of course, being that it was Sunday More...
ANEW: I've been smiling and chuckling over your comments of the last few days. You're quite an extrovert, and I think that you should bottle and sell your energy and humor! This site hasn't witnessed such gleeful exuberance since our lovely Kim became discouraged and maneuvered her tractor off More...
Is this a 'beer shampoo' (I heard it was good for growing hair) or just a 'beer party' or just a 'party'. However, the important is to 'enjoy yourselves'. They say : 'Life is not about how long you have lived, it is about how much you have enjoyed ...'
Thank you André for your thought of the day. Good one!
Have a good MAEN everybody !
What a waste of a good beer!!
My first time under 4:00... I got 3:57! Yay!!
good mAen everyone
so the beer for hair campain got through to someone else
Judy, don't go. We definitely need someone here who is relentlessly positive, to balance out those of us who can be relentlessly negative! I know it must be a tough job, but someone has to do it...? You are absolutely the best.
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